Aditya Satsangi wonders if US Congressmen/ women know the facts on Kashmir

US Congressmen/ women need to know the facts about Kashmir before expressing concerns. Aditya Satsangi explains the situation on the ground and how just 7 out of 190+ police stations is under curfew. Communications are enabled - only Internet is not in the troubled regions.


  1. There is a townhall planned by Mr. Ro Khanna on Thursday evening at 6:30 PM. Let’s go there and protest and call out the Democrats bigotry.

  2. We Indians should never be apologetic about Kashmir.It is our territory,and no need to listen to sermons from outsiders.Even in a home,don’t husband and wife quarrel,don’t parents have a right to discipline their children.For us Indians J&Kand ladakh are just two among many states. We Indians have full rights in J&K as we have in any other state in India.


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