Your time is running out, Mr. Modi

Modi needs to the don the role of Action Jackson on several pending promises and not let things drift

Your time is running out, Mr. Modi
Your time is running out, Mr. Modi

Dear Prime Minister Modi –

There is a famous doha (couplet) of Kabir in Hindi, which goes as follows:

जो कल करे सो आज कर

जो आज करे सो अब कर

Translated into English, it goes as follows:

What you can do tomorrow, do it today…

What you can do today, do it now.

I am sure you have read this several times.

Why did India choose you?

India was fascinated by you, your work ethic, the way you turned around a ravaged town (Bhuj) and the experience of people who visited Gujarat when you were the Chief Minister there. Embellished or not, the picture painted of your work in your home state was that you had turned Sand into Gold. (Not to be confused with a certain copy cat attempt by a leader who shall go unnamed, who tried to describe a machine that converted Potato into Gold).

In the run up to 2014, India saw you as a ray of hope in the sea of mediocrity that the UPA had become. This may have been your marketing chutzpah but you still had to crisscross the country, fight a hard election and convince a populace of 1.25 billion (125 crores) that you can do the job.

The last 4 years

It is easy to explain away the non-results as being due to the previous regime. The public will listen to you, empathize with you, but only up to a point. After four years, it is difficult to swallow seeing some of the most blatant acts of corruption being condoned by the courts. The most common reason put out is “lack of evidence”. Another excuse trotted out – the case was prepared during the UPA regime. Quite frankly, the people do not want to hear excuses – they want results. Every Indian’s blood boiled when they discovered that the Top secret document on P Chidambaram prepared by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for the eyes of the Supreme Court was found in Chidambaram’s bedroom! What have you done about this? Why does this evil genius still roam free, mouthing sermons?

Back your instincts

Lok Sabha elections are just a few months away – Babus may be afraid of taking drastic action for fear of reprisal from a non-NDA government, should one be formed in 2019… Now is the time for you to come on your front foot and show how you can belt the ball to the cover boundary, instead of staying on the back foot, ready to duck. Indian wickets are slow and low – remember this! There is no leadership in the opposition but that won’t deter them to resort to any trick to try and show you in poor light. Despair not, the whole nation knows this (especially the youth who are keenly following the undercurrents thanks to Social Media). In terms of leadership, India knows that you are a giant compared to the rest who are Lilliputs.

How to govern in the last 12 months

  1. Rid your cabinet of people who are not 100% healthy. National elections are a serious business and every hand on deck must contribute his/ her might in reaching out to the corners of the country. Infuse new blood.
  2. Execute faster – many landmark decisions can be executed by the legislature, such as passing the Triple Talaq Bill, passing an ordinance (and then law) to getting Ram Mandir built in Ayodhya. This was in BJP’s manifesto – show intent. Allow officers a free hand to act on investigations and do not allow any political interference.
  3. Implement Uniform Civil Code and crackdown on all legal violations. I realize Law and Order comes under the State governments but do not hesitate to crack the whip and dismiss the habitual offenders. Show leadership.
  4. Engage with media. Establish a robust Media Center for PMO’s office and have daily press briefings, as they do in the United States. Response must be prompt and proper. Show that you care for the entire country. The law is the same for all. Enforce this.

Maa Bharat needs you

At this time of its history, the country needs you. PGurus is your best supporter and your worst critic – we have to play both these roles because the Opposition does not want to challenge you on your decisions or indecisions for reasons best known to them.

We tip our hat to you for recognizing the flaws in the Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) and taking a fresh look at it. Also kudos to you for ensuring the EVM-VVPATs are deployed and taking steps to minimize possible fraud. But much more remains to be done – so please go back and read the first few lines again.

