Supreme Court slams Modi Government’s style of functioning in the execution of Farm Laws

Supreme Court comes down heavily on the Modi Govt. on Farm laws

Supreme Court comes down heavily on the Modi Govt. on Farm laws
Supreme Court comes down heavily on the Modi Govt. on Farm laws

Its time for PM Modi to rethink and reinvent his style of functioning

Monday – January 11 – is a bad day for Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Central Government. The apex court has slapped the Government in the controversial farm law cases and told point-blank to the Attorney General (AG) K K Venugopal – “don’t preach”. The apex court’s bench headed by Chief Justice of India S A Bobde will pronounce order on Tuesday, directing Centre not to implement the controversial three farm laws and forming a committee of experts to negotiate with government and agitating farmer unions.

The Supreme Court questioned Modi led Government’s vehement opposition to its suggestion that the implementation of three new farm laws is held back for the time being so as to help find an amicable solution to the ongoing farmers’ protest against them at Delhi borders. While rapping the Centre for its handling of farmers’ protest against the new laws, the apex court said that either the implementation of these statutes be held back or the top court itself will proceed to do so on the recommendation of a court-appointed committee which is to be constituted.

The Supreme Court was hearing a clutch of pleas challenging the new farm laws as well as the ones raising issues related to the ongoing agitation at Delhi borders.

“We don’t see why there is an insistence on implementation of the law,” a bench headed by Chief Justice S A Bobde said, adding, “We are not experts on the economy and you (Centre) tell us whether you are going to hold on these laws or we will do this”. Attorney General K K Venugopal told the bench, also comprising Justices A S Bopanna and V Ramasubramanian, that a law cannot be stayed unless the court finds it violates fundamental rights or constitutional schemes.

The bench observed, “We are doing this because you have failed to solve the problem. The Union of India has to take the responsibility. The laws have resulted into a strike and now you have to solve the strike”. The top court said it may stay the implementation of these laws as talks between the Government and farmers are “breaking down” because the Centre wants to discuss these legislations point by point, while the farmers want them to be repealed.

When the Attorney General said that laws cannot be stayed in such manner, the bench said, “We are at this position. We are sorry to say that you have not been able to solve this problem. You as the Union of India has failed to solve the problem and the agitation.” The bench referred to the apex court’s last year order staying the implementation of 2018 Maharashtra law granting reservation to Marathas in education and jobs.

The Supreme Court was hearing a clutch of pleas challenging the new farm laws as well as the ones raising issues related to the ongoing agitation at Delhi borders. The eighth round of talks between the Centre and the farmer unions on January 7 headed nowhere as the Centre ruled out repealing the contentious laws, while the farmers’ leaders said they are ready to fight till death and their ‘Ghar Waapsi’ will happen only after ‘Law Waapsi’.

What led the Modi Government to rush these bills? First, it passed an Ordinance in June 2020, when the entire country was in Lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic.

The apex court had earlier issued notice and sought the Centre’s response on a batch of pleas against the three contentious farm laws — the Farmers’ (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Act, the Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Act, and the Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act.

What was the rush?

What led the Modi Government to rush these bills? First, it passed an Ordinance in June 2020, when the entire country was in Lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic. Then it bulldozed these Ordinances as Laws when parliament was convened in September in a controversial manner. The Government rejected sending these bills to the Standing Committee for debates and talks with stakeholders. Within days of passing of these three bills, we have seen Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Retail offload 10 percent of its stake of more than Rs.45,000 crores to several multinational firms. For the past 50 days, the farmers are protesting in Delhi’s cold winter and Narendra Modi has been defensive on this topic in his speeches. And his loyalists started abusing the farmers calling them names.

In short – It is time for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to rethink and reinvent his style of functioning and start talking to all, including his opponents, which he was once advised by former President Pranab Mukherjee. ‘My Way or the Highway’ is not advisable in a democratic country. The Supreme Court on Monday clearly reminded the Prime Minister of this.

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  1. simply protesting is not valid. let them submit there Grievances in a written draft. rational thinking is also required. if x person because paronid and starts to assume things and protest then going their way is not ideal.

  2. Thankfully such judicial activism was not there in 1991. Otherwise some joker would have challenged the reforms and we would still be languishing with socialistic growth rate that we suffered for 44 years.

    According to Markandey Katju the order by SC staying the implementation of the laws is not valid.
    When a law is made by Parliament, it can be repealed or suspended only by Parliament.

  3. So-called smart Judges proved that they can be stupid also some times. How can they ignore repeated reach? out of the union ministers to leaders of farmers many times and came out with agreements on two of the five major issues concerning the farmers. How can a small state like Punjab that contributes only 12% to the national exchequer want the central laws to be with drawn that applies to all states in the country. These farmers are getting the help of comrades from Kerala and other states where farmers are not treated well and not doing well compared to Punjab farmers. Farm laws were discussed for many months and it had many recommendations recommended by Manmohan Singh Sharad Pawar and others. All anti BJP forces, and pro pak and china sympathizers have joined this farmers morchas. The center must be tough and should not allow them to spread chaos and anarchy in the country. These forces want to defame our mother land at the time of Indian Repubic day. same forces created chaos when President TRump visited India.

  4. Farmer protests organised on the first anniversary of CAB and may continue and reach at its peak during the first anniversary of the Shahinbag protests and Riots. Expect some fireworks at the State of the Union Address, in Feb’21, of the 46th US President !

  5. Sometime pguru & it’s real guru behave like liberal media & start to advocate wrong things. It’s a clear case of huge commission vs consumers exploitation.

  6. India losing Tax Evasion case in International Tribunal against a MNC Telecom Giant, just after 25 days of the demise of the ex Finance Minister who had filed it in 2012, before being elected as the President of India. Things are now going to change even faster with the change of guard from 20.01.2021 onwards. Funds have started flowing. New Admin taking positions. Unprecedented clampdown on an outgoing US President by a Social Messaging App. The Chorus have started to sing, with, one of the five Cousins, the Canadian Premier calling the opening shots,meddling in Indian Laws and Acts, even sending its MPs to Punjab as a mark of solidarity and rekindling old flame of the past – the Separatists, followed by BTS ransacking of a particular Telecom Giant by the ‘encouraged middlemen’ in Punjab and now a long restrained and fomented tirade against the Monopoly of Global Social Networking and its subsidiary Messaging App which are recently tied up with this particular indigenous Telecom Giant,whose entry five years back had outdated the then Voice calling and replaced and revolutionised with Data calling had choked the MNP Telecom giant and its allies revenue and made him a leader in Indian Telecom scene overnight. Who is also embroiled in a bitter Retail takeover dispute in an International Court with a US origin Global Retail Giant. We have CAA NRC to implement a on the verge of crucial border State Assembly elections where it would impact the first and most putting an end to cross border trafficking of all sorts of contraband which comes to mind – Cattle,Human,Immigrants,Drugs,Gold,Food Grains,Artifacts and last but not the least the Terrorists,Criminals,Hitmens, Arms and Ammunitions. With Tripura and Assam border along with the other States in the North Eastern Borders of the Country already shut it would too become a monopoly of the Indian Defence and Security Forces which is also bound to suffocate the revenue here and most importantly the intent of our adversaries in the neighbourhood and elsewhere, to break BharatVarsha. If one Cousin sings can the other four – US UK Aussie NZ be far away ?! the second inning of Modi begins here and now.


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