Tainted P. Chidambaram embarrasses the Judges

Is Chidambaram embarrassing himself by getting photographed with judges of the Supreme Court?

Is Chidambaram embarrassing himself by getting photographed with judges of the Supreme Court?
Is Chidambaram embarrassing himself by getting photographed with judges of the Supreme Court?

Tainted ex-Finance Minister P Chidambaram, who is being probed in around 10 cases by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and other agencies, literally became an embarrassment to the Supreme Court and High Court Judges who attended Thursday’s Indian Express-newspaper-convened Ramnath Goenka Lecture series. Chidambaram, who is on anticipatory bail to protection from the arrest of CBI and ED in Prevention of Corruption case was seen hopping seats, sitting with Judges. The function was organized by the Chidambaram-friendly newspaper Indian Express and Justice Ranjan Gogoi, who is expected to be the next Chief Justice of India, delivered the keynote address in the function.

We can’t expect decency on part of Chidambaram. He and his wife Nalini will go to any level by misusing their position as Senior Advocate title.

First Chidambaram was seen sitting with Justice Ranjan Gogoi and when Gogoi went on to the stage, Chidambaram was seen sitting with Justice DY Chandrachud. Chidambaram’s son Karti’s advocate in the corruption case and Congress leader Abhishek Singhvi was also seen sitting with them. Incidentally, a Bench comprising Justice Chandrachud was hearing Karti’s petition on Friday questioning the powers of Enforcement Directorate and the powers of officers under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA).

Chidambaram sitting with SC Justice Ranjan Gogoi
Chidambaram sitting with SC Justice Ranjan Gogoi

It was Chidambaram who as Finance Minister passed the powerful PMLA Act and now he and his son were questioning the same act on the powers of the ED officers to arrest persons under PMLA!

Moreover Chidambaram’s frivolous petition claiming right to life and decency alleging witch-hunt by CBI and ED is pending before the Chief Justice Dipak Misra’s Bench, where Justice Chandrachud is often a member. The Bench also handled Karti’s several petitions to go abroad and cancellation of CBI’s Look Out Notice in Airports in connection with INX Media bribe case.

Chidambaram seated with SC Justice Y V Chandrachud and Abhishek Manu Singhvi
Chidambaram seated with SC Justice Y V Chandrachud and Abhishek Manu Singhvi

At Present Chidambaram and son Karti are on interim protections obtained from the trial court and Delhi High Court from the arrest by CBI and ED in Aircel-Maxis and INX Media cases. Chidambaram is facing probe in around 10 cases by CBI, ED and Delhi Police[1]. The CBI and ED are expected to file a charge sheet against Chidambaram in Aircel-Maxis case and INX Media case. His wife Nalini is facing CBI and ED probes in Saradha Chit Fund scam. She is also facing CBI probe in a hotel grabbing case[2].

The entire family members of Chidambaram are now facing prosecution of Income Tax under Black Money Act. Delhi Police registered FIR on the terrorist Ishrat Jehan encounter affidavit perjury case, where Chidambaram is the main culprit.

In such circumstances, Chidambaram should not embarrass the Judges by chair hopping with them. In the Indian Express organized function Supreme Court judges A K Sikri and Madan Lokur were also present. Delhi High Court Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal was also present and Chidambaram was seen hopping with them and showing his face there too. This is a clear crooked activity by Chidambaram to give messages to the investigating officers and trial court judges on his proximity with the high echelons in Indian Judiciary.

This is plain unethical from the part of Chidambaram and the organizers. The organizer Indian Express should have given a separate enclosure for judges and should have prevented the entry of persons like Chidambaram who is facing several probes. We can’t expect decency on part of Chidambaram. He and his wife Nalini will go to any level by misusing their position as Senior Advocate title. Many legal veterans say the couples are now even gate crashing into many Judges homes using their old acquaintance.


[1] Now Ten cases against Chidambaram family. What is CBI, ED, CBDT & Delhi Police doing? Time for PM to interveneDec 11, 2017, PGurus.com

[2] CBI registers Preliminary Enquiry against Chidambaram family in hotel grabbing caseDec 8, 2017, PGurus.com

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  1. […] It is mind boggling of the many facts that we are hearing of Chidambaram family.   I read today three articles today, one is by MD Nalapat in Sunday Guardian, “Officials look to PM Modi to rescue economy from toxic cabal‘,  a second on Pgurus, ‘What is Chidambaram real worth’?   and third also on Pgurus, ‘Tainted Chidambaram Embarasses the judges‘. […]

  2. Shame on Indian Express by allowing Chidambaram to sit with SC judges. AM Singhvi, master in fixing would have played role. It is obvious, PM and his team are spectators watching the rise of Chidambaram but from outside

  3. PC is not causing any shame to the SC judges.
    It is a condition brought upon themselves by the judges. And what is worse?
    They may go around posing as though they have already brought great reforms to the judiciary!
    What is the necessity for judges of the highest court to hobnob with the media? These days judges want publicity and love playing to the gallery. They are super government.
    People like PC, AMS, Sibal etc wear two hats-politicians and lawyers. Don’t the judges know they will be there?

    • At least till a month back, it was Chidambaram who was virtually running our Finance Ministry. The rascal Jaitley, a Sonia’s crony, had been crippling & defeating each & every attempt by Modi to arraign the UPA Mafia Gang.

      But for Dr. Swami things could have gone much worse.

