Swamy files 10 more RTIs to Fin Min on the appointment of Adhia’s relatives, delaying probes against PC, NDTV & Adani

Upping the ante, Swamy writes to the Finance Ministry seeking more information about Adhia's actions in various ongoing cases

Upping the ante, Swamy writes to the Finance Ministry seeking more information about Adhia's actions in various ongoing cases
Upping the ante, Swamy writes to the Finance Ministry seeking more information about Adhia's actions in various ongoing cases

Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy is in no mood to give up. After filing 10 Request to Information (RTI) to the Finance Ministry, this time Swamy has sent another set of 10 RTIs seeking replies on various issues. The new set of 10 RTIs is specifically on the controversial decisions and matters related to Finance Secretary Hasmukh Adhia. The questions were related to the appointment of Hasmukh Adhia relatives in different organisations he chaired, Adhia’s action in Black Money case prosecutions related to the tainted former Finance Minister P Chidambaram, Adhia’s opinions on cases related to NDTV frauds probes, and his interventions in Coal Scam import probe of the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI).

Swamy also filed RTI queries on the tax exemption given by Hasmukh Adhia to Gujarat’s GIFT City Project and the appointments of his relatives in the Project. He also details tax exemptions given by the Finance Secretary to collapsed infrastructure finance firm IL&FS and service tax exemptions to fugitive Vijay Mallya’s Kingfisher Group.

The BJP MP has also sought questions on the Finance Secretary’s orders and interactions with former State Bank of India (SBI) Chairperson Arundhati Bhattacharya in connection with the resistance of SBI in providing details of its Singapore branch, of over-invoicing frauds by Adani Group in the Coal Import Scam. It is widely believed that Adhia played a role in saving the Adani Group from DRI’s probe by diluting the case. Swamy had already complained to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in this matter, urging admonishing Adhia for conspiracy with Adani in collapsing the case of DRI[1].

He also sought details of Adhia’s interventions, orders related to many sensitive cases and probes under Black Money Act including the prosecution against Chidambaram’s family members. It is widely believed that the file noting regarding this will expose Adhia for delaying many probes including against Chidambaram, even after Prime Minister’s strict orders. Swamy also sought Adhia’s opinions recorded in file regarding the Income Tax and Enforcement Directorate’s (ED) probes against the NDTV caught for money laundering and tax evasions. Sources have told PGurus that Adhia kept the relevant files with him for months deliberately to delay the Income Tax and ED probes against the NDTV Frauds.

Attacking Adhia personally, Swamy also sought the reason for his trips to Karnataka and especially to Mysore. He also sought the purpose of these private trips of Adhia.

In the first set of 10 RTIs Swamy had asked for the details of GSTN frauds, tax exemptions given by Adhia to Anil Ambani firms and Ratan Tata’s trusts. He also sought details on controversy related to accepting Gold Biscuits by Adhia from fugitive Nirav Modi as Diwali gift on 2016[2].

It is learned that panicky Adhia rushed to the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley with the copies of these RTIs. The Finance Ministry had transferred these RTIs to concerned offices to give reply to Swamy within the stipulated time of 30 days specified in the RTI Act. Swamy has already written to Arun Jaitley for giving Sanction to Prosecute Adhia for many corrupt and controversial decisions, leading to loss of exchequer.


[1] Swamy accuses sabotage in the probe on Coal Import Scam and Adhia’s complicity in saving Adani. Urges PM to interveneOct 1, 2018, PGurus.com

[2] Subramanian Swamy files 10 RTIs to Finance Ministry seeking GSTN funding, Tax exemptions to Tata & Ambani & Adhia’s Gold BiscuitsOct 6, 2018, PGurus.com

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  1. MODI Ji should remain MERCILESS, be above board, and free himself from the Clutches of Ambanis, Adanis, Adhia and his pet boy, A.J. too! Instead Modi be ever Able, Affable, Available to serve Mother India. Let M not be part and parcel of the the A-Company. Time is ripe for a Book on A-Company.

  2. Feel truly Sorry that books such as NDTV Frauds, C-Company, D-Company have failed to touch the Core Consciousness and the Collective Awareness of the People of India to Arouse them from their deep Slumber. While BJP top Caucus brags a lot as champions of righteousness and paragon of virtuosity, the real Will to Implement and Weed out Corruption appears NOT to exist within the Top echelons of the current Modi Administration.

