Swamy vs NDTV – The facts of the matter

PGurus did some fact checking on Swamy vs NDTV battle of words

PGurus did some fact checking on Swamy vs NDTV battle of words
PGurus did some fact checking on Swamy vs NDTV battle of words

#‎SwamyVsNDTV‬ – First it was a letter from Dr. Swamy to the PM. That started this thread…

The Swamy vs NDTV and its high profile journalists has turned into a bitter battle of words. Reacting to Swamy’s complaint for probing the role of NDTV by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and Enforcement Directorate  (ED) the TV channel has now come out with a press release – listing seven points terming them as lies of Subramanian Swamy. [Link: http://www.ndtv.com/press-release/the-lies-of-subramanian-swamy-1442886]. PGurus did some fact checking and our findings are listed below. Additional data by way of Web links (URLs) have been provided.

Point No: 1  NDTV claims 40 million dollar investment by Maxis’ subsidiary Astro All Asia Networks is an approved deal by FIPB and ED has never raised this issue. Not quite true, NDTV! The ED in its charge sheet in Aircel-Maxis case refers to this deal as doubtful. On ED’s application, the 2G Special Court has already sent Letter of Rogatory (LR) to London in January 2016 to get the details of this doubtful deal. [Link: http://www.dailypioneer.com/nation/four-lrs-in-probe-on-money-trail.html]

Point No: 2 NDTV says ED has not slapped any fine of Rs.2030 crore ($304 million). Here NDTV is playing with words. The fact of the matter is that NDTV is now facing Foreign Exchange Maintenance Act (FEMA) violations and ED has served a notice of Rs.2030 crores ($304 million). The matter is now in the adjudication stage. We believe that it is not completely false, as stated in the Press Release. [Link: http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/ed-serves-rs-2030-crore-notice-on-ndtv-for-fema-violations/article7900384.ece ]

Point No: 3 NDTV says most of the persons are not Directors of its UK company called NDTV Networks PLC (NNPLC).  Here also NDTV is playing with words. The Annual Return filed by the company to UK authorities clearly shows that Barkha Dutt, Sonia Singh, Vikram Chandra are some of the major shareholders of the company, now on the radar of ED and Income Tax. According to the IT letter to NDTV dated June 15, 2016, it observed that NNPLC was a shell company (see Para 8 of the IT Report). [Link: NDTV claimed they sold dreams. IT said: No. It is a sham transaction, slaps ₹525 cr fine]

Point No: 4 Swamy said Fuse Media registered in tax haven is a secret company of NDTV. NDTV says it is not an NDTV company and it is only an investor in NDTV. It would be nice if NDTV discloses the human faces behind this Fuse Media, registered in Cayman Islands.

Point No: 5 NDTV claims Astro’s investment in NDTV was given a clean chit by Income Tax. But the fact of the matter is, it is still in ED’s radar and mentioned as doubtful money flow during the Aircel-Maxis scam and 2G Court has issued LR to UK to get the details of this money transaction. Maxis subsidiary Astro is already charge sheeted by CBI and ED for bribing and pumping money to Sun TV.

Point No: 6  NDTV says, the UK based NDTV Networks Plc is a genuine company. We quote once again, Income Tax Department letter to NDTV, wherein  IT says that NNPLC did not even have any employees in the UK! Readers can judge the genuineness. NDTV also needs to answer why they dissolved this company in October 2011. Further they have to explain why the ED slapped FEMA violations for the money routing through the NNPLC. Swamy’s demand was to register the case under PMLA, rather than diluted FEMA which envisages fine only. PMLA envisages a three to seven year punishment.

Point No: 7  The 2G court ruled in favour of NDTV…  It claims 2G Court had fined a petitioner and ruled in favour of NDTV. Here the TV channel is being mischievous with facts. Whistleblower Income Tax official S K Srivastava in early 2011 filed a complaint against NDTV for financial bungling. The 2G Court rejected his petition saying that the matter is not under its purview and admonished him and put a fine on him for the objectionable language in the petition. This appears to be an attempt by NDTV to fool people by mixing Srivastava’s petition with Swamy’s complaint.

A Social Media poll doing the rounds about who (Swamy vs NDTV) is more trustworthy shows the following results:
Swamy vs NDTV who do you trust more?

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  1. Well done P Gurus. You have been making a quiet progress. Some suggestions here can definitely make a big difference. However, to reach a critical mass would require a lot of innovative stratrgies and of course hard-work.

  2. Pguru comes through with bare damning facts as usual, doing a badly needed service to the long exploited people of mother India.

    The only thing I fear is that our court system is unacceptably way too slow. Should congress party of gandhis, who are out on a bail in other fraud case, come to power all this hard solid work by all the wonderful people could come to naught. India can’t will have to be super lucky to get a break it seems to me. Maybe we need 2 more terms of Modi govt.

  3. PGurus is the first and only website (in the first page) that shows up when we search for facts in NDTV case. Thumbs Up. Point 5 – Is it Sun Tv or Kalaignar Tv? i thought 2G and Kalaignar tv are related. Or am i misunderstanding here!

  4. An outstanding share! I have just forwarded
    this onto a coworker who had been doing a little research
    on this. And he in fact ordered me dinner simply because I stumbled upon it for him…
    lol. So let me reword this…. Thanks for the meal!!
    But yeah, thanks for spending some time to talk about this subject
    here on your internet site.

  5. Thank you Pguru.Keep exposing Nation Destruct TV who are anti nationals,anti Modi and anti BJP.One thing I do not understand is the attitudes of the Modi Govt.Have they forgotten the false coverage of 2002 of Gujarat and after? Why Ministry of IB is still giving ads? Ndtv is already on the verge of closing with financial and low ratings.Why IB can not choke them to death?

