Karti Chidambaram and wife to face trial in Income Tax evasion case. Madras High Court rejects Karti’s petitions against Income Tax

The Law albeit slowly is catching up with the Chidambaram family as the Madras High Court rules that Karti and his wife must stand trial for Income Tax evasion

The Law albeit slowly is catching up with the Chidambaram family as the Madras High Court rules that Karti and his wife must stand trial for Income Tax evasion
The Law albeit slowly is catching up with the Chidambaram family as the Madras High Court rules that Karti and his wife must stand trial for Income Tax evasion

In a big jolt to former Finance Minister P Chidambaram’s family, the Madras High Court rejected his son Karti Chidambaram and wife Srinidhi’s petition against Income Tax charge sheet of more than Rs.7 crores tax evasion in a land purchase case. Congress Member of Parliament (MP) Karti and wife tried all their tricks against the Income Tax case, where the trial court had already framed charges against them. Karti and his wife filed two cases in Madras High Court –  one was against the trial court’s framing of charges and quash the Income Tax charge sheet and the second was the validity of the court to handle his case. In the second case, Karti said that the special court for MP’s can’t initiate a trial against him as he was not MP during the tax evasion period.

In a video conference with advocates from both sides, Justice M Sundar rejected both petitions of Karti and wife and ordered them to face the trial. Karti was represented by noted lawyer and Congress MP KTS Tulsi and a battery of many lawyers including Amit Desai. Income Tax was represented by Public Prosecutors M Sheela and N Bhaskaran.  Adv Vijay Kumar appeared for the HC Registry in the transfer challenge petition.

Income Tax found that Karti and wife made huge tax evasion in a prime land sale in Muttukkadu village, Kanchipuram. Earlier, there was a controversial land purchase in Madras East Coast Road. Many fishermen accused Chidambaram family of grabbing their walking area to the sea shore[1]. Later on, as controversies arose, the family started selling a portion of their land parcels near the seashore, which was earlier planned for hotel construction.  Income Tax accused Karti of accepting Rs.6.38 crores and wife of accepting Rs.1.35 crores in cash illegally from the Kanchipuram land sale deal. This deal was exposed after the raid in December 2015 by the joint operation of Income Tax and Enforcement Directorate (ED) in Karti’s controversial firm Advantage Strategic Consulting Pvt Ltd in connection with the Aircel Maxis scam.

Chidambaram and family were playing all kinds of tricks to sabotage the Income Tax cases. Income Tax has already approached the Supreme Court against the Madras High Court for quashing another case registered under Black Money Act for illegal properties abroad. In the current tax evasion case, Income Tax earlier objected to Justice Anitha Sumanth hearing the case citing that once as an Advocate she represented Karti’s controversial firm Advantage Strategic Consulting Pvt Ltd. Income Tax Prosecutor M Sheela pointed out this seeking recusal of the Judge. The Judge’s husband Sumanth Raman can be frequently seen in many TV channel debates appearing to argue for Chidambaram family’s corruption cases also[2].

Karti is already accused along with his father Chidambaram in the Aircel-Maxis and INX Media bribery cases filed by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the ED. The ED has already attached Karti’s properties in Delhi, Ooty, London, and Spain[3].  His mother Nalini Chidambaram is also accused in the Sarada Chit Fund scam case filed by the CBI and Nalini is also facing CBI probe in a hotel grabbing case in connivance with Indian Overseas Bank officials, when Chidambaram was the Finance Minister[4].


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  1. What do they do with all this lucre? Is there no satiation point in acquisition of wealth. Is this mindset similar to kleptomania?

  2. PC and Nalini know all the loop holes. Without spending and putting even a small fraction of the looted money, Power-hungry Chor and Co, will use their stooges and chamchas like KTT and other top lawyers they have groomed at the Madras HC and Delhi SC to delay multitude of cases that would be kept pending until they leave the world, so Karti’s daughter may settle it by paying a paltry sum as fine and get away to lead a lavish life in UK. Time for Chidus to delay and send their kid to follow the route map and escapade path set by Vijay Mallya, Lalit Modi, Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi, Nithyananda. Indians are adept and clever in the art of cheating, delaying tactics, seasoned clever sophisticated cunning crooks who use the caste, community, connections and contacts Card to writhe out from any tight cases levelled against them at all times.

  3. Feel sorry for Dr. Srinidhi happily dancing, doing Public Health and PR work in Chennai but got caught in the Lutyens money mania Maya fully deluded under the grip of Powerful Pukka Chor, PC, who like Bhishma, coerced such a bright girl to marry his prodigal thug son Karti. Power corrupts and big money absolutely corrupts. What is life with all this stinking wealth with no respect, be it they live in big mansions of Karaikudi or Chennai or Delhi and London. Her parents and Srinidhi did not realize what mess they would get into like Gandhari. Example of wrong company/alliance. Too much money brings more trouble than any good in the long run. Remember the Tamil proverbs, Kooda Natpu, Vidhi Valiadhu, Oozh Vinai Varuthu Vandhutum.

  4. Do PC blame as this a conspiracy against Congress? Shame onthem..Shame on Congress for keeping him in a keypost. Criminals and scoundrels.. He will ne another liability to the country and Congress party.

    This is intriguing & fishy – Why Justice Bunder ruled against Chidu??!!
    Same judge had twice stayed proceedings against Karti-Srinidhi Jan&Feb
    How come Judges in the payroll of Chidambaram became PARAGONS OF VIRTUE overnight???!!!
    When is the next hearing on this case? – May be Justice Bunder would have consoled Chidu saying – Do not worry, This case will be delayed indefinitely making it to impossible to arrive at a logical conclusion.
    Who will be the Presiding Judge? Will it be the same Justice Bunder??!!
    If that is so, Justice Bunder may again quash the case on merits.
    Or is it that our ‘sleeping Central Govt’ suddenly awoke & alerted our Intelligence Agencies to shadow the ‘hearings’ & ‘judges hearing Chidu’s cases’??!!

  6. Such ruthless criminal mentality can only be curbed by creating utter fear of the Law. Confiscation of all the ill-gotten riches and execution of the culprits only can act as correct deterrent. The laws should be sharpened to punish those who have robbed the huge amounts of money of the poor people of this country.

  7. What are we gloating about?.. PC and Co. will go to SC and will delay the matter. This joke will keep going on and on and on…

    • Mr.Ganesh, Problem of this country is the increased number of negative mindset people like you. Have you done anything on this matter as a responsible citizen, except cursing and thinking negative like grumpy aunts. Be positive Ganesh. Do Yoga, the best to cure people like you

  8. Great job by PGurus in pursuing closely and following developments on this family of exceptional thieves.


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