1. Why do you people have Twitter & fAcebook accounts when everybody knows that the account information is traded behind scenes for sabotaging & subversive activities ?

  2. Ban Twitter completely.

    If Twitter has any representative Office in India, arrest all the Officials under the stringent UAPA.

    They will come to their knees.

    Without an iota of doubt, Twitter, like Who is under the full Control of Chinese Thieves.

  3. Most people are not aware of how few employees at these companies make the decisions. And having well placed employees may well serve the interests of a few groups. Not too long ago, I read “former Twitter employees with spying for Saudi Arabia by accessing the company’s information on dissidents”. My guess is other countries do ”tis as well as is other groups. Instead of complaining, learn how they operate.

    The biggest issue of these platforms is their ability to squash voices that don’t echo what they believe to be appropriate.

    The second biggest issue is their control of directory and identity information on so many. Imagine what information well placed sources at these companies have access to.

  4. Atmanirbhr is not a slogan, but it is a policy to be implemented and also unity and equality but we lack the basic principles and so we are immature against the West.

  5. When twitter an American Co, cannot be controlled by US president, how can indians control it ? Perhaps twitter is funded by jehadists and China. It would have been proper for the author to provide ideas as to how to control the menace from Twitter.

  6. Right on the money Sir. We must counter Twitter and Face book with our own platforms that protect our natioanalistic democratic anti colonial policies. I know one who got suspended from Face book for addressing the menace of China, Bangladeshis and Rohigyas on India. He was told that his comments were insensitive. How unrestricted entry of foreigners to a neighboring country is not a serious threat to democracy? These illegals have been found to have all that are provided to legal citizens and these illegals will be voting for pro Bangladeshi groups in the coming elections. China has brought parallel forums to take on google, face book, you tube etc. Let us follow their formulas we have numbers 1.3 billion and we are more than USA and Europe combined population. we are second to none. Let us do this dear smart young men and women.

    • Combined population is meaningless. The average H1B visa holder has a higher degree than most of their managers I have seen. Guess who makes more money?

      We need to exercise control by having foreign MNC subjected to local laws by having certain information located locally.

      From a national security point of view, social media is a disaster for India. If India EVER doesn’t do what the IS wants, a simple password reset on a government official account can cause mayhem.

  7. Absolutely correct article. Kudos to the writer. That is the reason, I have quit the Twitter Account.
    It is run, anti- Trump, anti-Modi idiots , who are receiving a lot of money, not only from Islamic Terrorists but also from India’s scumbag Lutiyens. China is also feeding it, since they found Trump a hard nut to crack.


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