Wake Up Ye Hindus Before Its Too Late!!

Let's take inspiration from the Bhagwat Gita.

Wake Up Ye Hindus

We Hindus want to live in peace with members of other religions under the Indian Constitution. But, let us live in dignity.

Greetings on the auspicious occasion of Gita Jayanti; the day when Lord Krishna gave the most precious treasure of Bhagwat Gita to all humanity. The Gita is not only a treatise of deep philosophy, a guide to ideal living, but also a call to action. It is a call to take up arms, if necessary, to protect dharma.

However, most Hindus today have forgotten this core message of this divine book. That is why they are living like orphans in their own country. Their temples were vandalised and plundered by greedy invaders, but they cannot rebuild them. In the case of Ayodhya, they are being asked to produce the birth certificate of Lord Ram!! Two other extremely holy places — Kashi and Mathura — still remind us of our slavery and impotence. Hindus are not asking for the restoration of thousands of temples which were destroyed by invaders. They just want restoration of Ayodhya, Kashi and Mathura. But even this basic demand is being denied to them.

The cow is not a mere animal for Hindus, but an object of worship. The Constitution mandates a ban on cow slaughter. Yet Hindus are being ridiculed if they favour a ban. In Kerala, a Congress worker even publicly butchered a cow just to scoff at Hindus.

Akbaruddin Owaisi of the MIM publicly states that if the police are asked to step aside for only 15 minutes then the 25 Cr Muslims will eliminate 100 Cr Hindus!! And no worthwhile action has been taken against this honourable MLA of Telangana till date.

Rohingya Muslims, many of whom have settled down in Jammu coming all the way from Myanmar, move the Supreme Court and get relief.

Lakhs of Hindus are being systematically converted to Christianity and Islam with the help of thousands of crores flowing in from the West and Gulf. At this rate, it is only a matter of time before Hindus become a minority in Hindustan. Many large Hindu temples are controlled by govt-appointed IAS officers, but there is no such control over mosques and churches.

Over 3 lakh Hindus have been kicked out of Kashmir. Justice is being denied to them even after 25 years. But Rohingya Muslims, many of whom have settled down in Jammu coming all the way from Myanmar, move the Supreme Court through their lawyer Prashant Bhushan and get relief. Incidentally, Prashant Bhushan is the one who called Lord Krishna “legendary eve teaser.”

We Hindus want to live in peace with members of other religions under the Indian Constitution. But, let us live in dignity. Let’s take inspiration from the Bhagwat Gita.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

Advocate and Senior Journalist who was formerly City Editor & Chief of Bureau of The Times of India, Mumbai. He has also served in the MumbaiMunicipal Council.
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  1. We can rant and rave about this endlessly on this subject. To my mind the best way to sow the seeds of Hindu renaissance is for each one of practice the individual dharma which the shastras have imposed on us. Dharmi rakshati rakshithaha!!

  2. The political class especially the so called secularists have kept the Hindus divided by caste based reservations. One needs to have the guts to do away with this form and give opportunities to the poor irrespective of their castes. Only this can keep the majority together. Unfortunately, this appears only as a Pipe dream.

  3. Unfortunately, Hindus Pandit, Shashtri, Scolers, Nobody has discovered strenth of Islam.where from they are Generating Strenth, No body knows about planting materials, which is being planted on head.Hindus planting material is known as Pran ling.It is just like oval shape small shiv ling.It was planted on head by Kashivishwanath and Tirupati lord Vishnu.Thats why people remove hair on the head.It is just like sawing seeds on the grounds.Similarly at Makka also some sort of planting Material is planted on the skull.This planting material is called KANIS.they are just like rayan similar to dats, Rayan is of different colour Generaly red yellow some times green.Because of this planting materials man in India pull on his comfertable life , and gives credit to Tirupati or Kashi vishwanath, stating that Bhagvan ki krupa hai.While muslim Planting Material which is known as Kanish creates suspended sky.over his head , Where ever his Greavyard is there.and depending on his karma goes high on the sky.And when Greave yard tears of the Gost comes out of the greave.. And surch body where he can transfer him self for solas.
    So there streanth gets double, one by weakening Hindu body.So we are witnessing some hindu behave like Mohamad.Ahmad.ovasy.etc.
    They know that this planting materials are of Rakshas and Rakshas is feers of Goddess.thats why they want to prevent Hindu girl turning to almighty Goddess.So they discoverd sex tecnology in which penis is used of Animal , like Dogs, Cats, itching Dogs, so as to spoil Hindu woman and distort there psychologically.All this thing various bismillah who has captured position on suspended sky due to Planting Materials like KANISH had created.they put langer on the head of man and women and control there movement as per there whish.They spoil Heavenly Hindu Goddess, particularly many south Indian Temple Goddess And our shashtri Pandits. Mantrawadi.Learned scholers of Upnishadas do not recognise there technology.so they are afred of which HINDU SCRIPTURE? ALL ALMOST ALL BISMILLAH ARE AFRED OF NAVARATRI GODDESS.SCRIPTURE KNOWN AS CHANDI PATH.
    MY BROTHER WENT TO BHOPAL FOR HIS BUSINESS, SUDDENLY HE CAME HOME WITH SIVIOR BLOOD PRESSURE PROBLEMS DR THERE IN BHOPAL HAD GIVEN HIM FIRST TIME BLOODPRESSUR PILLS 50mg.Due to which he became very ill.could not go to toilets.At that time I was reading Mantramahodadhi ,in which he has mentioned. ” Mahachin ki agna hai” I was surprised who is this Mahachin.at that time at my forhead one wheal was havily rotating and I saw one old man Chines., He told me in Gujarati langvage ” mari padhati thi panch var chandipath wanch , Tarobhai alright thai jashe”So i started reading CHANDIPATH (also known as durga saptasati).and my brother became alright.So I was wondering who is this man .Ones I went to ABB BANGALORE and I had to wait in library.I saw one big book in which all greatman life was there.I opened the China Cheptar I saw the man who spock to me HE WAS LA- Otse (also known as TAO).
    So I came to know that Chandipath creates great feer in the heart of Bismillah.or muslim Gost.So our shashtree Pandit no body chants Chandipath even in NAVRATREE.

  4. Kshatriya clans are no more interested in fighting for oppressed, many of them took it to harass poor ,landless farmers, put evil eye on their daughters. And this society set up of so called learned brahmin never show any solution to this problem. They do not have any solution indeed. It is much easy now to break the society. Wake up sensible brahmin and kshatriya people and be more accommodating. Love and respect fellow countrymen and change will happen. If you carry on dirty tricks with double face without any sincere effort to accommodate those who need it then there is no hope for hinduism. It may survive but not blossom.

  5. Hindus being tolerant and peaceful have already lost their right to be true Hindus.Whatever govt is in power, the appeasing policy of special.minority will be continued and the increase in their population without any responsibility to grow them will continue and the other religions have to feed them by subsidies,scholarships to all children .,who in turn as gratitude slaughter them for being kafirs. What we have seen in Kashmir is getting repeated in Kerala west bengal and days are.not far off the same to repeat in India as a whole.The Hindu political leaders,in their selfish nature, are not aware of the grave consequences Hindus are going to face in future.


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