Swamy Praises PM Modi on Fight against Corruption Lists out 7 Crucial Cases on which CBI not acting

While complimenting Modi for his commitment to fighting corruption, Swamy reminded him of inaction on part of the CBI in 7 of his complaints

While complimenting Modi for his commitment to fighting corruption, Swamy reminded him of inaction on part of the CBI in 7 of his complaints
Swamy slams CBI for not acting in 7 of his complaints

Senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy blamed the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), India, for the delay in action in major seven cases of corruption by the agency probes including the Aircel-Maxis, National Herald, and Robert Vadra cases. In a letter to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Swamy listed the seven cases and inaction by the CBI for the past several months.

“In the Sarada Chit Fund case, the main accused have mentioned Nalini Chidambaram as having received illegal pecuniary benefits and gratification. Yet she has yet to be summoned and questioned,” said Swamy in a two-page letter.

Swamy pointed out that CBI has not yet moved an inch in the National Herald case land grabbing by Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi under Prevention of Corruption Act (PCA), even after many courts up to Supreme Court has taken cognisance of the ongoing case filed by him. He said that apart from Sonia and Rahul, other Directors of Young Indian such as Motilal Vora and Oscar Fernandes were Members of the Parliament (MPs) when grabbing the Herald House property leased by the Ministry of Urban Development.

“In the National Herald case, in which prosecution in my Private Complaint case, the CBI has to register a case under Prevention of Corruption Act against Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Motilal Vora and Oscar Fernandez who all are MPs. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) thereafter can attach all the illegally acquired properties of the Associated Journals Private Limited,” he said.

He blamed CBI for not acting fast against former Finance Minister P Chidambaram’s family. Swamy said that CBI delayed the probe in Aircel Maxis case involving Chidambaram and son Karti, and urged immediate custodial interrogation. He also said that CBI has not yet acted against Chidambaram’s wife Nalini in Sarada Chit Fund Scam.

“In the Sarada Chit Fund case, the main accused have mentioned Nalini Chidambaram as having received illegal pecuniary benefits and gratification. Yet she has yet to be summoned and questioned,” said Swamy in a two-page letter. The letter of Swamy is published at the end of this report.

The Senior BJP leader also pointed out that CBI is going very slow in the land grabbing cases against Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra. Another case he said was the CBI delay in the probe against former Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Hooda in the illegal land allotment to National Herald in Panchkula.

“The cases of Moin Qureshi and the Agusta Westland corruption have not proceeded at all, besides sensational media publicity,” said Swamy urging Prime Minister to direct CBI for speedy and fast action in these seven corruption cases.

Subramanian Swamy’s letter to Prime Minister on CBI delays in seven crucial corruption cases is published below:

Subramanian Swamy’s Letter to PM on Delay in Action of CBI in 7 Cases Oct 18, 2017 by PGurus on Scribd

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  1. CBI and ED are like bottomless pits. What goes down generally stays there. More so if it involves VIP’s. Our judicial system supports it.
    How many cases have been brought to fruition by these organisations within reasonable time? A simple case like T.T.V.Dinakaran’s evasion of import duty has been dragging for 20 long years!
    SC called CBI “Caged parrot”. Actually it is a trained dog.It can be set upon people at the owner’s bidding. CBI people are trained to harass powerless people and go soft on powerful people. This is the real country we have after 70 years of democracy!
    Dr. Swamy has a better option than appealing to the PM: He can do severe ‘tapas’ for God to come down in a new avatar to set things right.

  2. Corruption in India is a “grass root”, “bare foot” matter. It is the dominant “culture” of Governance at all levels. It is carried on by Lower Division Clerks, the Police Inspector, the PWD Engineer, the Subedhar Major, the Ordinance or Commissariat Officer, .the Judge, the Magistrate, the “Gazetted Officers”, the Doctors, the Lawyers, the Managers and clerks of Public Sector “enterprises”. Corruption is truly the sole National enterprise and glue of Governance. The daily collection of mickles will make a daily muckle to beggar the size of any egregious scam, that brought down the Sonia-Manmohan run “Family that loots together to stay together”.

    The Constitution adds to this corruption by excluding merit, competence and integrity from Public service by distributing education, employment, and promotion opportunities in Government, and even the right to contest elections, on the basis of birth into designated castes, tribes, religions, genders and so on. The Casteless Savarna Arya are excluded from all privileges and are orphaned Third Class Citizens of which the fate of the Brahmin is most pitiable and justified as “revenge” by Goebellsian “Four legs good Two legs bad” propaganda begun by the British since 1921 in a Nazi Jew Baiting model. This cancer requires major surgery and Mr. Modi’s own cabinet and party colleagues will certainly oppose it. This makes a mockery of Mr Modi’s slogan of,:”With everybody and for everybody’s development” that brought him to power. But this mockery arises from the Constitution born Totalitarian momentum of India that Mr. Modi himself swears by.

