Swamy on Sudarshan TV, Chalte Chalte – Ram, Rajan & Rohatgi

Dr. Swamy talks to Sudarshan TV in the first airing of the program Chalte-Chalte, on Ram, Rajan & Rohatgi.

In a wide ranging interview with Sudarshan TV, on the first episode of Chalte Chalte with host Suresh Chavhanke, Dr. Subramanian Swamy touched on various topics, which we list below:

  • Ram Mandir – Dr. Swamy is hopeful that he will convince all the stakeholders to accept building of just 3 temples (Krishna package) at Ayodhya (Ram), Mathura (Krishna) and Varanasi (Shiva) and let the other mosques (about 39,997) that were built on top of temples, stand. This was Ashok Singhal’s wish and he is confident RSS and other Hindu organizations will agree too. He is happy that everyone says they will abide by what the Supreme Court says and that many prominent personalities have asked for the Supreme Court to conduct a day-to-day proceedings while hearing the Ram Mandir Special Leave Petition (SLP). He re-iterated that a mosque can be moved and several countries have already done this. Even the mosque that the Prophet attended has been moved/ demolished to lay a road in Saudi Arabia.

  • Educate the minorities – For a better, stable country. He supported the move of Maharashtra government to offer help to the madrassas in Maharashtra, where the government will set the syllabus and also fund the effort.

  • Asaram Bapu Bail – The case has been foisted upon him on the insistence of Sonia Gandhi. Instead of registering a case of rape at the location, the complainant chose to do it in New Delhi, that too after several days. According to the First Information Report (FIR) filed, there is no trace of evidence of any rape, not even a slightest mark.

  • On how everyone born in India has the same sanskriti – Everyone born in India has the same DNA and shares the same Dharma (Sanatana Dharma). He mentioned how Indonesia, despite being an Islamic Republic, prints currency notes with Ganesha on them. In the center of the city sits the statue of Krishna doing Geetopadesam to Arjuna.

  • On Narendra Modi’s cabinet – Some changes need to be rung in so the government can perform efficiently. He quoted how a 78-year old Senator Sanders, who is running for US President, was drawing the youth of the country and sharing in his vision for America. The Cabinet needs able, experienced ministers, regardless of their age.

  • On Modi’s leadership – He has full confidence in Modi’s abilities and his go-for-it attitude. Once he(Modi) makes up his mind, no one or nothing can stop him. He is willing to advise him, if asked (emphasis ours).

  • On the Attorney General – He is un-impressed with the Attorney General Rohatgi, who he says upsets many of the judges in the Supreme Court with this behavior. He quoted the instance of how Rohatgi tried to implicate him on a book that he wrote in 2006 and it was finally dropped at the insistence of Modi.

  • On the RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan – Disappointed with his attitude of keeping rates high to contain inflation, similar to killing a patient to bring down his temperature. Would prefer an expert, such as Prof. R Vaidyanantha, who is familiar with India’s economy, to be the RBI Governor, not an import from the United States.

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