Why this Kohli-veri? What comes goes around comes around, Virat Kohli I Sree Iyer

Both Ravi Shastri and Virat Kohli have been whining after being shown the door. But they forget how they did the same to others - karma can be a five-letter word.

Both Ravi Shastri and Virat Kohli have been whining after being shown the door. But they forget how they did the same to others – karma can be a five-letter word. With the Shah camp in BCCI on the ascendancy, we should expect some surprises, says Sree Iyer.

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  1. Why this “Kohli-veri”? It all boils down to ‘Thala-veri’, viz, head weight. Each and every individual isn’t done with becoming even multiheaded (who can forget the ten-headed Ravana?), but can hardly hold back from lunging forwards to nip in the bud any head popping up on anyone else’s shoulder. The more number of heads, the more mosaic of aberrational alternatives.

    Modern lobbies are discernible as nation level politico-corporate heavyweights like the Jaitleys, Shahs, Ambanis & so on, while the ‘traditional’, time-tested & enduring ones have been regional heavyweights in poltics, business, even extortion & so on. All lobbies obviously operate through multi-runged & multipronged proxies, the most visible & virtuous being the players themselves.

    Money & all its masala indeed matters very much, but at the same time indeed batters very much all that which is supposed to accrue in the name of the human society in terms of humane merit, entertainment, development, unity, welfare & so on.

    Once the cool-headed Tendulkar was seen immediately as a worst captain, he managed to quit from that and survive for long as a record run accumulator. Being the hot-headed fellow that he has been, Kohli ended up being herded about here & there, earning heaps of money for himself as well as his lobbyists, but got his career ruined in both captaincy & batsmanship. It’s a tragicomedy that most probably he has fallen just short of crossing many, if not most, of Tendulkar’s feats. And in the inter-lobbyist rivalry, how much longer can the ageing Rohit wait for Kohli to hand over the reins?

    While Delhi, Mumbai & Karnataka have sustained their clouts in cricket one-upmanship, it’s the Chennai sector with its predominantly Tamil Brahmin players which has been orphaned all along from all patronage, especially that of the TN State & DMK/DK politics, not to mention it’s adversorial lobbyists. Venkatraghavan, Srikkanth, Srinivasan (the ex-BCCI chairman & current CSK head) and Ashwin have all been subjects of cricket coups. Currently, it’s just natural, rational & logical for rumors to abound in TN, about chances of the CSK being forced to hand over its management to the prevailing political forces. Dhoni, Raina & even Jadeja, because they’re both tagged with the CSK label and have had no strong lobbyists behind them, have been constantly subjected to the vagaries of Indian cricket.

    Kapil Dev, despite his biopic ’83’, appears far & faded without lobbyists; just recollect his sobbing on the TV on being accused of match-fixing! Shreyas Iyer (a Tamil Brahmin from Mumbai) & his likes, despite abundant talent & youth, are being brazenly overlooked and not groomed for the future.

    The whole lot reflects the rabid rot in our present post-colonial & adharmic dispensation.


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