Unlawful utilization of Hindu temple properties

The Government officials are of the assumption that the temple vehicles are government vehicles.

Unlawful utilization of Hindu temple properties
Unlawful utilization of Hindu temple properties

In a letter to the Chief Secretary of the Govt of Tamil Nadu, I gave an insight on unlawful utilization of Hindu temple properties.

In past few elections, many of the District Electoral Officials/District Collectors in Tamil Nadu are using vehicles belonging to the temples for their election duties. This is due to their assumption that the temple vehicles are government vehicles, whereas, as per the law, the properties of the temple are vested only for deities and cannot be utilized for government purposes.

Executive Officers of Hindu Temples need to be instructed to outright reject such requisition of temple vehicles for Election duty/work from District Collectors, etc.

The respective Executive Officers of the temples and/or the Regional Joint Commissioners in whose regional jurisdiction the temple would come have been naively obliging such requests without realizing such utilisations are in fact criminal misappropriations of Hindu temple properties.

In my letter to the chief secretary of govt of Tamil Nadu, I requested her to, at once direct all District Collectors in Tamil Nadu that commandeering or requisitioning of Hindu Temple vehicles for election duties or related works is against the law and therefore should not be resorted to.

I also added that, a similar directive be issued to the Additional Chief Secretary & Secretary – Tourism, Culture and Religious Endowments, Government of Tamil Nadu and to the Commissioner – Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department, directing them to instruct the Executive Officers of Hindu Temples to outright reject any such requisition of temple vehicles for Election duty/work from District Collectors, etc.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

T.R. Ramesh is a relentless crusader against violations and irregular practices in temple administration
T R Ramesh


  1. Hope there still are good people in government…to question and stop these atrocities…
    Ramesh sir,
    Don’t worry…god will punish wrong doers sooner or later ..
    But the thing is that if ordinary people don’t object such atrocities in temples, every one is going to reap the consequences…. Like natural calamities….
    I have seen many families ruined, who carelessly used government money…
    They will be punished…
    We should collectively work to unite Hindus and free temples from the government…
    It’s not just that we have to always look up to BJP or RSS…
    We have to form a lot of organisations which will work for the upliftment of Hindus and to safeguard Hindu temples…
    Meanwhile just include a line of prarthana in every ones daily prayers to free Hindu temples…
    Every prarthana counts ..
    When asuras were intolerable, and their atrocities grew, every deva prayed to Siva or Vishnu or Brahma and when their prayers converged, it helped them all…
    Brahmins are the intellectual people and they should start it and promote it….
    Freedom struggle was started and awareness was created by Brahmins only….(they never feared death in the hands of British)
    Similarly Hindu freedom struggle can be started and propagated by Brahmins (without fearing Dravidian groups who don’t have god in their side)

  2. Why not even 1 case has been filed against such immoral bureaucrats? if 1 person is given a judgement, all will follow and fall in place. I know it is too much of an ask, Sir, can you please file a case against one of them?

  3. Thanks to Pgurus for giving space for the sane voices of Shri TR Ramesh. Special Thanks to Shri TR Ramesh for this article bringing to the public awareness, this yet another loot by the government of the Hindu Temples and its resources. Requesting for clear Do’s and Donts for the Hindu community to raise up and protect all such misappropriations by the temple properties and resources by the government appointed executives and the temple authorities. Thanks yet again.

  4. It is because of your deep study in temple properties that this has been brought to us, i wasnt even aware of this loot type. Thanks for initiating this. We have to take back our temples in all forms from the government apathy n loot for all assumption.no other “secular” religion lets government interfere in its business, except hindus who have been trampled upon right from day one. What infuriates even more is leave aside others, even our own have turned out backstabbers! On a different note, i have been disappointed by current governments same type of trampling of hindus in its stupid overdrive to please other religions, and wonder where has the bravery gene disappeared from our blood.in the end its true that even God does not help those who dont help themselves.

  5. 1947 brought to indian hindus a series of deceptions through a number of tricks outcome of british’s agony of ‘HAVE TO LEAVE’ condition , as a result of which hindus who did not catch the tricks are continuing suffering! HISTORY TOO WAS DEFORMED USING EVIL MINDS !Then? But TRUTH CAN NOT BE SUPPRESSED & DAMAGES ARE DONE ALREADY but present discovery if exposed can STOP SUCH CHEATINGS


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