Was Ancient India’s Logic system more advanced? Prof Subhash Kak discusses

It is believed that Aristotle's disciple traveled with Alexander to India and took back the concept of Logic. All Western Logic is 2-state based (True or False) but Ancient Indian Logic was more nuanced...


  1. The discovery of ancient Analog computer like thing dated 2000 BC, the discovery of so many advanced cities, worldwide, the Pyramids, Ram Sethu,Nanmadol, Pumpuncha, Nazca Lines, Machu Pichu points to advanced highly cultured civilizations worldwide, till the Xtian Islamic hordes from netherworlds descended on the destructive mission and wiped these advanced civilizations , who were unprepared and too cultured for the sheer barbarity and cunning of the evil xtian church. The white skinned demon tries to explain it now as BUILT by aliens or just explainable, backed by the Orwellian dogs (Commies) reared by pigs (Church). IT IS EXPLAINED only the the Yugas logically. KALI thrives as is said by Sex and bastardization which gives rise to derangement. White Xtians and their derivatives are prd of that


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