A covert operation in CBDT to save Sonia and Rahul from Income Tax case in National Herald collapses

Another dubious move by CBDT in the Finance Ministry to save RaGa and SoGa from National Herald scuttled, thanks to a timely intervention

Another dubious move by CBDT in the Finance Ministry to save RaGa and SoGa from National Herald scuttled, thanks to a timely intervention
Another dubious move by CBDT in the Finance Ministry to save RaGa and SoGa from National Herald scuttled, thanks to a timely intervention

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s timely intervention on the prompt alert by BJP leader Subramanian Swamy collapsed the Congress leadership’s attempts to issue a dubious Circular by Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) to save them from the tax default case in National Herald. Shockingly, on December 31, 2018, CBDT issued a dubious Circular diluting the tax burden on the fresh issue of shares.

These incidents prove that there are many traitors in every party and there are many keeping unholy relations cutting across party lines.

This was a cunning attempt engineered by the former Finance Minister P Chidambaram, who is now the lead lawyer of Sonia Gandhi & Rahul Gandhi and with National Herald facing more than Rs.400 crores tax evasion case in the National Herald case. Congress leaders lost the case against Income Tax in all forums and now their last appeal is pending in the Supreme Court, where the case is scheduled on January 8. This dubious circular by CBDT was issued by a clever act by Congress leaders led by Chidambaram to save their High Command. The CBDT was forced to issue this order by Finance Ministry headed by Arun Jaitley. The idea was to show this circular to the Supreme Court in the next hearing to save Sonia and Rahul from tax default. The content of the circular is same as what Chidambaram and battery of Congress lawyers arguing in Supreme Court.

But this was collapsed after many honest Income Tax officials alerted BJP leader Subramanian Swamy, who is the main petitioner in the National Herald case. Swamy alerted Prime Minister Narendra Modi and RSS leadership about this fraud orchestrated in the Finance Ministry under Jaitley to save Sonia and Rahul from tax evasion case. According to highly placed officials, Modi ordered for the cancelation of this dubious CBDT Circular on January 3 and the Order was withdrawn by CBDT on January 4 in the evening[1].

Many senior Income Tax officers say this dubious move originated from the Finance Ministry in the garb of giving some relief to the new investors from Angel Tax. Chidambaram-friendly officers were behind this move, they say.

Hearing Modi’s direction on withdrawal of the dubious CBDT Order next came the Congress’ DRAMA! After the withdrawal of the Order, on January 4 evening, Congress conducted a Press Conference at AICC Head Quarters by Vivek Tankha MP and Ahmed Patel congratulating CBDT for issuing a new order on December 31, which was canceled few hours ago. Congress leaders said they are welcoming the CBDT Order! And declared that this circular vindicates their stand in the National Herald case![2] Actually, Congress was planning to quietly submit the CBDT Circular of December 31 in the Supreme Court on January 8 to get relief for Sonia and Rahul. But the plan collapsed due to Prime Minister’s intervention and the Circular was canceled on January 4. So a drama was created by calling a press conference thanking CBDT on January 4, for December 31 Circular, which was canceled hours before the Press Conference!

And next day Congress leaders started crying that the Order was withdrawn by “vendetta” filled Modi. Blaming Jaitley headed Finance Ministry, the BJP leader Subramanian Swamy said that the Government should probe who all played the dirty games in issuing this dubious circular to save Sonia and Rahul from the tax evasion in National Herald case.

This is not the first time the Finance Ministry under Arun Jaitley has done double-dealings in the National Herald case. In mid-2014, weeks after the trial court summoned the Congress leaders, the Enforcement Directorate issued a dubious circular to its officers asking them not to register any money laundering cases based on the summons issued by courts. The illegal order also said that the officers should wait for the Supreme Court’s decisions and not to initiate actions. The circular was withdrawn after Subramanian Swamy filed complaints to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and RSS leaders, blaming Arun Jaitley for covert operations.

It must be remembered Arun Jaitley’s controversial interview with Barkha Dutt in 2015. In his interview, Jaitley said if National Herald’s publisher Associated Journal Limited (AJL) pays back Rs.90 crores to Congress party, the case will end!. Now Income Tax found that the so-called loan of Rs.90 crores was just a hoax and this fake loan claim was nothing but a clever ploy by Sonia and Rahul to covertly take over the Rs.5000 crores worth land assets across in India by AJL.

These incidents prove that there are many traitors in every party and there are many keeping unholy relations cutting across party lines.


[1] CBDT withdraws Circular on applicability of section 56(2)(viia) for shares issued by company in which public not substantially interestedJan 4, 2019, ABCAUS.In

[2] Congress Press ConferenceJan 5, 2019, YouTube

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  1. Dear swamy ,
    Cant you meet the PM and appraise of the scandals of the FM and throw him out. Why are we having this black sheep in our party

  2. Who has what at stakes in the battle of all battles – 2019 elections? Modi has his life’s mission – making India is world class country to lead the world as spiritual teacher – at stake; for him, 2019 test is now or never. But what is at stake for Arun Jaitly? Perhaps, nothing more than securing again a ministerial birth – because he is millions of miles away from having any vision about India. He is – and has always been – an ordinary person, earning nothing more in his life than becoming a lawyer (one may add an adjective ‘successful’ to the world lawyer). He has nothing to lose if he re-pays his friendship to Chidambram but Modi has everything to lose if Jaitly is able to help Sonia and Rahul in Herald case via Chidambram. Modi may have temporary necessity to retain Jaitley but he must get rid of this ‘mole of any would-be power’, that is, Jaitly. And, sooner the better. A serious damage to Modi and to an emerging new India may be done by this Jaitly.