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  1. 1.MODI lost touch with people in last 4 years after he became PM.He depended fully on a clever lawyer cum Minister his friend soulmate and well wisher Arun Jaitely who is a Virtual PM.
    2.Modi started dreaming of being a International world leader by his whirlwind tour of world in last 4 years whereas his internal policies made him unpopular to get votes in next LS election.He does not want to see and listen peoples voice.
    3.He is alienated from people by his hangover of power and adulation. He was a MONK YOGI before he was PM but after he became PM he started living in a dream world.But power goes to his head now after become PM.
    4.He thought he has no challenge from any one as there is no alternative of him in India.But ABV also made same mistake although he done great in his 5 years rule as NDA PM.But he forget to know pulse of people.
    5.Modi won by a strong negative vote against SONIA GANDHIs anti Hindu policies and appeasement of Christian and Muslims.She blundered as she is illiterate fool and fascist.MODI ought change his style of functioning and directly meet people from all walks of life AT PEOPLES DARBAR in his 7 RCR.
    6.HE has just one year to renew his PM post for 5 years and the next 5 years are CRUCIAL AND important for himself and his party.He should remove all congressman favorites bureaucrats from his advisor and appoint people from RSS ABVP BMS and BJP.
    7.In a parliamentary democracy your roots must be with voters BUT NOT TO bureaucrats who don’t understand the mindset of voters.They are slaves of masters/master of slaves.WISH MODI another TERM of 5 years in 2019 but I don’t see that is happening by his arrogant nature.
    8.Modi imported bureaucrats economists from US and appointed them in democratic posts when he has abundance of people in his party BJP RSS VHP ABVP and BJYM BMS who don’t know hopes aspirations of people.
    9.In a democracy you can’t impose your favorites and start ruling with high handedness arrogance like you done in NITI AAYOG FM FS RS and IRS.He must remove his FM FS RS and Kumawat who sleeps with lady IRS officers in Paris and Singapore.
    10.Modi thinks himself as honest but his FM FS RS are most corrupted and egoistic hold the country at ransom.He will cry in 2019 election when he will see that whole India is against him like he did in Gujarat last .

  2. Indians are accustomed to ask what the Govt. (and here and now it is only Modi who is held responsible for every criminal act like murder or rape taking place in remotest villages in states for which the lethargy or negligence or favouring of local authorities or state Govts should be blamed.) we are never accustomed to ask what we, the people have done to the country or to help the Govt.
    Even the opposition parties think their only function is to oppose the Govt. even when some measures are proposed to change defective laws to bring in more efficiency or book criminals faster.
    Modi is often asked when he is going to give Rs.15 lakhs to each individuals. They pretty well know once sufficient money is available most people will prefer not to work but to enjoy .Everyone knows lists of persons who have deposits in Swiss banks will be released in 2019. Can’t we wait and see.

  3. Great responses hv come for this equally great write up by the author. In my humble opinion , though PM Modi cannot be blamed for the systemic constraint he is facing to go ahead with his agenda , fact remains that a leader like him comes after generations in our country. In my humble opinion Modiji’s is god’s chosen one for redeeming the situation. So when the esteemed author says that how come nothing is being done about the fact that the confidential CBI report was found is Chidambaram’s house he surely has a point! We all know about the powerful forces that have joined hands against PM Modi to make things difficult for him but it is upto PM Modi to past them and delivers something for the impoverished hindu masses who see him as the last hope!

  4. Brilliant article by Sree Iyer.If Modi does not complete his unfinished agenda before the elections,he will really cut a sorry figure before the electorate.The elctorate will remind him of his promises 5 years back which he had not fulfilled.Even though Modi may try to list out all the achievements of the Govt,the question everyone will ask is ‘What about your promises made 5 years back? Have you fulfilled a single promise? The answer is no.Have you brought back Indian money lying abroad?,Have you put in Jail all the scamsters? Have you been able to stop corruption? The Gandhi family and PC family are merrily smiling and till now ,they could not be jailed.Nothing has been done for the Middle class.Income tax instead of being simplified has been made complicated by introducing LTCG which is a highly retrograde step. GST also has been made very complicated. Modi should understand that if at all Middle class people vote for him,it is because there is no alternative.

  5. Modiji, The country and people love you and voted you to power with a lot of expectations. please do not disappoint us. Do not rely on TINA factor and be complacent. In 2019 it will be MODI VS Rest. Do not betray our faith and belief.

