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Capitalism seems incapable of solving the unemployment problem

Unemployment under capitalism Nehru and all the Leftist thugs of Asia, Africa, and Latin America thought that Capitalism was good colleges, machineries, factories, vaccination, and...

An incremental surrender of the awesome duo!

Yesterday was just the culmination of the surrender that began on Dec 14, 2019. Even as the apologists are out to defend the indefensible, it...

Capitalism: The Orphan Idea

The fact is that profit is a reward of the entrepreneur. I learned Economics from the Americans. The Leftists in India have made sure that...

The Travails of Capitalism

There are some negatives associated with capitalism. To elaborate: A profit-maximizing capitalist firm is likely to ignore negative externalities, such as pollution from production; this...

A Case in Defense of Capitalism and Paul Krugman

Shubhendu Pathak Reproduced from the author's blog site. Their Grievances Justified – A Case in Defense of Capitalism and Paul Krugman The dynamics of greed, or a...


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