Subramanian Swamy urges Prime Minister to direct the Uttarakhand Chief Minister to withdraw the 51 temple temples take over Act

Swamy writes to the PM and urges him to direct Uttarakhand Govt. to withdraw order to takeover temples in the state

Swamy writes to the PM and urges him to direct Uttarakhand Govt. to withdraw order to takeover temples in the state
Swamy writes to the PM and urges him to direct Uttarakhand Govt. to withdraw order to takeover temples in the state

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Wednesday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to direct the Uttarakhand Chief Minister to withdraw the recent Act, which took over 51 temples. Terming the takeover of temples as illegal, Swamy in a letter told Modi that the 51 temples take over by the State Government is an embarrassment to the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) and its ideology. Swamy has already challenged the controversial Char Dham Devasthanam Management Act of 2019 in the Uttarakhand High Court and the Court has issued notice to the State Government on February 25[1].

“The Uttarakhand BJP Government has brought legislation to take over almost all the temples of the State and also appointed the Chief Minister as Chairman of the Board of Trustees. This move is not only against the policy of our party and ideology of Hindutva but also illegal and against the Judgment of the Supreme Court (now widely known case as Subramanian Swamy vs State of Tamil Nadu judgment by the Supreme Court in 2014). In this the Supreme Court has laid down clearly that the Government under Article 25 of the Constitution, cannot take over the administration of any temple, except for the brief period when there is a documented misappropriation of funds of the temple,” pointed out Swamy, adding that there was no misappropriation in Uttarakhand.

“In Uttarakhand cases, there is no documentation of such misappropriation of funds either in the case of Badrinath Temple or Kedarnath Temple or any other 49 temples and hence the Government take over such temples of Uttarakhand is unconstitutional.

Subramanian Swamy in his letter to Prime Minister Modi said that “this is a major embarrassment to all of us and our stand has been that the temples should be administered by the devotees and not by the Government. Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat is facing the wrath of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), prominent Hindu leaders and Sanyasis for piloting this controversial Char Dham Devasthanam Management Act of 2019.

This Act passed by the BJP-ruled State Government in 2019, intending to take control of more than 51 temples related to the Char Dham circuit has already invited severe criticism from the Sangh Parivar organizations. This Act enables the Government to take control of the temples currently by priests, local trusts and the new Act say MPs, MLAs, and representatives appointed by the State Government will run the temples. As per the Act, the head of the Devasthanam Board will be the State Chief Minister, and many Government officials are placed in the administration. The Act says, if the Chief Minister is not a Hindu, senior-most Hindu Minister will be the head of the Board. The State Government has not yet responded to the High Court Notice on Subramanian Swamy’s petition against the takeover of temples.

“I, therefore, urge you to instruct the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand to withdraw this legislation by which the temples of Uttarakhand had been taken over…..Rather than waiting for the Court to deliver Judgment against the takeover, it would be in the interest of our Party if you as Prime Minister gives a direction to the Chief Minister to restore the position which has existing before the takeover of the temples. It is also politically sensitive to do so,” said Swamy.

Subramanian Swamy’s letter to Swamy is published below:

Subramanian Swamy’s Let… by PGurus on Scribd


[1] Uttarakhand HC issues notice to State Government on Subramanian Swamy’s petition against the Act to acquire the management of TemplesFeb 26, 2020,

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  1. Brahmins are the soft targets for both christian groups n muslims extremists… because they feel if they can destroy Brahmins , Hinduism will be destroyed…
    But the truth is if a pure Brahmin gives a curse the whole world will be destroyed…(very pious n truly devotional) …
    Hindus don’t interfere in other Religions but other religions constantly think about how to destroy Hinduism…
    Arasan Andru koluvan deivam nindru kollum…
    Instead of standing in defence for Hinduism…attack other religions (if both the desert religions of small countries can talk, why can’t the great religion of a greater bharat which has Contributed a lot to every sphere of human life be silent)
    Let them taste their own medicines…
    Foreign christian countries couldn’t stand even one Hindu nation…(Nepal n India they conspired to make them secular ) just like duryodhan..who was not happy with just Hastinapur…
    Future will show that there are no christian countries left in the whole world…
    Justice…will be done .. we just have to wait …

    All christian colleges((british were thrown out why should we regard their educational institutions?), (Did Paul,Xavier or mary contribute anything to India … All names should be changed to those who worked for India and in India…) )should be nationalised n all minority rights should be banned in India…
    All caste reservations should be banned…
    Only then India will prosper….

  2. Modi is great
    RSS is great
    Sangh Parivar will change India
    Brahamans will get power to rule the nation
    All are hallucinations
    We are cheated

    • Modi of gujarat was made to help sonia son-in-law robert escape from all scam cases… Both Gujaratis ???
      Sonia found muslims hard to be controlled and hence couldn’t fulfil her dream of making bharat a christian country… So she had to ask another Christian convert CM of her son-in-law state to come to power using poor Hindus sentiments with BJP…
      so that she can overpower muslims n cheat sleeping Hindus and make bharat a christian country…

  3. It possible that bloated egos of BJP’s two top notch reduced the so called VISHWA HINDU PARISHAD and the RSS to sulk and retire and sing Ram Dhun!! Sorry to say this!

    It is possible that in Two Telugu speaking states BJP is a B-Team of YSRCP and TRS family based political parties!! Both States BJP leaders are rudderless though hard working in their respective constituencies!

    Why Dr.S.Swamy alone marches forward on BJP’s Core ideology while rest of the BJP’s 303 (+4 turn coats) and 64 (minus Dr.Swamy) MPs keep away from its core ideology……only to de-dust and whip up emotions during elections and Imran Khan adds spice to it boosting more seats in BJP’s kitty!

    So called Majboot Sarkar is wasting time instead of having a talented leaders to set right thinks and look at Union, State and Concurrent lists!

    Our strength is good percentage of savings, talent, massive temples wealth ignored by GOI.
    We need nationalists leaders to govern and not power point presenting leaders/bureaucrats leading to poorly implemented DeMo, GST, walking miles migrant labors (lack of vital census on them ) amidst covid19.

    It is common knowledge that Dr.S.Swamy submits letters/complaints/Memorandums / tweets….. to PM while PM looks the other way!! As on PM failed to declare Ramsetu in TN State as our National Heritage in-spite of Dr.Swamy reminding him twice !!!

  4. It’s shame on us. Why is it necessary for Swami to write this letter ? Because we were sleeping and let things got this far.
    Wake up brothers and sisters.
    Prevent things from going to court by staying involved locally and spend your money wisely.

  5. Shame on BJP, what it says and what it does are altogether different. It is no more a party with difference but coming close to no different than Congress.


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