Who will desert Maharashtra Government first?

Colossal failure in handling Coronavirus response could result in a fracturing of the rickety alliance on show in Maharashtra

Colossal failure in handling Coronavirus response could result in a fracturing of the rickety alliance on show in Maharashtra
Colossal failure in handling Coronavirus response could result in a fracturing of the rickety alliance on show in Maharashtra

Shiv Sena – because they have achieved what they wanted and Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has realised that for his party and his son, a Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) alliance is more suited because of the ideology and improved relations with top BJP leadership, they have not much demands at Centre and is well contented with control over Mumbai Municipal Corporation. Shiv Sena can now easily contend for a Deputy Chief Minister (CM) post for Aditya Thackeray and a lion’s share in the Maharashtra Cabinet and good ministries at Centre also. Uddhav and his long term dream of Shiv Sena to have Thackeray as CM has also been fulfilled.

Raj Thackeray is also an opponent who is not leaving and is garnering sufficient base in Municipal elections which will dent future prospects of Shiv Sena which Uddhav would want to stop by forming an alliance with the BJP. Uddhav has also realised that the image of Sharad Pawar with so many allegations of corruption and of Ajit Pawar with ongoing investigations is detrimental to Aditya Thackeray’s future prospects and therefore, would want to part ways with the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP).

Is Pawar letting Pawar fall?

There is strong dissent and disquiet in NCP too, with Sharad Pawar wanting the reins of NCP as the post of party President to go to his nephew Ajit Pawar and Chief Ministership to go to daughter  Supriya Sule so that she firms up her grip on the party. Ajit Pawar will again want to be No: 2 with complete grip over the party and doesn’t want to cut a sorry figure like last time. Moreover, new cases have been registered against Ajit Pawar by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) for money laundering through corruption. Slowly and steadily as agencies are proceeding, he is realising that his days are numbered. If he is charge-sheeted then his political career will be in jeopardy. In politics, one has to survive in the present rather than wait for the future! So Ajit Pawar may spring a surprise at any time.

Close confidants say, Sharad Pawar nowadays seems not very interested in Ajit Pawar and the cases registered against him as his downfall will bring Supriya Sule at the forefront of NCP which can become a reason for dissent.

BJP wants the reins in Maharashtra

For BJP, Maharashtra is an important State and they feel cheated. Despite being the single largest party with 105 seats and 25.6 percent vote share they are in the opposition. They want to rectify the position and take over the government as elections are more than 4 years away.

BJP also knows that this contradictory alliance between extreme ideologies and a headstrong person like Uddhav Thackeray, this Government can fall anytime on any issue. Uddhav can’t be a backbencher or at receiving end for long. He can’t be dictated or brushed aside. He can’t be a mute spectator to the issues and controversies and allegations of corruption that are flying all over.

Uddhav Thackeray’s friendly meeting with Narendra Modi and his MLC nomination and his silence in the party organ Saamna on BJP and Modi have deep meaning. He tweeted and thanked Modi and said Modi is his “Big brother” in November 2019 when he took oath as Chief Minister.  Lately, the comments of Rahul Gandhi of not being key decision-maker in Maharashtra Government in this time of crisis is very likely to create a rift in the fledgling alliance.

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  1. BJP duo is smart , they will not take dead weight UT again, n not allow them to dictate and take plum posts in Maha or centre now their bargaining power is lost, UT AT know they cant bargain hard n hence they will have to meekly either suffer the current illogical egoistic marriage of convinience or meekly join hands with BJP at terms dictated by shah and play second fiddle. Public is with DevFadnavis work. SS n Wakdiya finished. pappu already revealed they have least interest in MH as they r not getting to loot extremely because big chunk eaten by pawar n UT.. first move can only come,again, from ajitdada as corruption case noose tightens around him

  2. I Feel Contrary to the Theory by the media, I Strongly Feel that Mr Udhav Thakrey and SS will Come Out Stronger with guidance of two experienced partners. Its Testing time for Mr Thakrey but with experienced partners will learn fast and prove to the best leader in Maharashtra.

    • Learn Fast? People on the street have seen the mismanagement…things are so bad in Mumbai that Pawar, old guy in his 80s does not come out because he is afraid of Corona…Uddhav has no experience…common man in Mumbai and rest of the state have seen how the state of Maharasthra has fared worst in India during this time…people won’t forgive the leaders in power in Mumbail that is for sure,

  3. Today is the time to forget all political differences and get united against all the issues that our Nation faces no matter who is
    C.M or leader but as a tradition the platform of PGURU is used to brainwash the citizens and create good image of BJP press should be fair just and free from partiality

  4. For more than 72 years, Mumbai is known as Financial Capital of India!
    Due to illogical three parties forming the government to keep single largest BJP away and idiots like Shiv Sena baptised into Sonia Sena, Raut and Aditya pushed Maha State into political, socio-economic crises and further covid19 damaged its image, lakhs of migrating labors left Mumbai,hence the metro city lost a Unique talented resourceful status and it is possible that Financial Capital of India being shifted to Gujarat sooner than later!!

    All three parties seems to have filled up their coffers. No worries for them even if the Govt falls apart!!

  5. The Aghadi will become bilegadi and will fall.SS will split and BJP will form govnt. UT and S Pawar are finished. Feel sorry for Ajit Pawar. Bad karma.

  6. Hope Shiv Sena and BJP settle their differences soon. Now there is no point in finding who did wrong first. Unity of these two Hindutva parties is best for the Country. PM Modi and CM Udhav Thackeray sit together and settle their Ego created issues and differences because people voted for their alliances.


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