Why the likes of Chidambaram, Karti, go Scot-free despite charges against them

It may be a 200-page book but the information provided in characteristic style by Mani is enormous and it is sure to haunt the readers for years to come

Why the likes of Chidambaram, Karti, go scot-free
Why the likes of Chidambaram, Karti, go scot-free

Mani, a prime witness of the conspiracies that were hatched in the closed-door sessions in the North Block office give us how the idea of Saffron Terror was conceptualised and executed.

The August 29 arrest of five “human rights activists”, Gautam Navlakha, Sudha Bhardwaj, Varavara Rao, Vernon Gonsalves and Arun Ferreira by the Maharashtra Police from various places in the country in connection with the Bhima Koregaon riots in Pune have evoked “global furore” claims the liberal, democratic, secular etc media in India. Much has been written about the arrests and the petitions challenging the arrests filed on their behalf by some “eminent historians” in the Supreme Court. The apex court did not allow the police to send those taken into custody to jails had it been you or me, my dear readers, nobody would have come to our rescue and we are certain to end up either in police or judicial custody. These VIP activists have been asked by the court to stay in the cosy interiors of their own houses.

During a trip to Madurai in Tamil Nadu, I was taken aback when I was shown a palatial residence owned by Henri Tiphgne a human right activist, nay, an industrialist.

This is the second batch of arrests being made by the police in quick succession. In the month of June, Maharashtra Police had arrested Surendra Gadling, Rona Wilson, Sudhir Dhawale, Shoma Sen, and Mahesh Raut under the UAPA and several sections of the Indian Penal Code. The police claim that they have enough evidence to link them with the Maoists.

What stands out in these two incidents is the media blitzkrieg unleashed by various organisations masquerading as human rights activists and civil rights activists.  A person like this writer (someone with below average intelligence and toiling day in and day out to meet both ends together) and others are hearing these ten names for the first time in our life. The uproar generated by the arrests of these persons prove that they are not ordinary people but individuals with connections in high places. They are described as intellectuals, human rights activists and Dalit rights activists. These sectors are money-spinning zones where you or me can never enter. Please take stock of the foreign travels made by these individuals and the hotels where they stay while they are touring to understand the net worth of these people. They are the real seven star elites in India who know how to make the moolah with minimum investment.

During a trip to Madurai in Tamil Nadu, I was taken aback when I was shown a palatial residence owned by Henri Tiphgne a human right activist, nay, an industrialist. How he built up a fortune is a billion dollar question. What remains unseen and hitherto unreported is the invisible thread which links these people. These words were penned as a prelude to the book authored by RVS Mani, a bureaucrat who served various departments under various ministries of the Government of India for decades gaining first-hand experience in internal security and parliamentary functioning. Mani, who was tortured (both physically and mentally) by the investigating officers expected to probe the terrorist activities in the country lost his parents in quick succession because of the treatment meted out to him by a powerful Congress politician who was the then home minister of the country.

“One best thing that has happened to the country after the 26/11 was P Chidambaram was moved out of the finance ministry and Sushil Kumar Shinde was shunted out of the Home ministry”!.

The name of the book authored by Mani is “The Myth of Hindu Terror: Insider Account of Ministry of Home Affairs”. Readers of this review may ask what it has got to do with the arrest of these “human rights activists”. It has a lot, dear readers. Those taken into custody on August 29 and those who were arrested in June had all interconnected. There are many factors which bring them together, their links with the Church, their association with elements in Maharashtra and their invisible sponsors and supporters.

Mani has some startling disclosures to make. Gadchiroli in Maharashtra is a Maoist infested district, according to the then UPA government led by Manmohan Singh. There were many ambushes carried out by the Maoists from Gadchiroli in Maharashtra in territories of neighbouring Chhattisgarh which had claimed lives of hundreds of policemen. The Chhattisgarh Police has seized many guns from the marauders from Maharashtra and all these guns were the ones used by the Maharashtra Police.

