Who all are blackmailing the Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi?

Another ploy by a cabal of vested interests bites the dust as CJI Ranjan Gogoi outsmarts them

Another ploy by a cabal of vested interests bites the dust as CJI Ranjan Gogoi outsmarts them
Another ploy by a cabal of vested interests bites the dust as CJI Ranjan Gogoi outsmarts them

In the recent past, we saw a curious turn of events as allegations of sexual abuse were leveled at the Chief Justice of India (CJI), Ranjan Gogoi and that having failed, some fringe elements are planning street protests. Though many lawyers accuse the perennial accuser and feminist lawyer Indira Jaising for raking up or helping a dismissed lady staffer in preparing petitions alleging sexual abuse charges, the recent protests engineered by certain Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) give wider ramifications to this case. What is their motive in accusing a 65-year-old Gogoi, who has never been caught in such allegations before?

Gogoi’s temper

In legal circles, Ranjan Gogoi was infamous for losing his temper off and on, thereby creating many enemies due to his obiter dicta (off-the-record speaking or utterances) or uncontrolled comments at petitioners. In his entire career, he was known as a strict person who tends to lose control often. He is set to retire on November 18, 2019, and some people or lobbies are fed up with him and want him to resign, say many lawyers who are in the know of the current developments. These NGOs and disgruntled lawyers might be behind this rent-a-cause move to malign the CJI, they say.

Lobby at work?

PGurus contacted several advocates and journalists on the Supreme Court beat. They point out a dirty corporate lobby behind this entire episode. All these things were engineered after two Court Masters were dismissed and are now facing Police probe on the manipulations in the Order involving Anil Ambani’s Rs.580 crores due to an Ericsson-related contempt case. After Gogoi became the Chief Justice as many as six to eight such fraud staffers were terminated and this lady happens to be one of them. So there was a huge discontentment brewing and some people have encashed their anger, said a very senior Advocate. He adds that certain elements in the Government, Intelligence system and a big lobby of politicians-cum-lawyers cutting across party lines, and some perennial petitioners who were not so happy with Ranjan Gogoi’s unpredictable nature tried to get rid of him through this malicious allegation. “They thought on the day media splashed the news, Gogoi would resign,” he said.

Anyway, the case is over after the ex-lady staffer boycotted the in-house proceedings. Now the Communist Party of India (CPI)’s women wing National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW) is conducting stage-managed protests on the streets. This small organization’s General Secretary is Annie Raja, the wife of CPI National Secretary D Raja. For the past 15 years, its President is the former IAS officer Aruna Roy, who is a close confidant of former Congress President Sonia Gandhi. Activist lawyer Prashant Bhushan is also seen supporting these protests and supporting the allegations of the dismissed lady staffer, caught for malpractices. Many Gay-Lesbian activists were also seen in the sparsely attended protests. In fact, there were more media persons than protestors, which leads one to question the motives of this uncouth cabal.

But some lawyers say that there is also a role for certain elements in Government in engineering this sexual abuse charges. Some accuse Congress leadership of backroom operations in the entire episode, firing from the shoulders of CPI and the rent-a-cause NGOs. Those who doubt the role of certain Government elements point out that this lady was in touch with Delhi Police and Intelligence Bureau officials from January, citing her complaint pending in Union Home Ministry in January. They accuse, the Deep State of bargaining or sending messages to the CJI and argue that Congress’s top leadership was not happy with the stands of the Chief Justice in several sensitive cases ranging from National Herald, Rafale case, etc.

At the outset, it is very clear that many are unhappy with Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi and they got a good item to BLACKMAIL him. Many thought Gogoi would resign. But Gogoi outsmarted all of them by not resigning and declared his intent to finish his tenure till November 18, 2019.