  6. The Anti- National Indian Channel NDTV must be punished under the laws of the land. Perfect Criminal ( PC ) was helping this channel by harrasing the honest officer Srivastava. Hope Swamy succeeds in this.

  7. I love PGurus.com ! Wish they started at least a decade ago!!
    Keep exposing all the corrupt media houses like NDTV, I Today etc.
    They are the major threat to our democracy as stated by mediacrooks.

  8. I am coming across PGurus for the first time and would like to commend you for your:

    – succint point by point response
    – Fact based with links being provided to each of your contentions
    – well articulated with no personal remarks or foul language
    – allowing each reader to come to his own conclusions based on facts presented

    You have well and truly nailed the lies without any scope of misunderstanding and debate.
    Hats off!! Keep the Good work on!!!

    Best Regards

  9. You have done a great job by throwing light on correct facts in an impartial manner. Now fugitives under the guise of Journalists have no place to hide. It is clear now who are in the looters party and what their share is. Keep it up.

  10. Excellent work… It is clear now.. who are all in the looters party and what is their share.. The world is too small for crooks and the earth has not stopped rotating… Sooner or later all fugitives and influence peddlers under the guise of Journalists will be exposed.

  11. The very fact that NDTV ( Undie TV) doesn’t let anyone comment in their website on this topic shows how scared they are and how crooked their business is.

  12. Great work. Now we all recall ‘the invaluable contribution ‘ of ‘ the Star journalist ‘ Barkha Dutt which was revealed by famous Radia Tapes. This coterie can do any thing. How the hell the continue to operate!

  13. Your story has completely nailed NDTV, stripped it without even leaving the lead players a fig leaf to cover themselves with. Every point/lie countered by your story exposes the hollowness of the NDTV press release and further erodes its credibility !Keep up the good work !!

  14. For a moment, I thought SS is a but after reading NDTV denial. Thank you, Sirs. Your point by point analysis of NDTV claims demolished NDTV’s credibility. All their actions are anti national. Why should a media be allowed to run this way? Is our constitution/legal system so sympathetic to such rogue institutions having vultures like Barkadutt as its directors?

  15. A few moments back I posted a comment. Wish I could edit it. Another observation: I was browsing through some of the articles and came across a banner ad for “NDTV Movies”. Please see if you can make some settings wherein Google Display avoids serving NDTV ads on your own website. I have the screen-shot, but I can’t attach it. I hope you find this helpful and act on it.

  16. Swamy raises allegations on anyone on earth with proper and complete evidence with him to prove. So Swamy is always right. NDTV IS ANTI INDIA CHANNEL DAMAGING NATION’S IMAGE ALL OVER THE WORLD. NDTV IS BIG LIAR.

  17. Excellent work for PGurus. Slap on NDTVs face. Few suggestions:
    1. Please improve your headlines. For example NDTV headlines says “The Lies Of Subramanian Swamy” or your headline is very lame. You don’t have to be sensational, but at least be strong.
    2. Immediately change your logo. A bar graph with arrow does not match your website mission or purpose. Comes across as some business analysts blog. Have a microphone instead as an icon.
    3. Improve your SEO + entire site page structure. Make it minimalist. And yes, make it mobile friendly. My friend share the link of the article on mobile. Rendered well on mobile.
    4. In general, it is actually not Swamy vs. NDTV. Let it not be a battle of one man. It is our battle which he is fighting. Make it global. It is a battle of nationalist indians vs. seudo secular, pro-Pak NDTV.
    5. Ask for donation to support your site. Remove ugly Google Adwords slowly. A clean site brings in authenticity.

    Great work again. Please keep it up. India needs people like you in such trying times when pro-Pakistan wolves in the guise of intellectuals and some journalist are working tirelessly against India.

  18. Oh…I salute u guys! Plz.bring out more such truth against this gang of foreign owned channels who r backed by congress & the left , …tarnishing the image of India & destroying the social fabric of our great nation..which has been plagued by such Amichands & Mir jaffers since ages.

  19. Excellent point by point answer to NDTV . NDTV have a old habit of playing with words, here they did the same but Pguru team nailed them .

  20. Great Job . It is a fight between Indian National against media run by foreign funds . My question to Pranoy Roay and other people is simple – do you think you really need to make money betraying our motherland – Even poor people are so patriotic – why rich people like you want to make money betraying India – Why – For what ?

  21. Great. ndtv already started counter attack of course without answering ANY single point you guys raised. Typical pattern of crooks.

  22. Hats off to dedicated team of performance gurus who are working tirelessly to put forth the truth and enlightening people of India by exposing the anti nationals.
    Dr. Swamy we pray for your good health. Hope to see you as the FM in the near future..

  23. A wonderful rejoinder to nervous. Who is the liar? Swamy or NDTV? Of course it is NDTV. Swamy raises issues or allegations against anyone ONLY after collecting all evidence with him. He is thorough in his approach on all issues.

  24. Excellent analysis.I have been a Swamy fan since my school days ( Emergency Era)…He is a truth teller. A very rare species.But it hurt me when he turned against AAP and Kejriwal. Wish him good health

    • aaap and kejari turned against themselves. Swamy was just the news bearer and probably the person to send some to jail.

  25. I totally agree with you. Very few journalists or MPs or Modi’s Ministers are even close to Swamy, yet some media has portrayed him as राक्षस (monster), and Raghuram Rajan as God. NPA deals of Rajan which involves at least 6000 crores of bribes should be investigated by CBI and ED. His honorary appointment by Congress Govt. as CEA, his anti Hindi attitude and denial of providing full transparency of cases like Vijay Mallya should also be investigated.


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