#WeekdayNewsCapsule Episode 40 US Elections – states certifications challenged, Markets & more

#WeekdayNewsCapsule #Episode40 US Elections - states certifications challenged, Markets & more

Sree Iyer: Hello and welcome to PGurus Channel, I am your host Sree Iyer.  Today is episode number 40 of weekday news capsule with Sridhar ChityalaJi. SridharJi  Namaskar and welcome to PGurus Channel.

Sridhar Chityala: Namaskar, good morning to you, Happy Thanksgiving Thursday and have a wonderful time with families and remember all the kind of good things that happened and thank all the people who have been part of an experience.

Sree Iyer: Thank you and same to you, sir and viewers today; we are going to start with a bang. This is something that you are not going to see in mainstream media. This is a glimpse into Pennsylvania State Legislature hearings, where they are looking at how the ballots were coming in, the counts were coming in and before I let the cat out of the bag. I would like ChityalaJi to sort of set the stage a little bit and then we will take a quick look at this video.

Sridhar Chityala: Great, I think the whole election process is being contested at two levels one by Rudy Giuliani and his team representing the President of the United States and then in a Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, who are focused much around the Dominion software and systems. So, this particular video which is being presented sets the context as to how just by a flip 700,000 votes changed hands or shifted.  And when that happened, the number of votes out of that lot which went to President Trump versus the number of votes that went to Vice President Biden, so they are trying to show that there’s something kind of fundamentally wrong and this is just a reflection of one piece of evidence in terms of the whole process being rigged or the whole process having flaws in the system. It’s a very compelling presentation, right and is all being heard and more such hearings will take place as time passes on for people to learn and make informed decisions on how to take this forward.

Sree Iyer: So, those of you who think that this is a staged scene from a hotel,  you can look up the names of the people who are doing the hearings and you can decide for yourself whether this is authentic or not. This is not being covered by mainstream media. We are presenting it as we saw it. Now, let’s go on to the next thing sir. What other states are considering doing something like this and first of all, how long do you think it’ll take before a certain determination happens on these hearings?

Sridhar Chityala: I think there are two questions,  let me kind of answer the first one, I think there is a set of activities taking place next week, which is weak of  November 30th, so you may see a fair amount of activity unless there is a prima facie evidence which the presidential team can present these cases would be very quickly dismissed. So, this is not going to be hours and days and months,  this could either move forward or it will be very rapidly dismissed, sometime next week. It’s the first one.

Which are the states that are kind of getting into some lawsuits? Now,  apparently, there is Michigan lawsuit, around something similar, there is a 76-page affidavit filed by the Lin Wood’s team with detailed explanations of the other data exchanges, so, you have that.  Then,  I just got the news coming through his Nevada has acceded to a Supreme Court kind of hearing on the voter fraud, you have that. Then, you have in Wisconsin, there’s a case file that is basically to another result or you know delay the announcement of the result. So, you find that you have in Pennsylvania,  you have in Georgia and you have in Wisconsin then you have in Michigan, sorry, You also have in Nevada, Justin Russels is going to be hearing, the evidential hearing that is slated for December 3rd. So, a vast number of these things will take place next week.

Now, everybody was asking the question, are the elections fair? Are the elections rigged? Are the elections adopted to the specific Norms?  There have also been anomalies, whether, what can be passed by the state legislature and what can be passed by the Supreme Court.  Whether Supreme Court exceeded its reach in terms of what is not its and what is the Providence of the legislature as in some instances the legislature.  You may have Democrats having less of numbers related to the Republicans by way of the voting patterns.  So, that issue will also be looked at as they go through this process.

