The real facts about the lives of minorities in Pakistan

As Pakistan turns to radical Islam, the lives of its minorities are getting worse by the day

As Pakistan turns to radical Islam, the lives of its minorities are getting worse by the day
As Pakistan turns to radical Islam, the lives of its minorities are getting worse by the day

You can ignore all the facts some of the time
You can ignore some of the facts all the time but
You cannot ignore all the facts all the time
– Apologies to Abraham Lincoln for a cheesy adaptation

Those who want to drag India through the mud on their internal decisions (e. g. 370 abrogation/ Citizenship Amendment Act) must spend some time looking at these heartbreaking videos. The first part has sub-titles, but the other conversations are in Hindi and a transcript of the conversations is provided after the video below.


Conversation #1 (Offset 3m 05s)

Journalist – What is your Name?

Victim 1 – Meera Dey

Journalist – Where are you from?

Victim 1 – From Sindh Hyderabad (Pakistan)

Journalist – When did you come here?

Victim 1 – it’s been 6 months we came here..

Journalist – Why are you not going back to Pakistan?

Victim 1 – We are very unhappy over there; we don’t have right to live and they don’t respect our religion (Dharma) there then how do we go back.

Journalist – What do you mean by they don’t respect our religion and you don’t have right to live?

Victim 1 – They don’t let us live there; they convert us to Islam. They abide to us go against our religion and make us eat beef, how do we live such a life? Although, I am a Married woman, I cannot follow the basic rituals over there of applying sindoor. How to lead life like a Muslims over there? Our religions so respectable, we want to live life as a Hindu.

Victim 2 – Once Muslims over there get to know, if any family or group have received the Visa for going to India; the same night the gang surrounds them with guns, at the nook point, they loot them, passports are taken away, loot all the cattle’s’, rape/harass the women of the house and loot whatever money they have. After looting they tie the hands and legs of men and leave. The men were tied up till morning, until the neighbors came to their rescue.

Journalist – Did they take away the Women?

Victim 2 – No, they did not take women along, but abused and harassed them. The Money, Visa and passport was ready with them but they couldn’t come here.

Journalist – When did this incident took place?

Victim 2 – We came here in March and this incident took place before 1.5 – 2 months.

Journalist – Didn’t any media cover this incident?

Victim 2 – There Media cannot cover such stories nor police takes any action, they all just give excuses. Nothing of that sort exists there.

Journalist – So, there is no help from Government for Hindus.  Hindus are at the mercy on God alone?

Victim 2 – No, there is no Govt. aid for Hindus, whatever govt is doing is just showoff

Journalist – So now all just waiting for the right time, the Hindus who are been left over there?

Victim 2 – Rest of them the Hindus also want to leave from there that’s it…

Journalist – So it is for sure no one is going back to Pakistan.

Victim 2 – No, no one is going back. In fact people left out over there are telling that the moment we get visa from Indian embassy they will leave from there immediately.

Journalist – If we give you 25 lakhs to go back, will you back?

Victim 2 – No, we will not go back, we have come here to start a new life.

Conversation #2 (Offset 5m 23s)

Journalist – You also have come from Sindh?

Victim 3 – Yes, we too have come from Sindh.

Journalist – Tell us about you experience – anything specific experience.

Victim 3 – Yes, the state of women is very bad, a lot of abuse on them and the condition of Sikhs over there is worse.

Journalist – Why such treatment for Sikhs?

Victim 3 – Because Muslims over there treat Sikhs and Hindus very low.

Journalist – But what we hear from Khalistan is that there is lot of love and respect between Muslims and Sardars and they would stay together, what is your opinion about that?

Victim 3 – If that was the case, then Why would be here, we have been here for last 10-11 years, so you can imagine the condition of rest of Sikhs there..

Journalist – And how many such Sardars have left from your area?

Victim 3 – Lot of them have left from there around 4000-5000 of them have left.

Journalist – Are they still leaving the place?

Victim 3 – Yes, they are still leaving, whoever is getting Visa they are leaving from there.

Journalist – Who is helping you out here?

Victim 3 – The members of RSS (Hindus/ Sardars) and BJP are helping us.

Journalist – How are they helping you?

Victim 3 – With regard to Visa formalities they are helping us.

Persecution has been going on for years

This has been going on for years and yet, the West has been turning a blind eye. Until now. On December 15, 2019, the Unites Nations’ Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) has slammed the Pakistani government on its abysmal record in protecting the minorities in Pakistan. The 48-page document details the horrors minorities face in Pakistan.

Here is the complete report:

2019 12 Pakistan Religious Freedom Under Attack Final Compressed Single Pages by PGurus on Scribd

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