Robert Vadra: Congress’ Liability No: 1 and the way out

In a wide-ranging sentiment expressed by Congress party workers, Robert Vadra is the #1 liability for Congress

In a wide-ranging sentiment expressed by Congress party workers, Robert Vadra is the #1 liability for Congress
In a wide-ranging sentiment expressed by Congress party workers, Robert Vadra is the #1 liability for Congress

There is no doubt that Robert Vadra still continues to be the Congress party’s Liability Number:  1. “It’s never too late to become who you want to be. I hope you live a life that you’re proud of, and, if you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start over,” said F. Scott Fitzgerald, American essayist.

If Congress has to even think of coming back, first they should have the strength for getting rid of Liability number 1, Robert Vadra, and his image. On Robert Vadra, the Gandhis’ have to take a clear and strong stand as to what will be his role in the future. He cannot be allowed to continue in his present role, say even peons of the All India Congress Committee (AICC) office. Now the entire country knows about him and he is no longer a person who can move out incognito. His deals are an open secret.

Sonia Gandhi should have during the United Progressive Alliance V1 (UPA 1) only given him some job as per his leanings and capacity and monitored it but she failed miserably. As a consequence, he has already created a mess like Karti Chidambaram. Now he is above 50 years and as per Hindu tradition, he should take “Sanyas” and spend time in an ashram and devote his time in prayers and in the Spiritual field. If he can mold his way, in 10-12 years, people will change their opinion about him or if he doesn’t want to take Sanyas then he should be given a Lok Sabha seat which Congress has never won to date and settled there. He should come in politics but LIMIT himself to that seat only, many Congress leaders feel. Some of them suggest Vadra may be shifted to his home town Moradabad and contest and work for the party. This shows that many Congress leaders are fed up with his interference in party affairs.

Flashy Lifestyle

“He should only speak about the problems of that constituency and work there and stay there and forget DELHI for the next 5 years and that too without flashy cars, tight jeans, and showing his biceps in which India is not interested!! There are enough gymnasts in India with better biceps to be seen!”, say some insiders.

Robert has to realise how much damage he has caused to Congress and to the Gandhis as a political family. It is his moral duty now to undo what he has done. If he doesn’t then he deserves no mercy and if still Gandhis cling on to him then they also don’t deserve to rule this country and God never given the power to people who have no control over their senses, emotions, and greed.

“You may become greedy after coming to power and later be removed unceremoniously because of your sins but to get the power you have to sacrifice personal life and luxuries,” say many Congress leaders complaining about the damage to the party caused by the Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s controversial son-in-law. The party leaders complain that they still are being pressurized by Vadra for including his men and women in party’s office bearer appointments in every forum from district to Pradesh Congress committees. Similar is the opinion of Congress Chief Ministers and Ministers on his interference still when it comes to postings and allotments.

Dodie Smith, the English novelist of The Hundred and One Dalmatians in her first novel ‘I Capture the Castle’, set against the background of Second World War put it on the best way, “Truthfulness so often goes with ruthlessness”.

After his marriage in 1997, Robert Vadra has enjoyed enough hospitalities, power, and freebies for the past 23 years. He should realise Congress had that power because of votes and sacrifice of poor Congress workers who don’t have a decent place to live, good food to eat and sub-standard schools for their children but still “Congressism and ideology of Congress” is what motivates them and they vote for Congress and give power to it. That power cannot be misused like this. It is the trust which they confer upon their leadership. Today this trust is lost. It has to be regained by sacrifices, humility, connectivity, and empathy. Now arrogance, ignorance, flashy life, erratic behaviour, and occasional rants have no place in politics, says a former Cabinet Minister in UPA 1 & 2.

Priyanka’s faux pas

Priyanka Gandhi did the biggest blunder of her political life by openly aligning with Robert in his shady deals – in case if she doesn’t condemn shady deals then God bless her. India doesn’t need the Vadra model of business — getting money without buying land and selling it at astronomical profits!!!.  Amazing business. Anyway, as a wife she did well by accompanying him to the Enforcement Directorate (ED) office although that is not a Temple where wife should accompany husband so that as per Hindu rituals puja is complete! She has convinced every sane Indian that Robert has undue influence over Gandhis and he will be the de facto Prime Minister if Congress ever comes to power!

Now, who does she expect to vote for Vadra via Congress?? She has seriously jeopardised her political career and ambitions by this move, and now she needs to rectify her mistakes by making a sacrifice for Congress party because of which they have everything – from power, perks to standing in the society. This move has exposed the level of her political understanding and what type of political advisers she has around herself!! She has to get rid of them as fast as possible. India has no dearth of brilliant and intellectual people who are always there to do something for the country. The Gandhis need to spend time and energy to find them and pull them towards them.

Robert Vadra should take all his cronies surrounding him to either his remote political constituency and stay in a 2-bedroom simple house and travel in a non-AC car because he is physically fit as he claims or set up a temple and ashram in any remote part of India and devote 10 years in expressing his gratitude towards GOD who has given him so much and family and children can visit him there. He will also them realise how many men surrounding him accompany him, or he too has greedy and ambitious people around him to fleece him, say Congress leaders fed up with the interference of the son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi.

For Congress and the Gandhi family, here is a piece of advice: “Business Empires and Dynasties are not built on Day One, but they will never be built if you don’t start on Day One”.

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  1. All this is fine. But why’s the Modi Sircar not doing anything about his cases. Even after 6 years they have nothing to show (even one conviction) against the corrupt family or UPA.
    Does anyone know what’s the status of cases relating to the scams – 2G, Coal, CWG and umpteen other cases.
    Next elections the UPA is sure to say we are innocent and we were falsely portrayed as corrupt. They may even get sympathy votes.

  2. Do I assume that PGurus channel is solitarily yearning that Congress comes back “somehow” or that PGurus team has ‘another’ journalistic policy or that it is becoming obnoxiously worried about an impending political vacuum? This question arose slightly after reading the previous article on the so-called Gandhis and is reinforced after reading this rant . Further, the article lacks the usual purposeful and daring investigative journalism of the team and edges on the tabloid style. When the team claims to have expertise in a variety of fields viz. Journalism, Technology, Economics, Politics, Sports & Business, I am sure purposeful articles on any of these would have been more welcome. There are many writers in the cinema field for such articles and fortunately the team does not show case that as a field.

    Let us make an indelible mark in productive journalism and not smudge the focus.

  3. Laughable article by Team Gurus, trying to be sympathetic & giving lessons to them. Can eagle become a swan ? Think Team Gurus is losing its focus…. how about talking of Dawood Ibrahim as the role model of a changed man ?
    Do Team Gurus steel see the fake chinese DNA dynasty to be of some worth ? still believe they will improve India after what Indians seen in lst 70 years of their rule….
    Disgusting article & not expected from Team gurus.

  4. Congress come back?Why to squueze India again to the last drop?India is and will be happy if this corrupt family goes into oblivion permanently

  5. It seems that Pguru has some soft corner for Sonia & company. Robert is better person than Sonia. But in national interest entire congress & Congress minded persons including leftists & muslims should be kicked out.

  6. Not only Robert Vadra, the entire Sonia family is liability to Congress party and the Nation. Time to get rid of this Family from Indian polity and Law must wheel on them


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