Swamy urges PM to pursue and show no mercy to corrupt, tax evader, fraud NDTV and Prannoy Roy

Swamy responds to Prannoy Roy letter, asks the PM to show no mercy to the corrupt and tax evaders

Swamy responds to Prannoy Roy letter, asks the PM to show no mercy to the corrupt and tax evaders
Swamy responds to Prannoy Roy letter, asks the PM to show no mercy to the corrupt and tax evaders

A day after NDTV owner Prannoy Roy complained to the Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi about Subramanian Swamy, the BJP leader shot back with a letter to the PM and urged him to pursue the corrupt and show no mercy on the prosecution of “corrupt, tax evader, fraud, cheating” NDTV and ensure that there is no interference in the course of justice. Terming Roy’s claim that the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and Income Tax actions would discourage the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) as “rubbish”, Swamy said that NDTV and Prannoy Roy must be punished for the money laundering and stock exchange and bank manipulations.

Swamy reminded the Prime Minister about NDTV’s “reporting pollution” against him during his tenure as Gujarat Chief Minister and accused that Roy did all these on the behest of Sonia Gandhi and Palaniappan Chidambaram.

In his two page letter (published below), Swamy said that the United States has, in fact, regularly prosecuted many big corporates and Roy and his “white foreigners” deserves no mercy. “Irritated by the expose of the gigantic money laundering that has taken place in NDTV financial skullduggery, e. g: in  share transactions which are bogus, Mr. Prannoy Roy in his letter to you made a most ridiculous assertion that the ED and the Income Tax Department have made outrageous accusations at my behest.

“All the charges made by the ED and IT are not only serious but have been prima facie upheld by Courts despite Mr. Prannoy Roy’s court-shopping,” said Swamy.

Swamy reminded the Prime Minister about NDTV’s “reporting pollution” against him during his tenure as Gujarat Chief Minister and accused that Roy did all these on the behest of Sonia Gandhi and Palaniappan Chidambaram. He also pointed out NDTV’s witch-hunt against the Income Tax officer S K Srivastava for exposing the tax evasion and money laundering.

“India is a democracy and it is fundamentally on the rule of law. There is no question of providing mercy in prosecution on the high and mighty and even to White foreigners. Therefore I am sure that you will agree that our efforts against corruption are not subject to any undue influence and there can be interference in the course of justice from the likes of Mr. Prannoy Roy,” said Swamy.

A copy of the two-page letter to the PM is shown below:

Subramanian Swamy's Letter to PM on NDTV Feb 13, 2018 by PGurus on Scribd

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  1. NDTV has to die a violent death!!! Longlive Subramaniam Swamy…..shame on Narendra Modi for giving audience to this corrupt person. Only police should be giving appointments to NDTV not PM.

  2. All poll manifestos shall be kept for review and Action taken list of fulfilled be made and tated every time to keep a watch on promises kept and published to make public awareness a simple formula.

  3. Personally I think Jaitley is a Khangress mole, and like SMKrishna and Sharad Pawar has a hold on Modi. All the Finance actions have been antithetical to BJP Commitments. Between Modi, Jaitley, and Prasad I doubt that the corrupt will ever be punished or brought to book. No black wealth will ever be recovered.

    • You must be right. Lot of people have been commenting for a long time even before jaitley was made the Finance Minister by Modi that jaitley is very close to p.chidambaram & congress party members. That he should not be trusted.

      Why did BJP suddenly allow senile decrepit sm.krishna to defect from Congress & join bjp is beyond me.

      Nirmala Seetharaman’s husband & his family are all pro congress folks I read.
      Sri.Manohar Parrikar was needlessly shifted out of Defense Ministry & the former made as one.

      There is no dearth of GOOD people . Sri.Subramaniam Swamy is an asset. Yet bjp consistently & wantonly ignores him & his advice.

      In India all the corrupt politicians & wrongdoers like prannoy roys even if sent to jail are going to while away their time making designer candles , play cricket & luxuriate. This is no punishment .

      Among the journos also , so called pro bjp journalists shamelessly fraternize with burkha dutts , shekar guptas , sagarika ghoses who have always been clones of prannoy roy. All of them are anti Vedic secular charlatans. Unscrupulous , opportunistic reinventing themselves depending on which side of the bread is buttered.

      I expected BJP of Modi to carpet bomb entire media scum of India . This is absolutely essential for the well being of Bharath. Instead bjp folks themselves have been hopping from one tv studio to another .

      • You are quite correct. Every well wisher of true democracy and rule of law wants these law breakers to be prosecuted and tried without fear or favour. However all such well wishers are ordinary citizens who are mostly powerless since vote does not have any value any more. In India, there are corrupt and their beneficiaries. Every corrupt person, be it a politician or bureaucrat or industrialist or an ordinary citizen, ensures that several hundreds or thousands are brought into that ambit just to ensure they would not only keep quiet but eagerly look forward to more such benefits. Our country will never ever improve – sad.

        • Thank you for caring to read and reply.

          This very word ‘democracy’ is misleading , a british word blindly imported and copied. We Hindus have the most appropriate word -Dharmic Conduct.

          Instead our wily politicians keep repeating ” due democratic process…let the law take its own course..”. All the terrorists are WITHIN. BJP lacks the WILL to KILL these media scum. Instead baying for Hafeez Saeed.

          Instead of expecting useless gorement of india to deliver better Pakistan along with China massacre all media scum , bollykolly scum and all politicians. Entire India is heavily colonized by evil christians. The courts lawyers teachers doctors , media all are filled with stealth christians.

          Solution is not switching over to Hindi . Solution is to KILL tham all.

        • EVIL prannoy roy is the brother in law of equally EVIL prakash karat. brinda karat and radhika roy w/o prannoy are sisters. arundati suzanne roy of tukde tukhde gang is also related to them. Syrian christian. They are all stealth christians . Not one of us- HINDUS.

          Hindus of secular india just don’t have it in them to KILL christian terrorists within.

          Whereas Pakistan fearlessly eliminates many such christian terrorists in their own country. Every Easter they carry out the NOBLE DEED of killing some christians within.

          Whereas sushma swaraj and duvall spend huge amounts of money , exerting themselves unduly to rescue EVIL christian padres from Yemen , Syria , Libya , Afghanistan , Timbaktu , Nigeria etc.

  4. Why shouldn’t the upright and honest roy file a defamation case against dr.swamy. or better still, Dr.swamy should file a defamation case against ndtv and roy for maligning his name


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