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The fallacy of the West

Why does the Left succeed? Does it have to do with the genetics? It may have to do more with the genetics than common sense. Though...

The re-animalisation of man

It is said that a calf can locate its mother among a herd of thousands. Mother. Not a father. Because it doesn't even know...

Capitalism: The Orphan Idea

The fact is that profit is a reward of the entrepreneur. I learned Economics from the Americans. The Leftists in India have made sure that...

The Travails of Capitalism

There are some negatives associated with capitalism. To elaborate: A profit-maximizing capitalist firm is likely to ignore negative externalities, such as pollution from production; this...

How the Marxists have failed, and failed monumentally

Indian comrades may have evolved since Marx’s time and abandoned the idea of violence as a weapon of change, but continue to live in...


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