  3. If Honourable Narendar Damodhar Modi is truly Smart, Sincere, Strong, Supports to Serve Mother India, he should be SWIFT to Purge/Push out Mr. Arun Jaitley out of his core cabinet [reason out:”on health grounds”]. Quick Course Corrections are warranted against the weak-links in his own cabinet and top Delhi Lutyens Bureaucracy that keeps working for the Congress Top masquerading in Saffron attire. Much harm was already done in 2014 by mercilessly throwing out who had toiled in the previous years: LK Advani, Murali Manohar, Joshi, Yashwanth Sinha, Arun Shourie, Ram Jethmalani while Sushma Swaraj was relegated to the background since Arun J. did his rounds to control the key Finance and Defence Portfolios. However, it is clear AJ bungled heavily in the implementation of Demonetization, GST besides stalling of Court Cases against Top Corrupts in the Congress. Punjab and Delhi did not elect him. Modi’s top poll promises were never well-implemented by his 2-in-C. Let us also meet the bitter truth and hard facts and come to grips with realities: Modi could not have criss-crossed hopping in and out across India campaigning in 2014 as the able, affable and the always available – Ambanis and Adanis were ever ready to take care of the chopper and jet bills and huge campaign costs for the BJP. Mr. AJ and Modi duo/BJP has some repayments to do. It is understandable this is how India runs as the failed contracts in Australia and the recent Rafale deals were negotiated It is now high time for those at the RSS-HQ as well as Intellectual and Patriotic Think Tanks across the world:[Subramanian Swamy (present everywhere), Sree Iyer (San Jose, CA), Madhav Das Nalapat (Manipal), Rajiv Malhotra (New Jersey), Mohan Das Pai (Mangalore), Madhu Kishwar (Delhi?), Swaminathan Gurumurthy (Mylapore, Chennai), Maroof Raza (from Mumbai,TOI), Mr. RV (Bengaluru) speak, write, critique and bring out the serious fault lines in the top ruling BJP elite. Someone from the above list or ALL have to join together to bell the erring c-t. What is the point in Mr. S. Gurumurthy yapping – writing big Editorials in Tamil magazine, Tuklaq, about DMK, AIADMK drama in TN? If he is truly above board, he should have the guts to introspect, remain truly unbiased, to bring out the inefficiencies, tardiness, undue unpardonable delays that have occurred in the current BJP rule. If SG could go about writing long columns in the Indian Express and Tuklaq about Congress Finance mismanagement in the past, he should by gutsy to comment on his friend AJ too. Is not Nation more important than one or two? It is high time for AJ to join the “Marg-Darshak” path. If due course corrections are NOT urged by the guiding Intellectuals above to counsel Modi, India will plunge back into “Coalition-Collusion” to perpetrate Corruption, Chaos, Confusion and Anarchy. Let Modi NOT waste his time, energy, money by going across India campaigning/shouting: “Bharath Maata Ki Jai” in 2018-2019 but emerge victorious sitting right from his office in Delhi by giving a sincere hearing to the Objective-Unbiased and Critical Collective Consciousness of the above “Think Tank.” Modi should be quite willing and be ready to Implement their Collective Inputs and bring in Swift actions to set things right to enjoy the Confidence of India. Demonstrate Modi – you have implemented and weeded out Corruption at the Top in the Congress, BJP and at the Delhi Bureaucracy. Showcase you have kept up the key poll promise made in 2014 before the end of Dec. 2018. Your Time is running out Modi Sahab. Views of a Non-BJP/RSS Bhakth, a Canadian Citizen, born in India.

  4. Inflated 56″ Modi is going to get burst for supporting such highly corrupt people in the BJP govt. Sickening that this “chowkidar” has has not only to protect but seems to bhave joined the looting gang alongwith the other robbers & cheaters like Arun Jatitely.
    Think nothing is going to happen in India except false promises & false statements, false hopes & all born politicians are incorrible liars. Sickening to read that Hindu party is supporting corrupt people & failed businessman Anil Ambani – a perenial failure as a businessman.

  5. Dear Mr Iyer, you worked tirelessly and wrote the book ndtv frauds and C Company. In spite of your efforts no action and not even a clue whether there will be a charge sheet and a fair trial will be started.
    Such inaction from the concerned departments will throw negative speculations and will try to prove that your findings are not true. I wish that should not happen but your silence to readers of P gurus are given a benefit of doubt? Please can you clarify? regards

  6. It’s now evident both Modi & AJ are protecting the UPA Mafia Gang members

    Without an iota of doubt Modi is under blackmail for, God knows, some misdemeanors.

    It’s for the RSS, to intervene, at this juncture & weed out the persons who were responsible for defeating the ANTI CORRUPT AGENDA on which the Modi Govt was installed

  7. It’s 4+years of the so-called (Na Khaunga, Na Khane Dunga – 56” regime) and we are still in the Sherlock Holmes mode of still finding out this babu is corrupt, that enforcement official is a stooge etc blah blah…
    Great Going.
    By the way did Union Min. Sri Nitin Gadkari ji who seems to be a close ally/friend of Dr Swamy say that in a recent Marathi TV show casually but candidly that all prepoll promises in 2014 esp on Anti-Graft stuff were all gimmicks ?
    It’s also amply clear that Dr Swamy in his twitter page had made several “tongue in cheek”, sarcasms indicating that both economy & anti-graft measures of present regime are total disappointments…
    Now it remains to be seen what more gimmicks, diversion, headline management, distortion and make-believe last minute eyewash stuff will be done to fool gullible masses in form of namesake stuff.
    If there was a political will 56” could have shown to the whole nation this is the state as in 2014 by a clear economic white paper and in last year showed this is what we had done etc.. Alas its all over…
    God Save

  8. Swamy has thrown the gauntlet. Aadhia knows the last 18 years of/about Modi, ever since he became CM of Gujarat.What he knows of demo and what exactly happened is possibly the icing on the cake. It’s not Swamy versus Aadhia but Swamy versus Modi. Wishing Swamy all the best.

  9. What a shame for this Govt. As told by Swamy in his interview AJ has absolute veto in this Govt. He supports BJP as there is no alternate option. Not sure till when Modi will keep trusting these buffoons and allow India to bleed.

  10. I think in the 56″ led NDA Government PC is the Real Prime Minister Mr Aadhia is Super FM and Mr Asthana is Super HM.
    56″ Shakuni Kadi Nidra are just Rubber Stamps.

  11. To clean up the prevailing rot in politics and also total administration Dr. Swamy name to be projected as next PM before the election to have a come back in 2019 as many of us felt we are all cheated by PM Mr. Modi by his inaction as words will have to follow action. However it is the only remedy for BJP to come for power in 2019

  12. Why cant this Secretary Adhia to be suspended from service by FM? Mr. Jaitly to answer the people of India otherwise people will give a fitting reply in 2019 for his mistake the whole party including innocents has to suffer.


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