    Nothing will change until:

    (1) Inequality under law and exceptions to the rule of (including “reservations” and special privileges for some religions, castes and tribes at the expense of others) are expurgated from the Constitution and laws of India.

    (2) Bribe Taking is defined as criminal extortion or treason and made a capital offense with special rules of evidence and special courts with summary powers (akin to a Military Court Martial).

    (3) All court proceedings are video graphed and archived for public viewing and can be used as evidence to prosecute Judges and Magistrates at all levels under special laws and special courts with summary powers akin to a military Court Martial, for insouciance, negligence, tardiness, dereliction of duty, disregard for law and propriety, behaviour unbecoming of a Judge such as lack of etiquette and manners,

    (4) every job on the “Public” i.e. Government Pay Roll has specific and unique Key Responsibility Areas, Key Performance Parameters and Objectives for which they are held accountable on pain of summary dismissal for non-performance or life imprisonment for treason for sabotage under special laws and special courts with summary powers akin to a military Court Martial and

    (5) India creates an Ombudsman Service of reemployed and retrained military officers (Colonel and Below, JCOs and NCOs) who retire before 50 to serve as presiding officers, investigating/prosecuting and enforcement officers at the afore mentioned “Special Courts”, one for every tehsil with powers to arrest, incarcerate, try and punish any and all from the President of India to a peon in accordance with the Special Laws framed therefor.

  3. I doubt that Modi will go beyond Monkey Baath to take on the egregiously corrupt or pervasive State sponsored corruption:

  4. Looks Like PM is least bothered to fight corruption against high profile politicians, even Dr Swamy is aware of this fact. This letter will just be part of his administrative process. Even after this letter if PM doesnt take action then Dr Swamy will move to court and will give directions from court for CBI to work on these cases. This government will not budge untill they face music from courts.

    • Rightly said. As PM and a full majority in his hands, he could have done many more things. Since he did not act on these corruption cases, I can also question his intentions.

  5. Mr.Swamy, tirelessly working to find-out some or other corruption cases against nehru family and some of the congress members. If he is really a crusader against corruption, he should also see corruption in maharashtra govt., vyapam, lalit modi, bank NPAs, adani cases, rajastan govt., gujarat petrolium corporation loan, gujarat former CMs daughter’s land deal case, Mr.Amit shah’s son’s business model etc.

  6. Congress became arrogant in 60 years BJP in 60 months . Most likely to lose 2019 elections because of arrogance winning a television debate is not winning election. Mr Modi has made a mistake of appointing all loud mouth debaters as cabinet ministers they will vanish after losing election and may join other parties.He is a floating in air but fall badly. Just as congress needs a new leader from stalwarts and senior leaders BJP also needs a leadership change if want to retain power in 2019.

  7. the whole thing appears a farce,DrSwamy praising Modi but Modi’s track record in fighting corruption is zilch.He has become a PM and now all he will be interested is to stick on to the post.There is nothing DrSwamy can do,he gives an impression that he can get the rascals but the rascals have the last laugh.What people will not realise is unless the biggest rascals are collared and their loot confiscated,nothing really will change in this country.Every major city in this country looks like war torn africa with craters passing off as roads,open sewages,uncollected garbage mounts.Our rich and powerful are the biggest jokers whizzing around their expensive cars and living in mansions surrounded by filth,garbage,stink,open sewage.We as a nation are like sore oozing wound which rest of the world turn away in horror.I sincerely hope DrSwamy succeeds but soon and in big cases so that some positives starts changing this nation from the vice like grip of looters.

    • How correct you have said it all, Things are going bad to worst. Problem is uneducated street smart people run the show No educated and right-minded people come forward. corrupt gov officers spend time planning to loot people and educate illiterate politicians how to manipulate rules.

  8. Sir, These are crucial cases and this is high time to execute the recommendations by Dr.Swamy Sir, I must say that corruption cases like Herald and aircel maxis will give you result soon as prima facie have prooved, secondly PM must intervene and direct CBI to act upon it as soon as possible, it is the need of time, nation is waiting to see the logical end of these much awaited cases which only Dr.Swamy and Namo can done..

  9. PM should direct CBI officers and fix the ones causing the delay in crucial corruption cases. Now Karti is giving lectures to the CBI and even ignoring the summons. Can anyone dare to do this? High time to arrest. Similar in Vadra and National Herald case. CBI has done nothing. PM should pull up CBI


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