Tooter royally fools Indian Twitterati

In a brazen attempt to fool users, Tooter creates handles in the names of VIPs!

In a brazen attempt to fool users, Tooter creates handles in the names of VIPs!
In a brazen attempt to fool users, Tooter creates handles in the names of VIPs!

Even created fake IDs in the names of Prime Minister and Home Minister!

With many right-wing netizens fuming against the Twitter’s pro-Left & Jehadi policies, an India start-up Tooter has royally fooled them by claiming that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and many Union Cabinet Ministers joined their platform. Many in Twitter were angry after the social media platform banned US President Donald Trump and Telangana based Tooter has really used this as an opportunity to fool Indian audiences by claiming that Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah joined their platform and even they provided Blue Tick and started copying tweets of celebrities in Tooter.

After 24 hours, BJP’s IT Cell head Amit Malviya clarified that including PM, no one has joined Tooter. Later OpIndia published a detailed report on this fooling by Tooter[1].

Who is behind the Tooter?

Tooter is owned by a newly floated company named as Tooter India Private Limited. This Khammam-based company in Telangana was floated recently, on August 4, 2020. “Tooter Private Limited is a Private Company incorporated on 04 August 2020. It is classified as a non-govt company and is registered at the Registrar of Companies, Hyderabad. Its authorized share capital is Rs.1,500,000 and its paid-up capital is Rs.1,500,000. It is involved in other computer-related activities [for example maintenance of websites of other firms/ creation of multimedia presentations for other firms etc.],” says their bio in Corporate information providing websites.

This company has two Directors, namely Naresh Vankayalapati and Rameshwar Rao Vankayalapati. As per Corporate records, Tooter is the first venture of these two (possibly related). One Nanda is the CEO of this venture, always arguing for “swadeshi” movement in the digital world.

But here the question – how can a company open accounts in the names of Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers without their approval? Will Government take action against these kinds of fooling activities? Social Media is mostly an arena of pliable fools and many crooks are engaged in money collection and many crooks were later charged or arrested for sexual abuses by fooling through social media. It is time for the Government to bring a strong regulator in social media.


[1] Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not on Tooter: Here is what we know about Tooter so farJan 11, 2021, OpIndia

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  1. This isn’t funny. That platform needs to be taken offline until all imposter accounts have been deleted.

    Do you know of any US persons whose account was created without consent? If so, we can probably bring a case in the US.


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