The Truth About Godhra

How Congress has polarized India & has resorted to rioting as a tool for gaining power

The Truth About Godhra
The Truth About Godhra

The post is assembled from tweets of @wingdsofchange72.

involves a greater Congress conspiracy. I’m not just saying this but in my series of tweets below, I will back it with proof from very credible independent sources including a 2016 regression – discontinuity design Yale study by independent academics.

Firstly, Congress has often used riots to get electoral power. This is especially true when it has lost an election by a close margin or when it is extremely desperate. Is anyone surprised by its current desperation? Not falling for congress’s strategy is the best way to defeat and decimate it.

This is not the only time Congress has used its genocidal congress for votes. Remember we learnt “divide and rule” in school, it was a legacy gifted by the Brits to Congress.

The finding from Yale University :

Following is copied from a study titled “Do parties matter for ethnic violence? Evidence from India” by Gareth Nellis, Michael Weaver, Steven C. Rosenzweig. All the authors are from Yale University. Study PDF is freely available, Google the title and download it.

  1. “Simulations reveal that had Congress lost all close elections in this period, India would have experienced 11 per cent more riots.”

2. “Additional analyses suggest that Congress candidates’ dependence on local Muslim votes, as well as apprehensions about religious polarization of the electorate in the event of riots breaking out, are what drive the observed effect.”

3. Between 1962 and 2000, the 315 districts in our panel witnessed a total of 998 riots. Our estimates suggest that had Congress won every close election that occurred in this sample, India would have seen 103 (10 per cent) fewer riots —estimated with a 95% confidence interval”

4. If conversely, Congress had lost all close elections, we predict that India would have seen 11% more riots (Appendix Figure D10).26 To be sure, the likelihood that either of these lopsided states of the world would have come about is vanishingly small.”

5. Still, this exercise illustrates the substantial role that Congress MLAs have played in stemming local Hindu-Muslim conflict in India.” Now ends the quotations from the Yale study mentioned earlier.

This is not the only time Congress has used its genocidal congress for votes. Remember we learnt “divide and rule” in school, it was a legacy gifted by the Brits to Congress. One of the last vestiges of colonial imperialism. Given below are details of the Godhra carnage:

Following Points are from an article….. Curiously many newspaper stories that support this old 2012 post have been deleted and only some right-wing newspaper article archives still survive. If defence files can be stolen then this is hardly anything.

Two Godhra petrol pump men, Ranjitsingh Patel & Prabhatsingh Patel said they sold 140 litres of petrol the previous evening to Muslim looking men

How Various Congress Leaders triggered the Gujarat Riots and Started the Violence by burning alive 59 Train passengers (Mostly Women and Children) in Godhra city.

The Congress gameplan: Making Muslims suffer a backlash while reaping their votes.

Who were the Congress Leaders who started the riots by leading the mob in burning the Train in Godhra?

1) Mohammad Hussain Kalota
2) Salim Abdul Ghaffar Sheikh
3) Abdul Rehman Abdul Majid Ghantia
4) Farroukh Bhana
5) Haji Bilal”

The Congress hoodlums who had poured petrol over train coach S-6 and set it on fire are: 6) Ayub Pataliya
7) Irfan Kalandar
8) Mehboob Popa
9) Shaukat Patadiya
10) Siddique Vohra.”

Two of the Congress hoodlums who escaped from India and are hiding in Pakistan:
11) Ibrahim Dhantiya
12) Salim Paanwala.

Is it any surprise that Congress is pro pak and that CongAbsolvesPak?

“Godhra town witnessed communal riots in 1947, 1952, 1959, 1961, 1965, 1967, 1972, 1974, 1980, 1983, 1989, 1990 and in 1992. Wasn’t Congress party ruling all along ?”

Two Godhra petrol pump men, Ranjitsingh Patel & Prabhatsingh Patel said they sold 140 litres of petrol the previous evening to Muslim looking men. This was established in the court in the 2010-11 period conclusively.

We must strive to end “divide & rule” and at the same time not fall prey to pseudo-secularism

Let’s learn about the Congress party’s M. Kalota:”

1. Mohammad H Kalota, Salim A G Sheikh, Abdul R A M Ghantia, Farroukh Bhana and Haji Bilal, were the five Congress members/supporters at Godhra. Read More via

Read more on Kalota’s link to Congress party in particular via

“Kalota, who ran Congress minority cell at Godhra for 6 years, had past links to Tablighi Jamaat. Tablighi founded Harkat, a Jammu & Kashmir terror org (which claimed responsibility via an email for 2011 September 7th Delhi blasts too).”

