Subramanian Swamy urges PM to direct Arun Jaitley to provide Sanction for Prosecution against five officers in Aircel-Maxis case

Swamy writes to the Prime Minister, urges him to direct Jaitley to provide Sanction for Prosecution against five officers in Aircel-Maxis case

Swamy writes to the Prime Minster, urges him to direct Jaitley to provide Sanction for Prosecution against five officers in Aircel-Maxis case
Swamy writes to the Prime Minister, urges him to direct Jaitley to provide Sanction for Prosecution against five officers in Aircel-Maxis case

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to give “appropriate direction” to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to provide Sanction for Prosecution to CBI against the five accused officers in the Aircel-Maxis case well before January 11. In his letter to PM, Swamy accused Jaitley of holding the Sanction for Prosecution against five officers for more than six months in a bid to delay prosecution and save former Finance Minister P Chidambaram ultimately.

“For the past six months, the Finance Minister has not yet provided the Sanction for Prosecution to CBI against the five officers, who are co-accused with P Chidambaram in the Aircel-Maxis case. Sanction for Prosecution against the co-accused officers in the Aircel-Maxis case, namely former Finance Secretaries Ashok Jha and Ashok Chawla, and two serving IAS officers Kumar Sanjay Krishnan and Deepak Kumar Singh,  and a retired Under Secretary Ram Saran.

“This inexplicable delay by the Finance Ministry could sabotage the case against Chidambaram since the CBI designated Special Court Judge has already threatened to dismiss the case on this failure to submit the Sanctions for Prosecution,” said Swamy accusing Jaitley.

“On December 18th last, rebuking CBI, the Judge O.P. Saini has posted the case to January 11 for production of Sanction for Prosecution against the above mentioned five officers, found to be helping Chidambaram in corrupt granting of FIPB clearance in the Aircel-Maxis FDI proposal, according to CBI’s chargesheet filed on July 19,” said Swamy.

Swamy pointed out that the delays in providing Sanction for Prosecution in  Aircel-Maxis, the case is hampering CBI from filing Chargehseet in the Aircel-Maxis bribery case. “This delaying attitude of the Finance Ministry is also hampering the filing of chargesheet against Chidambaram and son and same officers in another open and shut INX Media bribery case, where Enforcement Directorate had seized 55 crore worth properties of Chidambaram family in many countries,” said Swamy blaming Chidambaram’s close friend Arun Jaitley.

CBI has applied to Finance Ministry in July second week before filing chargesheet and this criminal delay of holding the CBI request for more than six months will save P. Chidambaram and son from prosecution, pointed out Swamy to Prime Minister.

“In the above circumstances, an appropriate direction from your side to Arun Jaitley is essential for issuing the sanction for prosecution of these five co-accused officers immediately,” said Swamy.

The Aircel-Maxis case is listed for January 11 for next hearing and Judge OP Saini has sternly told CBI to obtain Sanction for Prosecution against Chidambaram’s co-accused five officers.  Legal experts point out that if CBI did not provide Sanction for Prosecution, the Judge can even reject or return the chargesheet in Aircel-Maxis case, where Chidambaram and son Karti are the main accused.

PGurus earlier published an article – Is Chidambaram blackmailing Arun Jaitley?[1] on this.


[1] Aircel-Maxis Sanction for Prosecution: Is Accused Chidambaram blackmailing Finance Minister Arun Jaitley? Nov 17, 2018,


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  1. DMK and AIADMK alternated every 5 years to get power in the state of Tamilnadu, looted and fooled/brain-washed the public on pseudo-Dravidian idealogue and built the non-productive entertainment and media Industry MAFIA with no true development or progress. At the national level, the same scenario exists: UPA/NDA or to be more Precise the Congress Goons and the Big-Mouth Jolly Party repeat to grab power but do not weed out Corruption. Modi or Arun Jaitley never answer why they have not provided the sanction to the ED/CBI proceed against the 5 top Bureaucrats of the FM in INX media and Aircel Maxis cases. Are they not acting/supporting to deliberately protecting/stalling the imminent arrest of Chidu gang. It is unfortunate PC and co is maiming, taunting Modi and BJP. MODI, Arun Jutley, please stop yelling Vande Mataram or Jai Hind. WALK your empty hollow TALK in productive Action. That is True Governance, leading India towards Progress and Development. Why is it our RSS/Cho Priyan, Paragon of Virtues, the Clean Auditor, Mr. S. Gurumurthy is not challenging his friend and the Finance Minister, Hon. AJ? We need answers. BJP/RSS STOP fooling people and Media Bashing.

