Sree Iyer would like MEA to play on the front foot and tell China, All options are on the table

Tibet is a topic that sends Chinese into a tizzy every time it is mentioned by India. Time to throw the previous agreements (latest being ABV govt's) and say India stands by a unified Tibet. All Sanatanis of the world will unite for this, feels Sree Iyer in this @NewsX debate.


  1. This is worst than initially thought. We need Russian speakers India to look at the Russian language videos on India. From what I have seen, there is an coordinated attempt to discourage Central Asian and other Russian speaking people from spending tourism dollars in India.

    I am shocked at how many Indians gave access to their homes without verifying what was being said about them in Russian.

  2. Good stuff but do your readers a favor and look at Russia for a week or two.

    I see a fairly coordinated campaign on YouTube where Indians and India are maligned on a regular basis.

    Do a few videos on Alexander Pilot YouTube videos about backpacking in India. You will see to what degree we are ridiculed without having the slightest idea.


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