So here we have the grand old party of India, whose main guy in Godhra town is linked to one of the worst human rights violating terror organization in Kashmir that is fighting India itself!”

“So now we have Godhra conspiracy, linked to Tablighi, which in turn an incubator of outright terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. Read an elaborate writeup from 2002 by journalist Praveen Swami, exposing all the above-mentioned details here:

1.”Well before Godhra, Congress had black sheep, who were actively hand in glove with terrorism in Gujarat. Read about how a former Congress Fisheries Minister of Gujarat Mohammad Surti and ten others were found guilty in 1993 Surat twin blast case by TADA court in 2008″

2. Apr 29, 2002, Mahmood Madani of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind sent a list of 25 Congress workers, including one MLA & one MP involved in post-Godhra riots. Of course, neither Sonia Gandhi nor her loyal supporters ever talked about this.”

The more you research, the more facts you’ll find. Conclusions are obvious

a) Pak is a terror factory from which Congress made purchases as and when required.

b)Rioting, bigotry, communalism & polarization paves the way for Congress success and destroys mainly innocent people’s lives.

I’m not a terror apologist and I believe we must say yes to a war that destroys terrorism. However, under election games, I hope and pray there are no riots because holiest Ramjanmabhoomi must not be sullied with the blood of innocent.

We must strive to end “divide & rule” and at the same time not fall prey to pseudo-secularism. Radical fundamentalists whether Hindu, Muslim or Christian are all undesirable and dangerous for the entire society.

We should build a grand temple in Ayodhya. But in a peaceful way. We have a right to build the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. But we don’t have any right to kill people in the name of temple building. Let’s not forget that Lord Ram tried his best to avoid war with Ravan. Jai Shri Rām.

With above points based on a Yale study (which uses econometric reg. analysis) & other sources, I have explained how Congress has polarized India & has resorted to rioting as a tool for gaining power. Please share this data which is often suppressed.


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  1. I should have said BELOW not above since I did not appreciate my comment being
    the newest would appear at the top of the comments section.
    I have poor family living in my village house and their sons, whom I educated,
    are now teenagers and voting; they do not fall for anti India/anti Hindu divisive cr#p.
    peddled by scamgress and western Hindu/India haters


  2. All great comments above… the loathsome western backed sepoys that have destroyed
    India for 70 years… and made the lives of those like my parents;

    Good to see that Indians pay no regard to the likes of;
    The CONomist…. Grauniad…. British Bs Corporation… horrid Ch4 news
    some of us are stuck having to pay for the above!!
    Similar goes for the american equivalents; NYT/WAPO that pay for what can only call;
    Barking Dogs (my pseudonym for you know who)


  3. Very many incidents had deliberate link to ‘WESTERN BARBARIANS’ across the border besides Godhra. Here is a partial list- Pundits’ forced eviction from Kashmir, GODSE-ji outrage, Assam folk forced eviction from dozens of cities, vanish of many scientists, scholars like S.P. Mukherjee, death of PM-LB Shashtri in Tashkent, Kaveri/Cauvery water burning of dozens of buses; serial blasts in many trains, cinemas, markets, temples – including Smt BHAWANI visiting B’luru; now exodus of citizens from JAMMU, DELHI, AGRA, Bengal, Assam, Kerala, dethroning of Nepal Raja, marxist/maoist insurgency that has killed many CIVIL RIGHTS volunteers of RSS, BJP. etc. Bengal burns due to bdesh rogue behavior.

    On the other hand, farmers’ agitation, Tuthu-kurin/-kudi copper plant, incINC, DMK rogue behavior, etc have links with bishops and cardinals.

  4. so, you-pgurus- began your article- reference to research – on the Godhra communal riots- published yale – why? that particular rference?

    does it add to your credebility?- need a foreign source- describing the event – coming to their conclusions.

