Tamil Nadu – A safe haven for 10,000 Terrorists?

It is official now. Tamil Nadu has become a safe haven for terrorists and anti-national elements.

TN - a safe haven for terrorists
TN - a safe haven for terrorists

More than one source has mentioned that there are more than 10,000 gun-wielding terrorists out in the open in the State who deal in brown sugar and other dreaded narcotics.

This is not hearsay. The shocking truth was disclosed by two senior members of the Indian government. Dr Subramanian Swamy, senior BJP leader and Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) said on Saturday that there were more than 10,000 gun-wielding terrorists roaming all over Tamil Nadu

Pon Radhakrishnan, Union minister for finance, surface transport, and shipping, disclosed that he was privy to information about the activities of terrorists, anti-national elements, and Maoists in the State.

Dr Swamy also disclosed that Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswamy (EPS) seems to be aware of the happenings and action is being taken to control the activities of the terrorists.

Saturday saw Dr Swamy going all the way by offering documentary evidence about the activities of terrorists and extremists in Tamil Nadu. “The recent riots in Thoothukudi demanding the closure of Sterlite Copper was stage-managed by terrorists and Maoists. They instigated the poor and innocent villagers to riot which resulted in police firing.  The riots claimed the lives of 13 persons out of which eight were hardcore terrorists. It is unfortunate that five innocents too lost their lives,” said Dr Swamy.

He said that residents of two villages in the district have approached the administration complaining that Left Wing activists had forced them to join the “peaceful demonstration” against Sterlite Copper. “The villagers were against any kind of demonstrations. But these Maoists told them that the demonstration would be peaceful. It was only after the breaking out of the riots that the villagers understood the fact that they were taken for a ride by these terrorists,” Dr Swamy told Thanthi TV, a news channel.

He also disclosed that Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswamy (EPS) seems to be aware of the happenings and action is being taken to control the activities of the terrorists. “I want the State government led by Chief Minister EPS to take strong action against them lest the situation goes out of control,” said Swamy.

Dr Swamy reminded the people about the dismissal of the Karunanidhi government in 1991 by the Centre following the nexus between the DMK and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in the State.

The statement by the senior BJP leader came hardly 24 hours after the Union Minister of State for Finance Pon Radhakrishnan saying that terrorists were opposing various governmental projects in the State.

Radhakrishnan had taken strong exception to the role being played by a section of media in Tamil Nadu by blacking out certain news which is detrimental to the interests of Maoists and terrorists.

Hundreds of residents from Madathur village in Thoothukudi have approached the District Legal Service Authority with a complaint that they were ‘brainwashed’ by one of the Left outfits to stage a demonstration in front of the district collectorate. The demonstration was followed by large-scale violence that culminated in police firing and in the death of 13 persons.

“Two advocates and their associates belonging to Makkal Adhikaram (People’s Power) changed our hearts in favor of besieging the district collectorate,  The lawyers are now claiming that they had nothing to do with the protest and this has caused fear among us,” said the petition filed by the villagers with the DLSA.

D Pon Pandi of Madathur village said the police had registered 40 cases against him though he was in no way associated with the violence. Similarly, hundreds of fishermen from Trespuram too had approached the DLSA with a complaint against Makkal Adhikaram for “intruding into their village to foment trouble”.

During a discussion in the Legislative Assembly early this week, Chief Minister Palaniswamy did not refute the charges made by Pon Radhakrishnan that Tamil Nadu has become a safe haven for terrorists and anti-national outfits.

While M K Stalin, leader of the opposition blamed the chief minister for not condemning the union minister’s statement, Palaniswamy indirectly hinted that the State is having problems because of certain groups. “Some groups are operating with the motive of creating trouble and gaining prominence through it. Some problems are arising because of this,” Palaniswamy had told the House.

He also told the House that activities of banned organizations such as ISIS were being monitored. “The State police along with the National Investigating Agency has arrested seven persons who were in touch with the ISIS,” said Palaniswamy who chose not to refute the charges made by Dr Swamy as well as union minister Radhakrishnan.