The whole software stuff, how it’s going to play out? I don’t know, but, apparently, 75 Witnesses have given an affidavit validating looking at the software staff. All these points out to a very disturbing scenario, which is, is this something that people were aware and people chose to remain silent. And is this something that how come it’s all of a sudden, you know surface to the top? The Atlanta Journal, Nick Morris’s Journal apparently had pointed out that this was coming, way back in October, prior to the elections, we can share that link and the article in PGurus post. But,  people did not take heed of it. So, I think, they seem to have been. Now,  there is been total silence, not only from mainstream media but also from many political leaders, who either are taking a view, this is all kind of nonsense to distract or they are not being transparent in saying, look there seems to be a problem in the interest of the United States and in the interest of transparency. It’s important that this issue is put to rest through a legal process so that we can announce to the world that this is a fair and just and all these things cannot go on and this has to be brought to an end. So, we haven’t seen leader, it’s almost now, 23 days since the elections have elapsed and we have not seen anything coming except President Trump and his team and to some extent, some of the other members of the Republican Party making claim, that there has been a problem and then, of course, the legal team which has been looking at this, making the claim so I think that’s the other part of it. So, just to wrap up this discussion, so, we will get to know a lot more next week. It is very interesting that Mr Biden made a statement, which was carried in some of the mainstream, that the Americans would not accept the overturning of the election results, I don’t want to get into the details, but it’s a very interesting statement made by an ex Vice-President,   who is currently the person who is the called as the President-elect at least by some media.

Sree Iyer:  Thanks for the update and let’s look at what is happening in the Asia-pacific region? We have had two different accords RCEP and then you have the CPTPP, these are slightly different things and China is spearheading one and on the other one, it wants to become a member of, but there are some things that is now, coming to light in terms of, what is in the wording of the RCEP perhaps,  someone needs to shine a spotlight on. What are your thoughts, Sir? You know, when you have multiple agreements between the same set of countries, which agreement takes precedence? This is just my curiosity question sir.

Sridhar Chityala: Again media plays its role in what I call in much more divisive and non-enlightening mechanisms or models. CPTPP that’s why the word, it is Comprehensive, Progressive, Trans-Pacific Partnership, which frames have a broad set of issues within the CPTPP framework that includes labour laws, that includes intellectual property rights, that includes environmental protection issues, that includes a set of trading agreements between the countries, that includes legal frameworks and partnerships that needs to be embedded in labour laws etc. So, it is a more comprehensive partnership not just merely removing barriers and tariffs and allowing free access to trade using a set of rules. Whereas the RCEP is much more wishy-washy, either it can be bilateral, it can be multilateral, it can be, it leaves everything else and it only talks about subsidies and other types of barriers. That’s why I said when we discussed the RCEP we had mentioned, RCEP, most of it is already in place by the time they come to the threshold of this 70%-75% the benefits from the RCEP could be a few years away, maybe a decade, maybe 12 years away, it is much more like ceremonial kind of a partnership. I questioned the wisdom and the rationale, why China is using RCEP? Is it using RCEP more for a political purpose and also, symbolic purpose? And also whether it is using that as a backdoor negotiating mechanism on the South China Sea issues because his perception is that it will not be that, US may not be in RCEP actively. And with Biden being the current president-elect that they will be much more free reign for China to use these mechanisms. There seems to be the same situation with CPTPP where so you have one author saying you do it, then you have another, Williams is basically saying, no here’s the problem. Williams’ words are absolutely spot-on CPCTPP, China should never be allowed to come in because it’s not going to adhere to any of these rules, environment, labour laws, branding, intellectual property, all these kinds of issues is a showstopper for China because it’s not going, I mean all these policies China has never enacted. And imagine being done under the Xi Jinping regime. So that’s the problem.

Sree Iyer: Well, we also should remember that the International Court of Justice in Hague had passed some orders and China said, we will not abide by these orders. This had to do with a territorial dispute I believe with Indonesia. I could be wrong about the country but this was a judgment handed against China and China said, no we are not going to honour this one and so this kind of a brazen attitude towards other countries, it is the Philippines, I stand corrected and I think Duarte, right? He was also trying to make some noise about that. So this happened a few years ago, but in time it kind of gives you an idea of the mindset of the country, of their leadership, how they are looking at this whole scenario as it’s playing out across various theatres. Whether it is a Biden presidency or a continuing Trump presidency, what needs to happen is whenever you have these agreements people have to play by the rules, why then have agreements in the first place, if you don’t intend on playing by the rules? So all these things are going to come into play even though all these accords are being signed. The proof of the pudding, as they say, is in its eating, so we’ll have to wait and see how that plays out.