  2. Today Rajastan Govt. given a clean chit to Robber Vadra.Such a quick decision,whereas BJP govts. both state and Centre are in deep slumber. PC Raga,Sonia etc etc are waiting for 2019 election.

  3. Everybody says that AJ is a good debtor and articulates his views much better than anyone else. But most people do not like him as FM.And he will “ruin” BJP much faster than anyone else!!
    In the recent past Piyush Goel was given FM portfolio for few months, people were excited to have him as our FM and he is the most suitable for the portfolio if, Dr.S Swamy is kept aside due to age bar norm in BJP. AJ would have been a better with DM portfolio in PM Modi ji cabinet. PM experimented with the portfolio and burst his fingers.
    It is disgusting that Dr. Swamy always has to “remind PM” about “pending case clearances” from FM AJ for prosecution of PC,KC. et al .
    As on date none understood the chemistry between NaMo and AJ ! Why blackmailing prevails in the BJP ever since its inception at the backdrop of their so called and much proclaimed “patriotism” and Bharath Mata Ki Jai sloganeering? It is highly shameful that notorious Cong-I President Rahul making BJP sick with his broad daylight dare devil false allegations inside the Parliament and another falsehood outside the Parliament!
    Is their any meaning left with regard to PM working for our nation for 18 hours a day?

    • You mentioned him as ‘debtor’ rather than debater, it was although not a deliberate typo, the real nomenclature for AJ is revealed well as debtor- he is indeed a debtor for People Of India.
      As far as BjP or any other party is concerned- their top most priority is to come back to power by hook and crook, the botheration to uplift people life comes after as a by-product- thats your and my luck to be frank. Modi is a part of system who possesses qualities of pulling people around with his speeches-thats all, I dont think he has that ‘short-term’ mettle required to turn around systems- prove me wrong and I prove myself correct-look at last 4 years 🙂

      AJ as quality of debater is as good as someone’s ability of go back and corroborate the facts- You and I know, when thats done, his quality of debater will go for a toss.

      • There is used to be gossip in the Delhi circles that he use to socialize with PC in clubs and they both are seen together.

  4. Why can’t we move the appropriate Court with a PIL to direct the Finance Ministry to issue necessary SANCTION FOR PROSECUTION??!!

    Can someone give me a feed-back on this?

    Urging Modi to issue directions to Jaitley seems to be futile – since Modi himself appears to be a part of the SAVE CHIDAMBARAM BRIGADE

  5. More than the National Herald Case, the Aircel-Maxis and INX media cases are water-tight cases where Chidambarams could be held accused and punished. Chidambaram is an ACE fraudster akin to James Bond level Villain who ia Master Crook and an unadulterated white collar Criminal, Ace Lawyer. The fight is between P.Chidambaram-Nalini Chidambaram vs. Arun Jaitley-Modi Duos. Who is Good/Right [Honest] and the Bad/Wrong [Corrupt]? This is indeed the modern Mahabharath War enacted in Delhi that will decide the future of India in 2019. Bofors, 2-G, Coalgate, CWC cases, after much media -hype fizzled out in the court. Let us see how this key battle proceeds and how the duos battle and settle their stands in the Court in Jan. 2019?

  6. India as well as Aam Admi of India is more important than individuals getting some benefits.. Truly wonder whether Modi remembers his Chai kettle days or working his way up as a RSS Pracharak committed to uplift India. Arun Jaitley should now WALK the talk of giving eloquent delivery in Rajya Sabha, having groomed from the ABVP times in Delhi College days to improve and contribute to Progress of India. Time for Modi/Arun Jaigley to prove their METTLE as TRUE PATRIOTS. The PM and the Finance Minister should indicate their Commitment to sue the erring Top Bureaucrats and send a note to the Court before January 10,2019. If they FAIL to act now or DO NOT WALK their TALL verbose orations/key poll promise made, collectively together, Modi and Arun Jaitley should QUIT their offices on January 14th, Sankaranthi Day accepting their inability to punish the Top Corrupts for letting go Chidambaramalong with the TOP Bureaucrats in the FM. A water tight case was presented due to sincere efforts of Dr. Subramanain Swamy, Mr. S. Gurumurthy and many others. Arun Jaitley and Modi have to own up and NOT FAIL the BJP/RSS and the whole India in weeding out Corruption. This action is Crucial important in Jan. 2019 than erecting Sardar Vallabahai Patel Statue or commemorating S.C. Bose and roaring Vande Maataram, Jai Hind etc. Putting the Top Culprits and Corrupts behind bars is the oath and poll promise you both [Modi and Arun J.] made to the nation when you entered the Parliament Building as Cabinet Ministers in 2014. If you do not fulfill this fundamental duty/work, you should accept the failure to deliver and QUIT the offices on the Sanakaranthi Day. WALK the Talk Hon. Narendra Damodar Modi and Hon. Mr. Arun Jaitley.