Radhakrishnan had taken strong exception to the role being played by a section of media in Tamil Nadu by blacking out certain news which is detrimental to the interests of Maoists and terrorists. “These media houses (both print and visual) black out certain news which exposes the role of Maoists and anti-national elements. The declaration made by Paramakudi Kalidas, a Maoist leader who was arrested by the Police recently was blacked out by most of the media. Kalidas had declared that the Maoists were on the verge of seizing power in Tamil Nadu. He had also confessed to the investigators that efforts were in full swing to convert Tamil Nadu into a Maoist Land. A few vernacular dailies had carried this news while the mainstream media chose to ignore it,” Radhakrishnan had said.

“The syndicate, named Journalists For Change would act as a breeding/ training ground for young journalists who would be indoctrinated with anti-Modi and anti-Hindutva ideologies.”

The role of media in Tamil Nadu has become dubious with the formation of Alliance for Media Freedom. N Ram, proprietor of The Hindu, the pro-CPI-M daily and Arun Ram, Tamil Nadu editor of Times of India (both known fellow travelers of the CPI-M) were the main architects of the “Alliance for Media Freedom”. Both the Rams alleged recently that the AIADMK government has unleashed oppressive measures against the media in the State for reporting about demonstrations being staged against the anti-people movements.

What prompted them to give shape to such an alliance was the alleged backlash by the government against media professionals who reported about the “resentment” against the eight-lane Chennai-Salem expressway and the Thoothukudi riots. A TV crew belonging to a vernacular news channel was detained by the police when they interfered in the survey work being undertaken by the revenue department in villages in Salem as a prelude to the acquisition of land for the express highway.

But M R Subramanian, a widely respected journalist who toured the entire stretch of Salem, Thiruvannamalai districts found that mainstream media is widely off the mark in reporting about the opposition to the Chennai-Salem expressway project. “The Tamil Nadu government should ensure the villagers that they would be provided suitable compensation for the land being acquired for the project. I did not see any opposition or demonstration against the land survey being held in the stretch,” said Subramanian in his dispatch from the Tamil Nadu districts. The detailed feature authored by Subramanian has been published in the July issue of Swarajya.

The Alliance for Media Freedom would be headed by Peer Mohammed, the chief operating officer cum chief editor of Ippothu, an electronics digital platform. Peer Mohammed said he would bring together all journalists in the State under one umbrella. “It is the need of the hour. We may believe in different ideologies but all of us are trying to bring out the truth. The authorities are trying to hush up the truth and we have to oppose this trend tooth and nail,” he said.

According to Peer Mohammed, the AIADMK government tried to hush up the news about the police firing at Thoothukudi and also the demonstrations against the Salem-Chennai expressway. But he could not give any details about the authorities behind the mission to black out such news. Interestingly, it was Rajesh, the Thoothukudi based journalist of The Hindu who said in his report, which appeared in the next day of the police firing, how certain rioters snatched his camera, deleted the pictures he had filmed, and gave it back to him[1]. Rajesh has not said that they were from the government.

The  Alliance for Media Freedom appears to be an organization masterminded by Ram and Ram to spread false news against the BJP government at the Centre. They will start by launching attacks on the AIADMK government and promote Stalin as the next chief ministerial candidate. The Alliance for Media Freedom’s main objective is to manipulate, distort and misinterpret news and developments so that only anti-government news would be carried by the mainstream media in Tamil Nadu.

Yet another media syndicate has been formed by Asif of News 18 TV Channel. “The syndicate, named Journalists For Change would act as a breeding/ training ground for young journalists who would be indoctrinated with anti-Modi and anti-Hindutva ideologies,” said a colleague of Asif who is helping him to build up a training module for the mission.

[1] Journalists caught in the crossfireMay 23, 2018, The Hindu

1. Text in Blue points to additional data on the topic.

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  1. Form being one of the leading states of the country in the eightys, this state will soon become one of the failed states of India. All thanks to the so-called dravidian leadership of the past three decades. Today TN is top notch in corruption and misgovernance.

  2. The Hindu head Ram – I guess his wife is a christian n so his anti-hindu stand…n support for DMK.
    Tamilnadu people are kept at a distance from real news by these people n sun n kalaignar network.
    Why were the strong cases on BSNL network in dhayanthi Maran house not carried forward. Are the judges in Chennai high court biased ? Why wasnt Maran questioned on how he got money to run such an extensive television network across India in all languages… Providing anti bjp news…. Mostly crafted ones….
    Both kalaignar network and sun network should be brought under strict vigilance.