Mani writes at the beginning itself: “Readers can corroborate from the many replies to questions in Parliament during the period that in many of these ambushes, very few police personnel lost their lives unlike in Chhattisgarh. But every time, policemen’s weapons were reportedly snatched by Naxals. Was it a pattern? Or was it a conspiracy? Or was it a partnership to destroy the neighbouring State government, which was not ruled by the then ruling dispensation at the Centre? Incidentally, Maharashtra was then ruled by the same political dispensation then sitting at the Centre, ie, the Congress Party”. (Page 6).

What makes Mani’s observations and comments interesting is that he doesn’t blame anybody. He shares with the readers’ information published in newspapers, 24X7 news channels and first-hand information sourced from Ground Zero. He asks the readers to find out for themselves who are the culprits. The information he furnishes are facts. Answers provided by the concerned ministers in both Houses of Parliament to questions asked by the members. So, there is no chance of any saffronisation of the answer any Sangh Parivar elements.

Though the book centres around the concept of Hindu Terror which was introduced in the national narrative by Sushil Shinde, P Chidambaram, Digvijay Singh and Hemant Karkare( the Maharashtra cadre IPS officer who was martyred in the 26/11 terrorist attack), what caught my attention was certain points noted by Mani about characters like Binayak Sen, eulogised by Indian media as an angel. It was this angel and his wife Ilina who conspired the murder of a young police superintendent by name Vinod Kumar Choubey on July 12, 2009. Sen was decorated by the UPA government for the “good work” he did by appointing him as a member of the high power body of the Government of India. The entire human rights industry went overboard to portray him as an innocent person to make him free of all charges! God will not forgive persons like Sen for the heinous crime committed by him in association with his urban Maoist friends.

Coming back to 26/11 and other terrorist attacks unleashed on India by organisations like Let, JeM in connivance with Pakistan,. I do remember what Arun Shourie, the well-known critic of Narendra Modi, said in a public speech at Chennai after the Bombay attacks. “One best thing that has happened to the country after the 26/11 was P Chidambaram was moved out of the finance ministry and  Sushil Kumar Shinde was shunted out of the Home ministry”!.

Mani says with conviction that there was a conspiracy to kidnap him with the connivance of the then authorities to get Hasan released from prison.

Mani, a prime witness of the conspiracies that were hatched in the closed-door sessions in the North Block office, presided over first by Shinde and then by Chidambaram and supported by Karkare and the likes give us how the idea of Saffron Terror was conceptualised and executed which saw the arrest and torture of an innocent Army officer Colonel Purohit and two Hindu monks Sadhwi Pragya Singh Thakur and Swamy Aseemanand.

It is not fair to reveal all details of this book which runs into 200 pages. But what Mani has disclosed through these pages is that this country is held to ransom by a cabal consisting of terrorists, Maoists, politicians and a section of top bureaucrats with a network of supporters which may shock an ordinary man. There are instances of paid agents of ISI and other agencies infiltrating into the heart of the decision-making system of the country. There was an attempt to save Ajmal Kasab from the custody of the Indian security agencies a la the style of JKLF in 1989 when they kidnapped Rubaiya Saeed, daughter of the then Union Home Minister Mufti Mohammed Sayeed. The then V P Singh led UF government had to release Sheikh Abdul Hameed, Ghulam Nabi Butt, Noor Mohammed Kalwal, Mohammed Altaf and Mushtaq Ahmed Zargar of the JKLF to save Rubaiya from the kidnappers.

Mani says with conviction that there was a conspiracy to kidnap him with the connivance of the then authorities to get Hasan released from prison. It may be a 200-page book but the information provided in characteristic style by Mani is enormous and it is sure to haunt the readers for years to come. One more thing, if you read between the lines, you are sure to come across anti-national elements which have infiltrated the Indian security establishment. That is a big food for thought. So, read on.