  6. An unassuming addendum in ‘amizhdu annai mozhi Tamizh’ (அமிழ்து அன்னை மொழி தமிழ்) to your Kabir Doha quote could be:

    ஒன்றே செய்யினும் நன்றே செய்க! நன்றே செய்யினும் இன்றே செய்க! இன்றே செய்யினும் இனிதே செய்க!

  7. I think he should also look at troubles faced by middle class and common man, as well. Prices is one big issue. Petrol and Diesel prices have become an all time high. Govt may have to take some hit on taxes and pass on the resultant benefit to the common man. Fix non-availability of cash in ATMs and banks permanently; restore the credibility lost by the banking system, etc.

  8. There is a lot of expectations from Modi. Many have expectations like abolition of income tax. We Indians have a habit of expecting too much from a person who is really hard working. We see such tendencies in our offices also. We entrust more work and expect results from a good worker and never entrust responsibilities to an ordinary worker. That’s OK. But a good worker is always at the receiving end. We expect good worker to be punctual, perfect, humble and his small mistakes are also taken seriously. If an ordinary worker commits mistakes, we don’t take him seriously and seldom criticise him. Thus an ordinary worker lives in a more comfort zone than a good worker. In other words, if an ordinary worker is an orrogant person, he commands respect because he has every argument to defend himself. In Mahabharath we see lot of criticisms against Dharmaraya for his small mistakes and Duryodhana is almost immune from criticism. My observation is just to point out the irony. My idea is to tell that Modi is hard working and doing beyond his capacity. First, he is also a human being. Let’s empathise his position. Let’s appreciate him where it is due and talk a few words to motivate him. If we start putting pressure on him for not doing something we want, there is no end. Let us suggest and give good ideas to him telling him ‘ Dear Modi we are with you. We believe you. Go ahead.’. Now see how confidently he can take your words. Let’s also be humans with him because his integrity and sincerity are not suspected. Let’s not make his small faults, big issue . Except Modi I don’t see any leader of this caliber to lead our nation right now. Let’s give him some more time.

    • Well,,your sentiments are good but modi was given extrodinary marks in last elections – 282 ,,first time a party other than congress(janata party was an alliance) got a thumping majority.Expectations from modi is extraordinary.Sum total after 4 years shows that he is just an ordinary person going through the beaten path with honest plodding approach.It is not going to cleanse the muck accumulated and at best is just a stop gap operation.

  9. Possibly one of the finest articles I have read.Please continue to be blunt and forceful where ever needed because the bhakts have same urge to kiss someone’s posterior and stop being critical where needed.Having said that I don’t think Modi is a messaiah for the troubles we are passing through.He is a bullheaded bloke who gets enthused time to time when he finds that he has achieved big things ahead of many learned,articulate,knowledgeable and powerful people.So far he has not done a miserable job like maunmohansingh.he continues to have a reputation for being honest.Time has come for voters to look past modi.We need a politician who is as honest as modi , as popular as Modi especially the poor uneducated youths roaming our streets with hope, also as knowledgeable as DrSwamy.We also need in him an administrator of the quality of Sreedharan.All these attributes with excellent health will be a leader who can transform India.DrSwamy fits the bill but for vast masses will not vote him in.Till we get the leader fitting above requirements we will blunder along and no one will get agitated because the current standards are really pits

  10. Sree Iyer’s goading is all fine. However, we must remember that Modi’s freedom is curtailed by the Constitution and bureaucracy. But his thought processes are not restricted. That is a good intent.
    People need to forbear with patience the slow process. They ought to give Modi the time and a second term.
    If they are gone impatient with him and do not wish to see him in a second term, they do so at their own peril. For the country will be again subjected to the cycle of loot and plunder. Do the people want to see a mentally immatured and a plain idiot to come and represent the country. If thats what the people want, let them do and send their future generations to the cauldrom of chaos and chronic prblems with capital cronysm and anarchysm.

    A leader cannot alone change the nation’s future unless there is active participative peoples’ role in building the country.

