Vote Now: Mood of Public before counting starts on 18 December

An aggregate of ten exit polls says that the BJP will win 116 of Gujarat’s 182 seats, one more than they scored in the 2012 polls. The Congress, according to the poll of exit polls, will manage to get 65 seats this time in Gujarat, an improvement of four seats since 2012. But polls have gone horribly wrong before. Here is your chance to prove pollsters wrong! Pl. spend a few moments looking over the four polls below and cast your vote. Thanks in advance!

Note: If poll doesn’t opens over here and shows some error then try opening it in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or any browser.

Who will win in Gujarat on 18th December?

Who will win in Himachal Pradesh on 18th December?

If Congress loses in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh who should be blamed?

If BJP loses in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh who should be blamed?

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  1. PGurus is doing a wonderful job in educating people about the malpractices of the corrupt erstwhile congress leaders,ministers and the media. It is coming up with authentic details and reports to substantiate its exposure of corruption and frauds of those stalwarts. Hope its viewership increases which would help a lot in making common man aware of the need of the hour to eradicate the congress once for all from our land.

  2. Problem is our leftist media who hate hindus .problem is Hindu who is still not informed about his enemy .problem is our religious leaders who don’t understand politics. Problem is our education system. Problem is our rich Hindu who watches election and does not take charge as if he can handle any one in politics


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