Veeragathas of Veeran as he moves over to CPI-M

Will Veeran be able to get back to Rajya Sabha with LDF help, having ditched them in the past?

Veeran is back in LDF after ditching it for the UDF for 6 six years!
Veeran is back in LDF after ditching it for the UDF for 6 six years!

Even God is confused with the politics in His Own Country

People in Kerala woke up on Thursday to a “shocking news”. MP Veerendra Kumar, the JD(U) leader who is also a Rajya Sabha member resigned from his membership in the Upper House of the Indian parliament. What led to Veeran, as he is known in Kerala, to resign from the Rajya Sabha is the decision of Nitish Kumar, the JD(U) president to support the NDA government at the centre and to forge an alliance with the BJP in Bihar, when Lalu Prasad Yadav, the RJD chief withdrew support to the JD(U) government at Patna. It is the other way round. The JD(U) dumped the RJD when the deeds of Lalu and family turned out to be a pain in the neck for Nitish. Lalu, the messiah of the backward classes and the secularists had a hitherto unseen face. He was a paid servant of Mohammed Shahabuddin, an underworld don who is prime accused in dozens of murders and arsons. Shahabuddin is serving jail sentence but regularly calls up Lalu and family and instructs them[1] whom to be executed, killed and finished off once and forever.

It all started with the Republic TV of Arnab Goswamy which showed the nation that Lalu is Shahabuddin’s servile. The channel ran a series of programmes telecasting the telephonic conversation between the jailed Shahabuddin and RJD leader Lalu, who is also the father of the then deputy chief minister of Bihar. The respect and loyalty shown by Lalu towards the Don Shahabuddin made listeners wonder who was the real convict! Nitish asked Lalu’s son to quit the government when it became known that the son was involved in many shady deals, similar to the ones in which Lalu had a prime role.

Well, coming back to JD(U) in Kerala, of which Veeran is the sole proprietor and owner, it is a political party known for its secular, socialist, democratic, liberal, left-of-the-center, pro-workers ideology. Veeran, who owns hectares and hectares of coffee plantations in Waynadu district and one of the major shareholders of Mathrubhumi, a leading Malayalam daily, is a man known for his love for all good things in life.

Veeran has a battery of ghostwriters who pen down books on any topic under the Sun in the name of Veerendra Kumar. He has won all awards in the land except the Padma Awards, Jnanapeetha Award, Saraswathi Samman and of course the Nobel Prize for Literature!. Last heard, he was trying and lobbying hard to get the Jnanapeetha Award.

Veeran decided to resign from the Rajya Sabha because he cannot continue as a partner in the crime committed by Nitish Kumar, the crime of seeking the support of BJP to resuscitate the Bihar government which lost the majority following the exit of Lalu and family owned RJD. The Wayanadu planter who has an obsession for land, especially the vast stretches of government poromboke land, is on his way to the Left Democratic Front (LDF) to strengthen the secular forces in their fight against the communal forces led by the BJP. This is what he claims but the real reason is interesting.

As on date, Veeran is a part of the United Democratic Front (UDF). He got nominated to Rajya Sabha in April 2017 as an act of charity by the then Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy. At the time of his nomination, Veeran was in the Congress-led UDF. Now that the UDF lost the 2016 assembly election, Veeran has no use for Chandy and the Congress. But why did Veeran, a secular, socialist, liberal, anti-capitalist politician leave the LDF in 2011 and support the Congress-led UDF? And why he is making a Ghar Wapsi to the LDF which he had dumped in 2011?

Herein lies the story of a major fraud committed on the people of Kerala by the likes of Veeran and his gang. Team PGurus has in its possession a series of complaints filed against M P Veerendra Kumar alias Veeran by a respected journalist by name P Rajan, another secular, socialist, human rights activist and anti-communal politician. Rajan belongs to the vintage Congress, was a journalist working with the Mathrubhumi owned among others by Veeran.

According to the complaints filed by Rajan in the vigilance court at Thalassery, Veerendra Kumar and his son Shreyams Kumar usurped 14.44 acres of government land which was meant for distribution among the Dalits and Tribal population in Waynadu district. The Kerala State Vigilance department, which was under the control of Congress till May 2016 manipulated and subverted the investigation which led to the Vigilance court ruling that there was no need to file any corruption cases against the father-son duo. With the change of guard in Thiruvananthapuram, the Congress is finding itself in a no-mans land. Moreover, former chief minister Oommen Chandy and almost all male members of the Congress committee in Kerala have been indicted for rape by the Sivarajan Commission which probed the allegations by the entrepreneur Saritha Nair. The Congress leaders ranging from 82-year-old Aryadam Mohammed to many Youth Congress leaders are running skelter shelter to save their thick skin from the solar heat generated by the victim Saritha[2]. Hence the UDF may find it difficult to devote men and materials to save Veeran from the charge of encroaching government land meant for tribals and scheduled tribes.

The quick investigation report prepared by the vigilance department has no legal sanctity, according to Rajan. “There is enough evidence to substantiate the charge that Veerendra Kumar usurped the government land with the help of fake and counterfeit documents. The Quick Investigation Report prepared by the Vigilance Commission says that the 14.44 acres of government land was listed wrongly by Veerendra Kumar as his paternal property and he was even willing to return the same to the government. It is to escape from the noose of the law that he has come forward to accept the fact that the land was usurped by him violating the law of the land,” said Rajan in a letter he wrote to the government lawyer Abhilash Joseph.

Veeran knows that there is no way out other than patching up with the CPI-M and parting a portion of his fortune with Pinarayi Vijayan. According to Rajan, Veeran usurped the poromboke land with the help of counterfeit and fake documents and that is beyond any doubt. Interestingly, Shreyams Kumar, son of Veerendra Kumar had argued in the lower courts that the 14.44 acres of the disputed land was given to Veerendra Kumar by the latter’s father Padmaprabha Gowder. But when it was proved that Gowder did not own the said land at any point in time, the Kumars did a volte-face and the fake documents itself vanished from the custody of the vigilance department!

Rajan says that the Kerala media (monopolized by the Marxists, Muslim extremists, and Christian fanatics) do not publicise reports which may embarrass the media barons of the State. Kandathil family, which owns Malayala Manorama, finds mention in the Reserve Bank reports for abetting the downfall of the Travancore National Quilon Bank in the early 1940s which destroyed the lives of thousands of poor Malayalis who had deposited all their life’s savings with the bank. Veerendra Kumar took control of Mathrubhumi by ousting the VM Nair family by manipulating the shareholding pattern in the company. (M D Nalapat, the promoter of Sunday Guardian, is a victim of the machinations of Veerendra Kumar).

Veerendra Kumar will join the LDF in the coming days and it is believed that the CPI-M has given him assurance that he would be re-nominated to the Rajya Sabha in the ensuing by-election. Veeran would publish only news eulogizing Pinarayi Vijayan as the savior of minorities and the country from the communal forces. News about Veerendra Kumar is guaranteed to be hilarious, comic and of course shocking… Watch this space. Visit PGurus site every day.

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