Sree Iyer wants to know Javed Akhtar ko (RSS par) gussa kyun aata hai?

World famous writer. Great at making Desi potboilers inspired by movies from other countries. Suffers periodically from the foot-in-the-mouth syndrome. His comparison of BJP-RSS as having a Taliban mindset is off at so many levels... well watch this video for how many!

  • Javed Akhtar saying that the BJP-RSS has a Talibani mindset is reckless and done with the intent of creating a controversy.
  • On what basis are you comparing RSS with the Taliban? They have consistently said that the DNA of all Indians, Bharatvasis is the same. Taliban wants to impose the strictest interpretation of the Sharia wherever it tries to control. Taliban is abducting small girls from their homes and forcibly marrying them off to Taliban members.
  • Originality has never been a strong suite for Javed Akhtar. Most of his “hits” are “inspired” from Hollywood movies.
  • Which script is Javed Akhtar copying from for this comparison of RSS and Taliban? The Dismantling Global Hindutva Conference poster? Where the lumpens used the old uniform of the RSS to try and demonize Hindutva? Has he ever been to any natural disaster area in his life? If yes, he would have found that the RSS is the first responder – they do all the dirty work of establishing usable toilets/ distributing food and clothing – all free and No! They do not ask your religion before doing this.
  • The RSS is the world’s largest Non-Governmental Organisation. It is so modest that its left hand does not know what its right hand does.
  • Back to the famed Salim-Javed Jodi. Let us look at how they copied sections from various movies:
  1. You will remember the train scene of ‘Sholay’ where Jai and Veeru bravely fight the bandits following the train. This long scene of the film was well-liked at that time. But do you know that this scene was completely copied from a foreign film ‘North West Frontier’? If you are not sure, then watch the video in the link provided below:
  2. Sholay is a hotchpotch copy from Seven Samurai and Once Upon A Time in West among others. Nothing original.[1]
  • How about Deewaar? Deewaar was inspired from a 1961 Bollywood film Gunga-Jumna. The character of Amitabh Bachchan had some imprints of Haji Mastan in it.[2]
  • What about the “Angry Young Man” trendsetter Zanjeer that released in 1973? It too was inspired from the 1967 Italian western ‘Death rides a horse‘.[3]
  • In conclusion, this latest controversy was stoked essentially to try and provoke and get a rise – maybe he thought his effigy would be burnt, after which the left lumpens can use the video footage to show how the minorities are being discriminated – truth is the Modi government has done more for the minorities than the UPA ever did.


[1] Sholay was copied from Hollywood films: Superhit Bollywood movie Sholay was copied from these Hollywood film know the truthFeb 26, 2020, Kultejas

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