After Income Tax objection, Madras HC Judge Anita Sumanth recuses SELF from Karti’s case. IT points out that earlier she was Karti firm’s Advocate

Anita Sumanth, who as a lawyer represented Karti Chidambaram's firms, recuses herself from hearing a case involving Karti

Anita Sumanth, who as a lawyer represented Karti Chidambaram's firms, recuses herself from hearing a case involving Karti
Anita Sumanth, who as a lawyer represented Karti Chidambaram's firms, recuses herself from hearing a case involving Karti

In a bizarre incident, the Income Tax (IT) department raised objections against Justice Anita Sumanth hearing the case involving tainted former Finance Minister P Chidambaram’s son Karti as the judge earlier represented Karti’s controversial firm Advantage Strategic Consulting as an advocate. The advocate of Income Tax on Monday pointed it out to the Madras High Court Judge Anita Sumanth that it was not fair that she hears the case of Karti as she represented Karti’s company as an Advocate, before becoming a judge. After hearing the objection from the Income Tax counsel, Justice Anita Sumanth agreed to recuse herself from the case.

Justice Anita Sumanth immediately agreed to ask the Madras High Court Chief Justice to allocate the case to another Bench. Interestingly, Sumanth Raman, spouse of Anita appears in most TV channels attending debates. In many of these TV debates, Sumanth Raman can be seen supporting Chidambaram and family members in corruption cases. On many occasions, he has accused the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) of acting as per the instructions of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to frame the Chidambaram family.

Earlier another bench of the Madras High Court refused to hear Karti’s frequent petitions against Income Tax to derail the cases registered under the Black Money Act[1]. The previous week, a trial court dismissed the petitions of Karti and wife against the Income Tax prosecution. Special Judge D Lingeshwaran direct Karti and wife to personally be present in Court on July 21 and cautioned that warrants would be issued if they did not appear in person[2].

During the hearing in trial court, the Income Tax Department told the court that Karti received Rs 6.38 crore in cash while his wife received Rs 1.35 core in cash for the same of the land. It was also alleged that Nalini Chidambaram (Karti’s mother) received the payment in the form of cheque while the son and his wife received cash in a land sale in Chennai seashore area.


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[2] Chennai: Karti Chidambaram, wife to face trial in 7 crore income tax caseJan 8, 2020, Times of India

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  1. It does not speak well of the lady judge that she chose to recluse only after the I.T. Department objected to her being on the bench hearing criminal Karthi’s case. A lady of questionable integrity, she never disclosed her past connection with Karthi to the CJI at the time of the constitution of the bench. Her credentials need to be investigated.

  2. I was under the impression that Sumant c Raman, has eye and neck problem, because he twists his head and looks at sky during TV debates. A proud doctorate pseudo Hindu from TN.

  3. Sumanth C. Raman is a Cunning Crook blindly going all out to defend Corrupt Congress Company with gay abandon all the time including its Tamilnadu Kingpin, the unadulterated Pure Chor, Chettinad, P. Chidambaram and Co. Find out the Ties, links, unholy nexus and possible Benami transactions going between Sumanth C. Raman and the CA of Karti Chidu, Mr. Bhaskar Raman. Angle worth investigating.

  4. Almost all the Judges in the Madras HC are in the Payroll of this criminal Chidambaram

    All cases related to this criminal family y should be shifted to some other HC

    CJI should reprimand this Corrupt Judge Anita Sumant & should keep her off Judicial duties

    A thorough investigation into her Elevation as a Judge & HC Justice should be conducted


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