    • Fantastic analysis Shreepal Singh ji. Your views make it a lot Clearer about Arun Jaitley’s dubious character right from the beginning……He is indeed a mole of Congress, Chidambaram & SoGa. He should be eliminated from all ministerial berths in 2019. Never the imp. portfolio of Finance.

  3. After 2014 May verdict of handing 282 LS seats to BJP, we thought PM Modi would have a good team to rectify the entire “rotten system”. He continued with UPA teams! It seems after his nearly five years of experience now many of the mega scams of UPA 1&2 are slowly being forgotten and Modi wants us to “focus” on his model of “Development”. His government sometimes says Rs.56 Lakhs Crores NPAs under UPA governments and sometimes Rs.12 Laks crores NPAs ! Which is the correct figure? No white paper on “economic status” was published in 2014. One gets a feeling that all mega scams and NPAs will be a history. Present cases on fugitives are enough for Modi to set right his image before elections.
    AJ and Modi are not novice. Both are smart and do not require support of their core vote bank anymore now. Anyhow urban voters do not come out and vote! Their target is to form a coalition government in 2019. In fact Dr.S.Swamy’s cases have become headaches for BJP who are running government with UPA Bureaucrats teams!! Hence there is no quality in governance except few ministries. It seems AJ and Modi do not mind sacrificing or ignoring Dr.S Swamy to form government after impending elections in April/May 2019. It is for “academic interest” one has to probe BJP ministers, MPs (including AJ) progeny getting into wed-locks with Cong-I big leader’s wards thereby establishing a good internal link with Rahul and Sonia or with Dynasty chelas and chumchas.

    In 2014 Cong-i even was not recognized as “leader of opposition” status due to lack of ten percent norm in a 545 full house of Parliament. But BJP made Rahul a big leader now!! BJP may end up bringing Priyanka Vadra and Robert in to the Parliament to get them immunity from Parliament.One should not underestimate Cong-I bringing Vadras from safe Karnataka thus “Electrifying” election campaigns!

    BJP is not a party of “saints”.
    BJP minus Dr.S.Swamy is equal to Cong-I….. since the current corruption cases are due to Dr,Swamy efforts!! BJP takes shelter by saying that Dynasty planted its lawyers in Courts!Hence delays….

    • I agree with the facts that courts are full of supporters of congress. Congress appears to be following a policy of party welfare and not country welfare or neither good administration to society.

  4. Many interesting comments and people are getting aware of corrupt practices in some quarters in this govt.too. but Modi -ji we are with tou hut pls ensure that the corrupt are behind bars before April’19

  5. What’s the action being taken against the officials who were involved in taking out this circular. Unless that action is taken,one will find such traitors who are willing to make a quick buck. Hope Modi addresses this aspect also.

  6. Arun Jaiitaly should be sent on sabatical on helth grounds immdly. He is a Mole in BJP government. Modiji should take URGENT action in this regard.

  7. Sonia Rahul Ahmed Patel p.chidambaramm Oscar Fernandez Moti LAL vohra cohort of anti India organisation with dual citizenship loot loot more corruption is there only mission

  8. Mr.Chidambaram is well known for his dubious actions.He was declared defeated in parl. Election sometime back and to everyone’s surprise he was declared winner after a few hours.

  9. Looks to me Arun Jaitley doesn’t have any clue who are the moles in the finance ministry
    Best thing to do like in US, remove all and substitute with BJP people

  10. Dr Swamy may need to be careful

    SG & RG can claim the circular was genuine and play victim card in court.

    Moles in finance ministry can come out and say they have issued the letter based on merit

  11. Arun Jaitely is a traitor & has to be shunted out of entire BJP minister / BJP party. Shameless fellow trying to shield the criminals. Why Modi is still hell bent upon keeping him in the cabinet ?

    • Arun Jaitley is a biggest traitor joining hands with O Chidambaram. He should be removed from BJP and should be banned from taking part in elections from BJP side. He is also a biggest threat to PM leaking into info to opposition parties.

  12. One man army Dr Swamyb and still few honest IAS officers keeping india safe and strong.
    If hindus wants to survive must elect BJP with big margin all Hindus should vite for bjp .

  13. How is that Arun Jaitly joined to help fraudsters to get away and why he should act against country’s interest only because he does not like Dr Subramanyam Swamy who is straight forward in the interest of the country

  14. The whole thing should be investigated. Why is FM not playing to the rules and is keen on helping the accused by causing the issue of illegal circulars by the concerned authorities? If DR MMS was said to be operated by Mrs Ggandi, is Mr Modi being operated by Mr Jaitly. What is happening behind the scenes. Mr Jaitly and Mr Modi must make matters public.