    Do the people want judiciary disappear, dismiss judges, a lesson imbibed by the opposition from Pakistan, and appoint their favored ones with diction as to how to disburse judgments?
    Do the Indians want to continue to be divided on caste lines and blunt the efficiency of every individual and the nation to solve its own problems?
    Do the Hindus want to be dividied once again by inventing new religious groups within the Hindus (like Lingayat law by the moron Sidda)?
    Do the muslim women want to continue to suffer from being used and thrown on to the streets?
    Do the Hindus want to continue to draw caste barriers and keep their own flocks away from them and finally being lured by the adventurist Advent Christian Missionaries?

    If this what the Hindus and the Indians want, then let them bring back the muck into the system and install the person whose only criteria to claim the PMship is his dynastic background.

    Well meaning Indians know who can give them and their future generations a hope to live in peace and plenty. But, that is not enought. Modi and BJP has a responsibility to awaken the ordinary Indians of their own rights and what they need to do.

  11. Modiji has taken a lot of steps and measures which will deliver good results in the long run. However he needs to do something that will immediately and positively impact the people’s minds. This has not happened so far. In the run up to the 2019 elections, he must ensure this. E.g. Dr. Subramanian Swamy has been talking about abolition of Income Tax, increasing the Fixed Deposit rates to 9% etc. such measures will give great confidence to the common man. That this is not happening is certainly a matter of concern considering the fact that 2019 will not be a cakewalk for Modiji.

  12. Dear Mr Iyer
    No doubt you are doing a great job to expose people like PC and PR of NDTV.
    Such information no other channels or websites are posting.
    What is the use? All crooks are moving around freely? No action yet against them?
    PCs son was in custody and questioned and now the matter is in cold store?
    Only middle class and salaried are paying taxes and if not paid get notice from IT.
    2G scam all were set free? Does that mean such scam did not exist and citizens of India are fooled by media? As Arnab says Nation wants to know.
    We would like to see view points from Prof RV on various issues,
    Thanks Mr Iyer if you could reply, Best.

  13. At least now Sree Iyer has realised that it is time for Modi to deliver, which as a Hindu Nationalist I have been advocating on this website. Mr. Iyer your website wields considerable influence on PMO and so it is time for you to list out immediate do’s for Modi in more microscopic terms. I have a few suggestions:
    1. Get rid of all Lutyens brokers around you.
    2. End tax terrorism unleashed by the uncontrollable RS and his crony taxmen
    3. Don’t ignore core Hindu Nationalists who are middle class, traders, SMS business men etc. Adani and Ambani can fund elections but votes are cast by people. Appease them with at least small sops, they will be happy to vote for you again.
    4. Act tough on all UPA corruption and criminal cases of PC etc
    5. Deregulate farm sector by abolishing ceiling Laws, curbs on sale of produce etc
    6. Once again I reiterate engage middle class
    7. Don’t harass small employees in the guise of controlling corruption. Crack whip on biggies in Delhi.

  14. Modi did a biggest mistake by inducting Arun Jaitley who lost election and gave him Finance and Defence. It is still wonder why he gave Finance to Jaitley and avoided Subramanian Swamy from the Cabinet.

      • Art of success especially transforming ones are achieved when a leader has capability to lead highly knowledgeable,capable,independent minded,blunt speaking people who are focused on transformation/achievement rather than kissing posterior for the post they hold.

      • True. Dr. Swamy’s ego needs constant massaging, else he causes a ruckus. Jaitely stood by PM Modi throughout his struggle during post Godhra period when INC was trying to bulldoze him.

  15. Weekly press conference should be held by Dr. Swami,
    Dr.Swami should be inducted in cabinet !
    He should be given post of Public Affairs now n made finance n home minister post 2019 !!

    • He will be a daily news maker on News channels and a head ache for the PM. Not at all a good suggestion. I am impressed by PM’s reading of Dr Swamy. He has rightly been placed at a distance.

      • Exactly… Swamy is good n helps in unearthing almost all scams but complete reliance on him is a little questionable…
        Even I marvel at modi ji ka intelligence…
        He knows where to use, who to use and when to use…
        Wish there were many more people like him to contribute for a great India…
        Swamy ji is too good in certain aspects but 100% trustworthy is a little doubt.

  16. Indeed ..Ma Bharat needs PM Modi to save herself from those who are determined to destroy Her…So Modiji should act NOW…its NOW or NEVER!!


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