Sunanda’s mysterious death – Delhi Police confirm death due to poisoning; 12 injuries on the body needs further investigation

Delhi Police confirms Sunanda's death was due to poisoning and that further investigation is required to look at the 12 injuries on her body

Delhi Police suggests further investigation needed to look into 12 injuries on her body
Delhi Police suggests further investigation needed to look into 12 injuries on her body

The trial court has reserved Sunanda mysterious death case hearing to June 5th for taking cognizance of Delhi Police charge sheet accusing husband Shashi Tharoor. On Monday, Additional Public Prosecutor Atul Srivastava argued that the cause of death was poisoning and that it was confirmed by the All India Institute of Medial Sciences (AIIMS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He was responding to a question asked by the Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Samar Vishal. Further, the Prosecutor also said that there were 12 injuries on Sunanda’s body and that further investigation on this aspect was going on.

Delhi Police suggests further investigation needed to look into 12 injuries on her body

Delhi Police produced two emails of Sunanda showing her tendency to commit suicide. “I have no desire to live… All I pray for is death,” Sunanda Pushkar wrote in an e-mail to her husband Shashi Tharoor nine days before she was found dead in Hotel Leela here, police has told the court[1]. Police team headed by senior officers Manishi Chandra and V K P S Yadav were present in the court.

When the court assembled, one lady lawyer started arguing for Shashi Tharoor. According to lawyers in the know, the said lady lawyer belongs to senior lawyer Vikas Pahwa’s office. The Prosecutor Atul Srivastava objected and said the accused persons have no role now while the Prosecution is arguing for taking cognizance of their charge sheet.

Arguing for taking cognizance and summoning of Shashi Tharoor, the police also told the court that Sunanda’s death was due to poisoning and 27 tablets of Alprax were found in her room but it was not clear how many pills she had consumed.

Sunanda’s mail and messages on Social Media have been taken as a “dying declaration”, said Police, adding that the reason for death was poisoning and need of further probe on the injury marks on the body.

BJP leader and petitioner Subramanian Swamy was present in the court room the whole day, listening to the arguments of Delhi Police. Later coming out from the court, he told media, that he would at a later stage demand for the production of Delhi Police Vigilance Report on the violations and irregularities committed by the first probe[2] under the then Joint Commissioner Vivek Gogia[3]. He also said that he will alert the court on Shashi Tharoor’s attempts to intervene in the postmortem.

In a nearly 3,000-page charge sheet, the police named Tharoor as the only accused while also alleging that he had subjected his wife to cruelty. The Congress leader has been charged under sections 498A (husband or his relative subjecting a woman to cruelty) and 306 (abetment of suicide) of the Indian Penal Code. Under section 498A, the maximum punishment is up to three years of imprisonment, while jail term up to 10 years is prescribed under section 306. The couple’s domestic servant, Narayan Singh, has been named one of the key witnesses in the case.

According to prosecution sources, the charge sheet has mentioned that Sunanda was subjected to mental as well as physical cruelty.


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  1. Shashi Tharoor, the playboy that he seems like (already in his third ‘failed’ marriage – wife murdered/killed/committed suicide – yet to be established) – what with his alleged (see – I too am careful to use the journalist’s lingo!) dalliance with the paki journo, I get a feeling he would have been better off just having a ONS (One-night-stand) rather than getting into this LTR (long-term relationship) culminating in an ill-advised marriage! He must be regretting his decision now… however, if ever the charge is proved, it would definitely be a plot for a crime-thriller and I’m ready an RGV or a MB would be ready with a script-writer to turn this into a mega movie, although in the typical desi style!

  2. Where are the close circuit monitoring tapes maintained by the Hotel authorities who also confirmed having handed over the tapes to Police authorities which carries vital clues to all those people who entered the Sunanda’s room & killed her.
    Are the tapes safe or tampered or destroyed ??

  3. Shashi Tharoor most probably a victim of circumstances, as when the Delhi police called him he met Ahmad patel Political secretary to sonia gandhi

    • You are grossly mistaken. Shashi iTharoor is instrumental in having Sunanda Pushkar put to death. He was an agent & conduit for senior Khangress leaders, to route ill-gotten money into IPL or something, money pushed in the name of Sunanda Pushkar. Shashi Tharoor knows who are the key players who murdered his wife, it was a neat set-up, in which he played a silent spectator for being assured of sufficient females to satisfy his lust when required, by the khangress connected people.

  4. Sunanda Pushkar deserves justice. If she had mental health problems, and these were not recognised, acknowledged by her husband, or sought to be treated , this highlights how poorly mental health is understood and managed. There were of course links to IPL and crores of rupees. Perhaps that was one of the causes of her depression..not being treated as a wife and listened to by her husband.
    Her death leads us to recognise that when an attractive, powerful woman marrying a high profile man loses the will to live, there must be a serious underlying cause. There are pointers to the cause.Her untimely death needs further redress.

  5. The email which you are talking about is it in print form ? Try to get access to email on computer or server. The email has server trail. The trail will confirm from where the email originated and which computer was used to send the email. The location of Sunanda on the day of writing must tally with the location from where the email originated. If they don’t match means some one else has send email. It can also be Tharoor himself creating this fake email and send email to his own from that to prove that her mental condition was suicidal and he is not at fault. So if a fake email account is created to send that email in advance which means the plot to kill Sunanda was already in action. If Tharoor has already wiped off that account and that account is not reachable then he has destroyed the evidence of the plot of murder.


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