  15. If Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Dr. Sree Iyer, Dr. Nalapad, Mr. S. Gurumurthy, Mr. Rajiv Malhotra and Mr. Arnab Goswami are indeed truly objective, have no party affiliations, Patriotic, Honest and truly care for India, they should Question and Debate with our Honourable Arun Jaitley and Modi as to why are Stalling and Delaying the key Corruption Cases going ahead. Yes, there is a lot of media hype but Arun J amd Modi have drawn back to strike where they should go all out to Walk their Talk. India and the welfare of the common Aam Admi is more important than the individual/party benefits. Modi/Arun J. Who is the lead working for the “C-Company” – putting self-goals? S.G. yaps a lot about DMK, AIADMK misrule, is not his duty to question the erring or failing BJP Executive when it comes across like a gaping wound?

    • Not so fast.

      Arnab Goswami has long been under the tutelage of urban naxal prannoy roy. Owing to some ego clash launched his own channel. Did manage to hoodwink many including S.Gurumurthy who praised him as ‘patriotic ‘ blah blah. Yeah , he made strident pro Hanumanthappa noises while talking about tukde tukde gang.

      However if you have watched him closely would have seen through him. Is too fond of treasonous john dayals & kindred ones. Makes all scream together in highest decibels. Gets his trp ratings . Period.

      MD.Nalapat has also been praising rahul gandhi. A typical secular pontificating to us Hindus .

      S.Gurumurthy is what we call in Tamil ” பூனைக்கும் தோழன் , பாலுக்கும் காவல் ”. Has often confessed his fondness & regard for communist tyrants like jyoti basu , bardhan despite writing voluminously on the evils of communist ideology , has been shamelessly glorifying dmk’s karunanidi ; quite shallow in Spirituality as he wrote so many ‘thondargal’ jointly praying around the cadaver of karunanidi must have catapulted him straight to heaven…The RSS of which he is a member is notorious for its masochism in my opinion. Recently during the floods in Kerala it was certain naive RSS members who were brainwashed enough to scrub & clean various churches , offering them food clothes etc & eventually DYING. Gurumurthy published their photos calling them ”martyrs”. It is the same Gurumurthy who has plaintively boohooed ” look at so many RSS members being hacked to death mercilessly by ruling party members …”. This is dangerous idiocy.

      It is people like Gurumurthy who do not rally behind H.Raja . The latter is left to fight all by himself. This is how Hindus formed Hindu Munnani as RSS is too appeasing & secular. Gurumurthy has also been endorsing kollywood actors.

      Whereas people like Rajiv Malhotra & Subramaniam Swamy are lot more perspicacious. So is Sree.Iyer.

    • Jaitley should be questioned by all these honest people why Jaitley is protecting all these cirrupt criminals. There seems some thing fishy. Is he indirectly helping all the corrupt criminals. The credibility of Jaitley is a big question mark. He should be grilled by all these people for protecting all these criminals.

  16. Truth and Definite Fact: ABVP Groomed Arun Jaitley [Jutley] is Senior Card Member of the Delhi Lutyens and works for his Close Chamcha, Chidambaram across the party lines. Arun J is in Chidu’s payroll or he has Arun’s dealings that PC could Expose. Modi is in Arun Jutley’s pocket. So, it is all transactions or deal adjustments happening between the Top Duo on either side of the Delhi Warlords. Aam Admi does not count or the Courts could be countered. The C-Company led by Sonia-Rahul-P.Chidu vs. Arun Jaitley, Ambani/Adhani along with Sir Modi at the Top playing for the A-Company. C and A company take turns to rule India like the prodigal parties – “”DMK – ADMK of Tamilnadu. Dr. Swamy, Mr. Arnab Goswami, Mr. S. Gurumurthy would keep screaming for the A team while Prannoy Roy et al would want the C-Company to emerge as the Victor. Thus, the media war would go on for ever keeping the Aam Admi remain confused while Corruption would remain until the Chinese take over and throw them ALL into the darkness of non-possession to plunge India back into slavery AGAIN.

  17. Once again Swami ji has proved his tremendous potential to defeat the corrupt khangressi and the big traitor sitting at one of the top post in Modi ji govt.

  18. How about changing Arun Jailtely from this powerful ministry. he is one of the man reason for the present dissent against the government

  19. More strict action must be taken by PM Modi-Ji against supporters of corruption in his own govt.
    Just canceling the Circular is not enough.
    The root cause must be eliminated, otherwise the problem will occur again in future.
    Hope PM Modi-ji is serious about this issue. Time will tell..

  20. Great article and prompt action by Subramanian Swamy and PM Modi!

    Hopefully justice gets served in National Herald Case.

    • Time alone can tell whether Arun JAITLEY is a dependable Gaitly AJ from ABVP days or in fact a Jutley, a modern Jaichand working for a big-fat RETAINER fee from the- C-Company.


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