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  1. Yeah they did it. To strategic minds it was always known. However my question is what are we doing about it?? Why do we continue to molly coddle these terrorists be it in the jungle, outside our borders or dressed up like politicians ?? We are a weak country that swears by the constitution that puts its own people at the risk of being butchered by anyone who wants to make a money out of playing a traitor. Geopolitics-Geostrategics was always a scripted procedure and Mr. Mani does not bring anything new to the table nor does Pgurus. The evil minds will continue to choose to play a traitor because anything otherwise is not just ill rewarding but punishable as it has been for centuries. Nationalism is a punishable offence and thats why we find sons and daughters of Nationalists showing their middle finger to the constitutionally and motivationally underprivileged thought process of the retarded Hindu community. Hindus are sissies and deserve to be culled just like they have been for 1000s of years. We must stop bullshitting each other and stop playing the Exposè game. We all know who the enemies are but we dont have the balls to put the bullet where it matters. All we will ever do is ball talk on social media and wait for Kalki to arrive. Dear hindus, nobody will ever come to your rescue. You will need to take matters in your own hand or wait till a sword Comes right back on your necks and you are being told Convert or Die.

  2. Very poorly written article. The connection between the heading and what is written in the article is nowhere to be seen. Some sentences are in first person account whereas it is written by “team pgurus”
    When 26/11 happened, Shivraj patil was the home minister and not Shinde.
    The article ends asking the readers to’read on’ and ends abruptly.
    What to read on?

  3. India’s biggest enemies are the “Hindus” themselves, who hide in Hindu garbs and systemically deride, undermine and destroy the Hindu cause to appease their huge greed. True Hindus appear a minority in India as the political nemesis of India roam through all the prime avenues of politics, media, social organisations, educational institutions and even the movie industries. The Jews were also persecuted for centuries, having finally reached “critical mass” to use nuclear fission parlance to now rebound and control the world. The true Hindu also is in danger of extinction and are reaching “critical mass”. A rebound is inevitable and very much needed to save an ancient and continuous culture.

  4. Well… Very true. Congress n DMK (don’t know if PC got this tactics from karuna or karuna got this from PC or both were trained by foreign Christian missionaries n their NGOs here – ) wherever possible, even in judiciary and police, they have their own recruits instilled.
    It’s a pity that our country has been silently watching all these adharmas because most of the media who can bring out these are indirectly in the hands of Congress,commies or in tamilnadu DMK. The first thing they do is build a network (sun TV group in all states- this TV makes/creates news just like kalaignar TV instead of giving news…and the gullible viewers fall prey easily to them) and then threaten others with their widespread journalists who get hold of the private issues of the big shots somehow …and use them to their advantage… Most of the judges in high court are their people or people who work for them or get threatened by them. People should develop maturity not to believe all what is said in these televisions and the magazines indirectly run by them ….
    Even DD podigai has anti government people… Most of the anchors during Sonia period were either Christians or Christian converts… And most of the programs run are also staged by Christian groups… I , as an ordinary listener could see this in All India radio too during UPA rule….where a commoner will start talking about bible/conversions during viewers program. Don’t know if that’s changed now
    .. I quit listening to that… But Sonia has infiltrated with the help of churches here in almost every department. It’s high time government takes up all missionary schools or bring churches too under their scrutiny and control for a peaceful India.
    You might have heard about kamalhasan trying to spread the word saffron terror…. but was rightly snubbed…Such a crook who works against India and for the british queen because of his conversion.
    If you can see him… I am reminded of the missionaries act of playing kind and good to people but in the mind working on how to get power ….

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  5. To remove 70 years of Rot which is Deep Rooted from Judiciary , Press, NGOs, Financers, Political Class is DIFFICULT. The tentacles are far and wide. To remove this CANCER , might have to amputate !!

  6. This article fails to provide the details of the likely roles and the the involvement of P. Chidambaram and Karti in supporting Urban Naxals and how Henri Tiphgne was hand in glove with PC/Karti in money laundering and promoting Naxal’s cause. We need clarity to establish the shady connections between PC/KC and Henri Ti… to help this matter proceed in the court. PC is a master swindler and given the long rope and adequate time BJP ruling party have endowed him with him, PC has the links to powerful top echelons of the BJP ruling caucus and he will go UNTOUCHED as the Emperor of India’s Powerful Corrupt [PC], an the uncrowned Monarch from Chettinad adept in the art of making money at all cost from anything and everything. There is none to compete with him except Vladimir Putin of Russia. Details covered are hazy and unclear.


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