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  1. An entire eco system had been created by the Congress Party over the years of their dynastic rule, the past five years have seen that eco system being exposed, the eco system includes Bureaucracy, NGOs, Judiciary, Education system, Sell out Media, Communists, Urban Naxals, Jihadi Islamists, overall a deadly cocktail out to ruin India as a nation. Modiji has acted smart and this nefarious nexus is now exposed and on the run, the next 5 years of Modi Government will demolish this eco system to a large extent.

    • Vipinji …. You are 100% correct. You hit the bull’s eye really. I suspected congress is fully behind this all. And Activists like Indra jaising and her husband Grover aided by famous bushan and licked by Dave all are against CJI. It is pertinent that these crooks are also fixed sooner than later.

  2. This is a very grave conspiracy planned well in advance in view of the election schedules. A very large sum of money and too much for a Family are at stake and hence all this is happening. Unfortunately, the slave mentality in us Indians would still encourage bus to remain subservient to a foreign woman and people from the religion of our colonial masters. Let an SIT of retired civilians with decades of experience in investigation of all types of offences be constituted to go deep into the matter. The communists will continue to rake up this matter for the crumbs of bread it gets from the royal house.

  3. Why “certain non government organisation”?..please name and shame them..Time all vested crooks identified named and shamed.Thank you.
    Another thing – Lady is one who is honourable woman.A corrupt woman cannot be “Lady” but a “woman”..Ha..using English words with correct context..Now i will go on to read this article

  4. AND This Indira Jaisingh (family of Sawai Jaisingh, one who fought for Aurangzeb against Shivaji, and supported Brits against Indians, her mother is a evil White British), PAKIPANJABI Bstd husband has been charged on Ford Foundation FCRA violation (OpIndia.com) today itself

  5. Agree. Some guys thought Gogoi will resign hearing this allegation. That was the intent of all these dramas.

  6. Its Italian Nazi Church (Inqusition) Party led by a Italian prostitute who is behind this, with the PAKIPANJABI AND SYRIAN-PORTUGUESE XTIAN-VATICAN CABAL . ÄNNIE”AND “DANIEL”RAJA AND THE PAKIPANJABI treacherous, evil pitvipers from Pakistan, the sewer prds of worst of demented, deranged White-Brit and now Italian criminals and debauched, White d..k worshipping, Pakipanhabin (all are) and Bangad wh..res, whose even 5 years old girl starts having orgasms on site of a filthy smelly stinking 85 year old BUT WHITE, even if pig. CHRISTIAN-ITALIAN CONSPIRACY, Indira Jaisingh and her husband , PBHUSHANare known suppliers of pre puberty girls and boys to demented White sexotourists, paedophiles, AND SOON WE ARE GOING TO RELEASE THE PROOF

  7. अरे बेवकूफ
    कुछ तो दिमाग लगा। CJI के मामले में एक आम आदमी भी बता सकता है कि क्या हुआ होगा
    तेरे को पता नही चला
    या कहीं से पैसे खाकर ये पोस्ट लिख दिया
    कुछ तो शर्म कर

    • You are a typical urbal Naxal anti Hindu rascal. PGurus is a very legitimate source unlike your sold out whorehouse/media house NDTV

      • He is a SAMOSA Christian, those who keep Hindu names to avail the benefits of genuine but poor Hindus. A ITALIAN STREETDOG

    • Abe Ullu ke patthe, Italian suar aur debauched slut ki najayaz aulad, illiterate uncouth gutter fool. Rs 2 per day me TUM LOG apni Amma Italian suaro ko bechte ho, Italian Mafia ko khush karne ke liye.. 2 kaudi ka illiterate chale aaye, certificate dene, kyu Italy yaa China ka visa nahin laga gutter clean karne kaa??AAM AADMI Kaun, DANIEL and ANNIE raja. Vatican-Italy ke Bhadwe sadak chaap gunde, chale hai certifcate dene

      • Well said. It is clear that anti national female lawyer got money from Ford foundation which is hell bent on supporting Congress and breaking india. How can this case be true? People do not apply their brains.


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