    I abhor that you had not dicovered local/Bharat sources – list the same and likely more insightful discoveries- of how the communal divide- was manipulated to to its political ends/outcomes- by the congress party- and its become its calling card to win elections;

    and because they have failed to incite communal violence in elections at various levels in last 5 years- congress crap party has not been politically successful in majority of state and central elections- the f…ng crap party -cannot win- without inciting communal violence.

    BJP- has successfully- in my view blocked the crap party’s capacity- by dividing the muslim voting public- through the introduction of empowering muslim women, empowering that voiting public- dramatically improving and easing their daily activites of living, development via infrastructure-commuting, direct money transfers , direct subsidies to those in need, central government funded efficient delivery of servies to qualified end users- to name just a few.

    look -the crap party uses communal tensions to further its political ambitions- I don’t need a foreign sources to tell me the 60 years or so- of their rule- Bharat suffered- communistic,socialistic ideas prevailed- closely held markets, subsistance production and living.

    and then came Narasimhan Rao- his vision unshackled the mind set of f..g nehru crap- f..g nehru of non alignment and refusing a seat at the security council, getting whipped by china after it occupied Tibet- those failings continue to haunt Bhast to this day and into our future.

    and of course- Jammu and Kasmir- the f…dumb ass heru- was right in the middle of mess of his making-mindset that exists to this day- the menace of terrorist state sponsored terrorism;

    and then come Modi- promise- this time he will make it happen- dismantle 35A and 370- or it will be his monumental failure. and his relentless effort to get the terrorist organizations sponsored by the rougue state neighbor and communist neighbor until recently forced to support the listing of those terrorists as such at the UN security council. it is a monumentla diplomatic feat- isolating that state in the international arena.

    so -development on all fronts- without leaving any community behind or at their cost- is the common sense solution. Modi- is endevoring to accomplish it-in all areas of Bharat;

    and the crap party sees its strategy crumbling apart – today and into Bharat’s future.

    we cannot return to the past- we cannot allow it- and I believe the Bharat public-voting- age 18- 45 years of age will not allow it- no matter what ethnicity.

    Bengal- in the last few days- displayed the past and the future at great odds- Bengal will lag behind if the future is not embraced- and this election will show at the very that trend toward the future.

    f..g didi- so called sister- is becoing a relic of the past. Bengalis of all ethnicity cannot endure back to past – they have suffered from refusal of strategic help from Modi- infrastructure is far behind- and just the living conditions of communities are far from adequate- the rich love the status quo and middle class and poor want change forward.

    Rajiv Malhotra- pgurus has strategic mutual relationship- has encouraged the Bharatness of all thinking going on in Bharat- the west and yale crap- is among many- who have captured our hindutuva thinking -and west trying to make its own-and in process squeezing out the Bharatness in hindutuva;

    his efforts are gargantuan- but reachable- and with help of all Bharat- we have to unshackle Bharat affinity for the whiteness interpretation/approval/source/research/thought/thinking process- of our way of life.

    at the risk of sounding trump- lets make Bharat great again- that story is beginning to unfold and it
    is closer than you think.

  5. Not only in Gujrat but all horrible communal clashes have happened with the active connivance with the Indian National Congress with active support of the Leftist. Without Leftist ideology, Congress can’t survive. Leftist ideology needs to be systematically wiped out from the country. Even though left leaned journos in UK & USA will still be harping on the incidents in India, but to some extent peace will prevail if the Left-Congis are removed.

    • Sir not Indian National Congress, INC(I) denoted ITALIAN NAZI CONQUISTADOR (INQUISITION) Party, led by a Mussolini, Jew killing murderer daughter whose full body bloody. The Italian Nazi Cabalists do not even dare to piss without Italian Madam explicit order, so Godhra was a Christian Bloodlusty cannibalistic ritual by Italian Vatican foreign plant Sonia. The 350 blasts and 12000 Hindu deaths were also part of the same bloodthirsty Vatican ritual, as Communism Islam and Xtianity are same. CHRISTIAN TERROR. WE HAVE TO HIT BACK AND HIT BACK VERY HARD, RUTHLESSLY AND MERCILESSLY at the Crypto Democide Genocide satanic mafia of vatican cabal, the bstds from white sewers the “seculars”who are bloodthirsty Cryptos with fake names, Subversives. No doubt 90% of these come from Xtian infested and most bstdized communities of Bangalis, Pakipanjabis and keralites


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