Sree Iyer releases his first Book of Fiction – Who painted my money white?

Sree Iyer releases Book 1 of his Money trilogy on Amazon with the paperback expected shortly

Sree Iyer releases Book 1 of his Money trilogy on Amazon with the paperback expected shortly
Sree Iyer releases Book 1 of his Money trilogy on Amazon with the paperback expected shortly

You have been wonderfully supportive of my efforts as an author. Now I am releasing my first book of fiction, Who painted my money white? Click on the image below to purchase your copy:


Here is the Synopsis:

The main characters are politicians from Indian political parties, 2 Police officers, a few bureaucrats, and saboteurs.

Greedy politicians of a party in power (the Freedom Party) want to ensure that the opposition can never come to power. Pander to the largest minority, enrich them beyond their expectations and ensure they will be with the party. To this end, a plan is hatched to print high denomination money and try and increase the velocity of money, thereby creating the illusion of growth. In a moment of weakness, the Finance Minister (FM) is seduced by an ISIS agent when on a trip to London and incriminating videos are taken. The FM is blackmailed into buying paper from a specific supplier and also forced to share security features of the new series of high-denomination notes about to be released in India. Intelligence Bureau alerts Home Ministry of the breach. A new set of guidelines are issued for printing the next batch onwards, but the officials connected with it are honey trapped and forced to reveal it to the dreaded Intelligence Wing of a hostile neighbour, Pakistan.

Surprise, surprise, Pakistan comes out with the same exact type of notes, almost indistinguishable from the Indian equivalent. A shipment from Dubai arrives in Kochi with 2 containers full of counterfeit cash (each valued at 5000 crores), printed in Pakistan. The containers are taken possession by a nephew of a powerful politician from Kerala. A hand-picked set of 100 Chartered Accountants are each given 10 individuals to whom the money is to be distributed. Most of the individuals end up depositing their currency in co-operative banks. The fake money slowly starts moving around the country, driving up inflation and real estate prices, mixing with good notes. The Prime Minister does not know the fake currency saga until the Intelligence Chief warns him of what happened. Because of a series of scams, the government gets voted out and a single party (People’s Voice) gets an absolute majority.

  • How the new party tackles the counterfeit currency in circulation.
  • Realizing that Pakistan is about to flood India with fake currency (three mints were printing Indian currency, tripling the amount of fake currency being generated) India demonetized 500 and 1000 rupee notes. But despite the best attempts, a porous border with Nepal and Bangladesh results in a significant amount of the fake currency entering Indian banks. When the notes were tallied, instead of 87% of printed notes coming back to RBI, 113% comes!
  • The counterfeit money is used to spawn three different types of nefarious activities and how the Intelligence Bureau cracks this
  • There is a plan to assassinate the newly elected Prime Minister. How the Intelligence Bureau tracks it and thwarts it.
  • How the new government deals with these challenges and pilots the nation out of trouble

The e-Book is now available on Amazon for Rs.399. Click on this link to purchase your copy. If you would like to read this on your smartphone, then Amazon supplies a free Kindle reader app for your phone. The same goes for your Tablets/ iPads as well as your Laptops and Desktops. The point is that you don’t need a Kindle reader to read a Kindle e-Book. Enjoy and please add a comment on what you thought of the book.

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An inventor and out-of-the-box thinker, Sree Iyer has 37 patents in the areas of Hardware, Software, Encryption and Systems.

His first book NDTV Frauds has been published and is an Amazon Bestseller.It ranked second among all eBooks that were self-published in 2017.

His second book, The Gist of GSTN which too is available on Amazon as an e-Book and as a paperback.

His third book, The Rise and Fall of AAP is also available in print version or as an e-Book on Amazon.

His fourth book, C-Company just released to rave reviews and can be bought as a print version or as an e-Book on Amazon.
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  1. 60 years! – we are still where we were – its time to look at things beyond politics collectively as citizens. Dividing, based on ideology and fighting with each other is madness. Lets take if slightly there is anything to be taken 🙂 If not, It’s anyways a fiction – sit back and enjoy 🙂

  2. why this book is exclusively available on amazon?? To enable wide circulation, economically priced version should also be made available.

  3. Perfect example of a how a ”cock and bull ‘ story can be made to sound close to truth by interlacing some ral events. The authors agenda is clear. Target and tarnish 2 former FM’s

  4. We can expect another thriller from this guy on how the 2000 rupee note with the chip in it got printed from pak. Did they honey trap the FM of” people’s voice” party. How many crores were painted white in Ahamedbad co- op banks. The thriller can reach nail biting end with revolutionary decision of FM to stop printing of 2000 rupee note with the chip in it and the accompanying revelation that it is strategic strike against black money.

  5. We want an IYER to expose the real wrong doers and not a fiction from him. If the fiction is the true story, then he can produce evidence to the new PM and bring the culprits to books.


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