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360 settlements on ceasefire in Syria

Four more settlements in Syria have joined the ceasefire over the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of the inhabited areas signing the...

Central Eurasia: The Graveyard of Empires

One American General interviewed by CNN on January 3, 2016, said that the execution of a Shia cleric and 47 others allegedly guilty of...

How catastrophe was manufactured in Syria

The year end image etched on my mind is not of the US-Russian chess games in Syria but of how I saw the crisis...

UN Security Council endorses roadmap for Syria peace process

T he UN Security Council on Friday adopted a resolution endorsing an international roadmap for a Syrian-led political transition in order to end the...

Britain carries out first Syria airstrikes

Britain on Thursday carried out its first airstrikes against Islamic State (IS) in Syria, hours after members of parliament voted overwhelmingly to authorise military...

US, Russia sign memo on safe flight operations over Syria

PerformanceGurus Staff Washington, Oct 21 The Pentagon said the US and Russia signed a memorandum of understanding on safe flight operations over Syria as they...

A Turning Point in Syria?

PerformanceGurus Staff All the carnage and the refugee problem could have been avoided three years ago in this 4-year war in Syria.  The civil war...


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