Sir, we are almost done with today’s segment. Last one minute on the possible acquisition by Salesforce. What are your thoughts on that, sir? Is that a good marriage? What does salesforce tend to gain by this new productivity tool?

Sridhar Chityala: Well I think Salesforce has been in the acquisitive mode in terms of building inorganically its business which is no different to many of these companies in the valley. So whether it’s Oracle, whether it is Salesforce, whether it is Alphabet, whether it is Apple, whether it is Amazon, they have been inorganically building the whole thing is around the cloud. Cloud infrastructure, analytics, and cloud services seem to be the name of the game, so I think it’s a very important acquisition for Mark Benioff, should it kind of come off we’re expecting to hear the announcement. So to me, it would be a great opportunity for Salesforce to demonstrate it is leapfrogging into the next league. So whenever you talk about all this cloud you only talk about Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, so who knows within a short span we could have Salesforce coming into the mainstream within that parameter.

Having said that there was a major outage just for the people of the AWS outage even my television, we were not getting a proper service in New York, whether they were part of the cloud infrastructure, I don’t know but there was a major outage yesterday so there’s a lot of things that probably still people are looking at in terms of expanding the capabilities within that infrastructure. So our friends in Salesforce are looking at Slack as a potential kind of a platform to plug some of the gaps, may not be anything to do with the outage, but to the gaps in its capability kind of value chain.

Sree Iyer: For those who have not heard of it, Slack is a productivity enhancement tool. I’ve used it a little bit, it can be used for inter-company or use mostly intra-company inside the company where you can share documents and files and notes and messages and things like that. For instance, if you had four people attending a meeting and then there are follow-up items everybody gets notified. What is the difference between this and email, not much except it’s the way it is delivered, how important it is because we are all looking at things in a very, we have a very short attention span these days, so Slack seems to try to make the best use of that? Anyway, let’s see how it plays out. So that brings us to a close.

Sridhar Chityala: Other tools which have been embedded within the Slack. Isn’t that also the focus of the interest of Salesforce?

Sree Iyer: Yes, yes, that is true, that is true. absolutely and sir. I just wanted to know if there’s anything else you want to add. otherwise, we can wind it down because I have a very thankful message for our viewers.

Sridhar Chityala: Got it, got it. I just wanted to add go back to the CPTPP and RCEP and just wrap that discussion. Indonesia has moved its advanced guard forces to Nikuno island further into South China fearing any potential incursions from the Chinese because they have seen fishing is one of the biggest areas of contention both in Indonesia as well as in the Philippines. With regard to the South China dispute, it’s just another example that the partnership is instilling more kind of fear and deterrence rather than everything to be kind of hunky-dory. That’s the only kind of piece that I wanted to add to conclude that RCEP discussion and CPTPP discussion.

Sree Iyer: Thanks for that update and viewers, PGurus thanks all of you for helping us scale the 100,000 mark. We crossed 100,000 today. We are around 100,020 right now and this could not have happened without all of your support. We thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sridharji, you have been certainly, you’ve really helped us to scale this and let’s hope that this news capsule, this way of presenting news every weekday at 8:00 am eastern standard time and 6:30 pm India, will keep growing and we get more viewers to come and watch us. So once again thank you all for your support, please do subscribe to our channel and please also donate and we’ll be back tomorrow with news capsule. Namaskar and see you tomorrow, sir.

Sridhar Chityala: Namaskar and I just want to say thank you to everybody. Happy Thanksgiving and congratulations Sreeji. Your effort in building this platform as a voice of alternative, and voice of what is a reality, the voice of reality, and voice of alternative, and wonderful to experience the hundred thousand mark in terms of membership. That’s just a small step towards the march towards the next milestone of 250,000 before we get to that one million milestones that we have set ourselves to accomplish. So very happy to be supportive and very happy to be one of the partners in your journey and bringing the message across to the people which people generally don’t see in the mainstream media.

Sree Iyer: Thank you very much sir and goodbye and see you tomorrow.


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