      In a Tamil Channel interview, Dr. Swami was seen telling, Modi – who till date was unaware of the shady dealings of Jaitley – has now been alerted & we could expect a COMPLETE PURGE of the entire Finance Ministry & the black sheep, moles in it.

      Dr. Swami is a straight forward man not known for exaggeration, self-boost or half-life truths

      We can really now expect a better turn of events.

      The Very facts that (1) Jaitley has been forced to remain in the ‘waiting room’ without being allowed to board the ‘return flight’ ,(2) prosecutions of Chidu gangs have started moving lend credence to Swamiji’s statement

  4. There is every likelihood of a sinister plan wherein the whole program was funded by PC. Frankly a CBI probe should be instituted to uncover the truth behind this event. The judges did not object to PC being seated next to them indicating a callous attitude that should put a black mark on their career.

    • I agree with you, Visu. Chidambaram can go to any extent & can afford to spend any amount to free himself from the imminent convictions from the scores of scam prosecutions he is currently being subjected to.

      It is not just inappropriate but moral turpitude on the part of the Justices to have entertained Chidambaram near them

      The suspicious manners by which the culprits have been absolved in the 2G, Aircel-Maxis scamslend credence to to the anecdotes going around about a Nexus between Judiciary & UPA Mafia Heads.

      Home Ministry should remain alert & vigilant by pressing into services our intelligent agencies to shadow these Judges & the criminals

  5. Title is apt but the query below the title seems to be inaccurate. Chidambaram is not embarrassing himself

    To expect ‘ethics’ from Chidambaram is height of naivety. More than anyone else, TeamPgurus know this

    But such articles should be continuing to expose the unusual camaraderie among the accused & the Judges.

    In fact the invitation to Chidambaram may be well planned by AMS, SG & the tainted Chidu to open channels of communications to Judges who are going to decide several criminal cases involving UPA thieves

    With his capacity to offer ‘huge douceurs’ in return for ‘favorable verdicts’, Chidambaram can damage anybody’s integrity

    Intelligence Agencies should keep keen watch on such conglomerations & shadow them

  6. When everyone is pointing their finger at PC, I can’t help but wonder why the judges themselves did not excuse themselves from the function? Or at the very least they ought to have requested the organizers for alternative seating arrangements. And if they refuse, they should shoe the integrity to walk out.

    Since neither of the above seem to have happened, I can’t help but think that the whole PC prosecution thing is little more than grand drama!

  7. Indian Express claims – ‘Journalism of Courage’. But now proved that they are doing – Journalism of Brokerage. It is talk in the market that from 2002 onwards Chidambaram is funding Indian Express like Mukesh Ambani. Lambretta Scooter riding Shekhar Gupta in mid 90s was Chidambaram’s pointsman in Indian Express by somehow holding 14 percent shares in the newspaper firm. Those days owner Vivek Goenka was absconding from country due to many cases and family issues.

  8. The Supreme Court judges should ask is it ethical ?? The judges should be asked more embarrassing questions if they received any kickbacks from Chidambaram or paid through Indian Express which is anti – India and anti-army…. Military coup architects of India.

  9. This is very crooked on the part of Indian Express to invited a tainted politician against whom cases are pending in the courts. It is even more crooked to allow PC to mix freely with judges.Judges should have walked out of this program

  10. P Chidambaram ought to have maintained a dignified distance from the serving HC / SC judges, respected etiquettes and well established conventions, especially when he is being probed by various agencies like ED, CBI, Income Tax, Delhi Police etc, while attending the Ram Nath Goenka Lecture given by expected next CJI of SC Shri Ranjan Gogoi. It appears Shekar Gupta, crook-editor-in-chief crook of Indian Express, has arranged this sitting arrangement, so that PC CAN BE SEEN SITTING WITH JUDGES and a proper message is conveyed to the judges of various lower Courts handling their cases, about PC’s clout / nexus with various HC / SC Judges. All the respective investigative agencies should NOT be carried away by this gimmick by PC and they should carry on their duties faithfully and sincerely without fear or favour and without any bias. YOU CAN’T EXPECT DIGNIFIED CONDUCT FROM CONGRESS MEN & WOMEN. THEY ARE UNTO LAW THEMSELVES. BE THE LAW & COURTs ARE EVER SO HIGH, CONGRESS OFFICE MEN & WOMEN ARE ABOVE ALL LAWs. In fact Del HC / SC Judges should have desisted from attending such political seminars and avoided mingling with undesirable elements, which will give room for putting unnecessary aspersion on their judicial conduct and lead to erosion of their impeccable judicial standing, value, prestige and image in the eyes of citizens.

  11. Sir, the very purpose of this function is to exert pressure on the judiciary….judges were intimidated by the accused…..The Nation is watching……All of them together are searching for the loopholes and it will not be a surprise even if the lawyers are getting educated…..

  12. Politics is a ugly clan. It jaws can plug anything under the son. Chidambaram since late 90″s with the help of Karunanidhi got Introduced to Gandhi Familiy and looks like he had his connections with Sonia since then. He is the part and parcel of the family wrong doings. I have been telling my freinds since long that he is the one need to be cracked and the SG RG’s foundation will shake. We need a Sanakya to do this. Subramaniam Swamy is all alone. Noe one is ready to give him any helping hand. Sad sate of things.

  13. Our politicians are capable of coming out unscathed in any case. PC & Company should not have been invited by Indian Express against the backdrop of serious allegations they are facing and participation of Judges in the function.


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