  7. The Smart Southern Pseudo-Creative, endlessly avaricious, intensely selfish, Cunning, CORRUPT, Crook the Commission -Agent Cum Congress Chamcha, Chettiar Chidambaram holds the Ace Card, threatening our Delhi Top level Bureaucrats [senior IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS Cadres], BJP Executive, Corporate Honchos, PMO, of course this includes of Arun Jhutley too. Despite NOT being in Office, our “Chettiar-Chidu” still holds the keys to ALL offices, watching all the FILE movements in the North, South Blocks and the PMO. He is the notorious Mafia kingmaker lead who seems to be in full control of the FM, HM, PMO, ED, CBI, IT, BSE, SEBI, the BJP Cabinet Caucus. He is truly LIKE the top Villain character in the James Bond movies who can, with a wink of his eye from his villa in Karaikudi, TN. can rapidly move billions of $$$$ shaking and breaking the economic order of India by money movement across the continents. Let our AJ gather Strength to remain Righteous to truly Serve the BJP-led India than succumbing to the threats and the possible kickbacks [big-fat Retainer Fee] coming from Chidu-Nalini C-Karti C. Trios for keeping mum. Had Karti Chidambaram received the third degree water boarding treatment by now when he was housed in either Tihar or Arthur Rd., all the skeletons would have tumbled out from the ALL the “C- Closets” by now However, it is not too late even now for Modi and AJ to let go the fear and threats coming, so ED, CBI, IT could move in now to arrest P.C, NC, KC along with the underdog Bureaucrats on their payrolls. Do it fast to FULFILL your KEY 2014 Poll Promise. Time is running out to SAVE India. If this chance is missed, BJP members will go into CELL for “Saffron or Hindu Terror”.

  8. Arun Jaitley seems to be a prisoner of Chidambaram and the Italian mafia.
    Ram Mandir – modi ji has clearly said no ordinance now before verdict…
    Why doesn’t he bring in an ordinance to free all Hindu temples or bring churches n their adminstration too under government…

    No minority rights for Hindus in 7 states…
    No majority welfare schemes…
    Curbing NGOs alone don’t restrict missionaries… They get money from their educational institutions …
    RTE act was not revoked to protect small Hindu schools…
    Media is missionary biased.. especially almost all in tamilnadu…
    No truth speaking media.. all are scared to bring out truths about missionaries…
    Sun TV network,kalaignar TV network only lies against BJP ..

    No good things for India as long as missionaries rule behind stage…

    About sabarimala….

    Pinarayi sent his minister to attend pope death in Vatican… Was that government money..
    When he has so much respect for missionary agents why not local indian faith?
    He didn’t give permission to arrest that Punjab christian bishop even when the nuns gave pressure… Finally he was arrested and then safely sent on bail…
    No strict implementation of church verdict by supreme court…
    Being the only state in communist control he wouldn’t have played so dangerously until he is supported by a very powerful force…(Christian missionaries network abroad) .. his women wall was supported by Christian groups too…
    Christian missionaries have used up pinarayi for their attack on sabarimala…
    Nillakal lot of Churches are there I got to read…so he purposely made all the bhakths to get down that the christian shop owners in nilakal get good profit…
    Also they(missionaries) can keep a watch on who’s coming and going…
    Also all devotees were asked by police to give their adhar card details for verification by police…how come those commie ladies were not asked to enter their adhar details..
    Congress supports pinarayi (Italy mafia) …so pinarayi doesn’t attack congress instead attacks only BJP and RSS…
    Big plot by missionaries…to undermine sabarimala…but carefully hidden by pinarayi…
    (If he didn’t have a great support abroad he wouldn’t be risking…his rule…) People should understand…
    The police DGP Loknath behra is a christian convert too….

  9. Recently i got a meaningful message in WhatsApp – Narendra Modi who started his career with a Kaitley (Kettle) will end up his career with Jaitley. Modi is a PRISONER of Jaitley. Unfortunate that none in BJP (except Subramanian Swamy) talks against crooked Arun Jaitley for saving venomous Chidambaram with all such frauds. Spineless these guys? Shame


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