  3. Terrorists have increased their anti-national and anti-social activities in the last few years in Tamil Nadu. Such cases can be seen in the media. The Police force has been doing a lot of work to contain and eliminate them. But the support from the political levels was not usually available when needed the most. Worse, many a times there was gross interference in the police work by pulling them out of the assigned field duties. There has also been cases of lack of appreciation and utilisation of intelligence inputs, and sometimes, its total disregard. A stitch in time would save nine, to say proverbially. Such motivated handling of police functioning at the political level have worked contrarily to the larger public interest. It has also adversely affected morale of the police officials right from the DGP level to the Constable. Police generally gets the flak whenever there is an incident. But the fact is that Tamil Nadu police is second to none in the country in handling such things only if left to handle things freely. However, it is a pity that forthright and stern IPS (and IAS) officers are becoming rarer by the day as the political masters decide their next posting, study and training tours, facilities and promotions. Upholding of the rule of law is must. We all have a stake in it. Although it is mainly the responsibility of police (and the IAS) officers, but to an extent it is a duty cast upon all of us as citizens of our great country as we can all cooperate with the state agencies. Urgent steps are needed to save any further downslide of the image and name of this state. There should be an Administrative Reforms Commission to be headed by a non-political luminary to clearly demarcate the role of political masters and the bureaucracy in administration. Its main objective should be to devise methods and mechanism to ensure functional insulation of the police (read bureaucracy) from some of the chauvinistic and short-sighted political masters.

    • I fully agree with Mr.Ujagar Singh.The Govt should utilize the services of such retired officials in the advisory panels to help good governance and security issues.The govt needs to insulate the coastal belt especially Kerala Tamilnadu and West Bengal which give easy access to terrorists,drugs and arms smugglers etc.Certainly the state police cannot do justice to safeguard national security issues because they are dancing to the tune of their state political masters as it happen in Karnataka,Kerala,West Bengal,Tamilnadu etc.The police force is helpless in the matter.Like the armed forces,the police force should be centralized under Central Home Ministry and be monitored by the state governors.If centralization of police force is not possible some effective solution to misuse police force at state level must be done.This will remove the fear from the people to live and express fearlessly.This will end political crimes and get away with eye wash investigations.

  4. Yes, TN is a fertile land for anarchist elements of all types today.. Thanks to the hatred for the believers in the DK ideology and communists, many more wild card breakaway rogue politicians have found an opportunity to survive.. The money power and goonda culture is a thing that JJ’s regime groomed.. As long as they remained subservient to her (at least superficially) and contributed to her loot, they are allowed to thrive.. She was an arrogant, ruthless megalomaniac who destroyed a lot of what TN could proudly say as unique culture.. The gradual servility of the people and cadre with legalised arrack and near free food and freebies ensured that they would do whatever asked for by the leaders.. Today, the only people who work are people from the East.. Every shop and business has them in plenty.. They have learnt the language, married and settled.. the locals are spoilt with drinks, freebies and arson as mainstay habits

    Therefore, I agree with Dr Swamy when he spoke on Thanthi TV two days ago that the state has plenty of terrorists to some extent… I will say they are extremists than terrorists.. They are yet to terrorise the local citizen but have crazy destructive and extreme beliefs and do not mind taking arms of killing people..

    Again I will say that all these are easy to clamp down across the country with political will. The politicians cultivate them in every state.. UP and Bihar have enough of them and now TN..

    The only and easiest and fastest way is for the Central Govt to order an immediate expiry of all firearms licensed so far by end of the year 31 Dec 2018.. A request for renewal must be given through the DM, DIG (state) to HM at Centre and all renewals will be for a year with a hefty fees..
    Every illegal or unlicensed firearm must be surrendered within the next 60 days at the nearest district Police station with records.. No offence will be recorded if done within 60 days..
    public informers through anonymous means must be encouraged to help police trace people having firearms.. Raids must be conducted and an immediate arrest with summary trial leading to a minimum 25 year imprisonment must be given.. In less than a year violators will dwindle down to a few dozen across the country.. Will to enforce and execute stringent punishment is deterrent for 99.9% population across the world.. the police function is more to tame the incorrigible 0.1%..
    Our lackadaisical approach to law and order and unwillingness to execute swift and hard has made people take the state for granted and this 0.1% has swelled to possibly 2% or so.. Though 2% looks small, it is potent enough to cause a serious dent to the effectiveness and efficiency of the state’ activities.


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