The nomination saga of RaGa proves that All are equal but some are more equal

What George Orwell wrote to poke fun at Communism can be applied to what is playing out in the World's Largest Democracy. Despite a candidate acknowledging his dual citizenship, which disqualifies him from contesting for elections, MHA ignores it

By Satya Dosapati

New York, Apr 22, 2019: Save Indian Democracy, an Organization based in USA that played instrumental role in India getting VVPAT EVMs in 2010 is being approached by Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) who are not citizens of India to help with getting a formal procedure to contest in India’s Lok Sabha Elections from Election Commission of India. PIOs from United States, UK, Australia, Singapore have expressed deep interest in contesting in India’s Lok Sabha elections.

While it was earlier thought that in order to contest in India’s election a candidate needed to be an Indian Citizen, it is now being understood that either there can be exceptions made or the law is not necessarily followed. For example, the news media is reporting that Mr. Rahul Gandhi, the Congress candidate from two constituencies is known to have two Indian passports under different names as well as a British Passport and an Italian Passport. Similarly, Priyanka Gandhi who is known to be Italian Citizen is planning to contest in one of the UP constituencies.

PIO’s have strong bonds to India and want to take time away from their regular employment for a few years and contribute to India’s development. Save Indian Democracy is proud to facilitate for PIOs worldwide to contribute to vibrant India’s democracy by contesting in India’s elections and provide their talents for India’s development when elected.


  1. Satya Dosapati, your post is commendable. Your view on working in India for few years is not good due to age old pulling the legs “crab mentality” in our polity!! You will not be entertained by Cong-I – Commies mindset bureaucracy still in service!!

    PIOs love towards their mother land is praise worthy. PIOs valuable contributions shall be more than Nehru-Gandhis who destroyed our country under “secular mantra” with stinking corruption and money stashed away in foreign vaults for 65 years. BJP lead government failed on corruption issue. In our polity vested interests works for the ruling party from 9 to 5 and after sunset goes into opposition camp/work for shadow government / government in waiting!! This “dual membership” is continued even to this day!!

    In India ministership is given on caste basis and illegal earnings/gratifications from the same goes towards party funds or oneself becoming rich with big pot bellies, tom cats and commandos around with mammoth sized cars !! This trend was minimised by PM Modi. Under Modi corruption at ministry level is Zero. There is no “quality” in ministry making except six ministries.In India shuffling /swapping ministers menace is even under Modi Sarkar!! Appointing governors except few good ones others are pathetic some hold/control two or three states! Anarchy prevails. Here Home Minister failed!

    During second term do not expect Modi government to act on Dynasty. His party forgot core issues promised ages ago and n 2014 also. Without Arun Jaitley, Modi does not move. Ofcourse, Modi ji is entitled to have his way!!

    In the instant case of Rahul or Priyanka (and may be surprise citizenship of Robert who knows and under BJP second term government Robert may become Member of Parliament) it is really shameful to see this Nehru Gandhi Dynasty is protected with special security apparatus, three separate mansions, best of privileges “on par” with PM and President of India! At taxpayers money. As a voter, I feel that “if” BJP still intends to protect the corrupt and rogue dynasty, BJP should foot their bills henceforth. Not by taxpayers. No law catches the Dynasty.They get away with it.

    Hence, your opinion, view, request to give a chance to PIOs is justified at the backdrop of Rahul and Priyanka holding multiple passports illegally disregarding Article 3/9 of the indian constitution.

  2. All are not equal. Navjot Sidhu gets a wrap in the knuckle after the horses have fled. Azam Khan is the same. Sadhavi has 2 FIR almost before she finished her sentence. Rahul will get away with anything – National Herald, or Citizenship or Contempt of SC.
    Seems to be a pet child of nation. Spoilt brat enjoying his ENTITTLEMENT.


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