An open letter to Hon. PM & Hon. FM

The majority of such artists are self individual employees with no social security or come under provident funds and kind of pension schemes.

The majority of such artists are self individual employees with no social security or come under provident funds and kind of pension schemes.
The majority of such artists are self individual employees with no social security or come under provident funds and kind of pension schemes.

Art & culture are inseparable aspects of human life and the country’s live wires.

Our country is Bhaarat (not India), we are all Bhaarateeya. Compared to all other nations in the world our National flag with the motto of “Sathyam-Samathvam-Swathanthryam” flies a loft withstanding all sorts of onslaughts and the latest being onslaught of a Corona pandemic. We will come out of it soon on the strength of our art and culture and long deep-rooted heritage.

I have tweeted and sent an open letter earlier requesting you to announce a new economic policy in the outbreak of the pandemic. Representing all artistes and cultural activists in our Bhaarat my humble request to PM & FM is to consider some priority to art & culture like the ancient rulers of Bhaarat have done.

Specifically, I want to humbly request your government to consider certain privileges and perks to the Padma Awardees many whom are not economically sound, in spite of being national assets.

Please give them at least a monthly pension to maintain themselves after active life pursuing their respective art forms. As you may probably realize the majority of such artists are self individual employees with no social security or come under provident funds and kind of pension schemes. some artists/artisans may not even have Life Insurance, but they are civil awardees and the nation’s pride.

Hoping for a new down of the bright sun on the horizon in pursuit of preserving, popularising & propagating the great artistic heritage of Bhaarat Mata.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

Padma Bhushan awardee Sri. V.P.Dhananjayan, son of A.Rama Poduval and Madhavi Amma, was born in Payyanur (Kerala) in the year 1939. A child poet in Malayalam, he was brought to Smt. Rukmini Devi's Kalakshetra, Chennai at the age of 13 in the year 1953 by the famed Guru T.K. Chandu Panikkar. He received diploma and post graduate diploma in Kathakali and Bharatanaatyam with distinction and served the alma mater (Kalakshetra) as one of the most prominent performing artists and teacher till 1968. Dhananjayan was the leading dancer in the Kalakshetra dance drama productions and became synonymous with the character Sri Rama in the Ramayana series of Kalakshetra.

Founded Bharatakalanjali in the year 1968 along with his wife Shanta Dhananjayan also an alumni of Kalakshetra. Bharatakalanjali under the able stewardship of Dhananjayan and Shanta has become one of the well known institutions in Tamizhnaadu for Bharatanaatyam. They created several prestigious and internationally acclaimed dance productions. "The Cultural panorama of Tamizhnaadu" directed and produced for the Government of Tamizhnaadu won him special recognition from the Chief Minister Thiru. M.G. Ramachandran. They also received several other State and public recognitions including Kalaimamani, Central Sangit Natak Academi, Kerala State Sangeeta Nataka Academy's Fellowship, Nrityachoodamani (Sri Krishna Gana Sabha) and several prestigious National and International awards, titles and recognitions. MA.Chidambaram Chettiyar (MAC Charities) award of Rs.50,000/-, silver casket and citation (2002), the "Swati Ratna" puraskaar for Madras Malayalee club, for their contribution to the propagation of Maharaja Swathi Tirunal's compositions through Bharatanaatyam (April 2004).
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  1. Kudos to PGURUS for having given us some platform to interact miles away from yellow journalism.

    V P Dhananjayan’s views and opinions are good. His perspectives bring me to my humble mind the then HM Buta Singh’s “freedom fighters” list having several bogus freedom fighter’s names, life time pension proposal / free Railway pass for the FF and his/her escort too…….

    Then we had Indira Gandhi Vikas Patra starting from Rs.500/- to ………… Vikas should be of our Nation and not of a departed politician. Of course name might have been given in her memory but it was reported that investors were all black money netas/ babus and their agents! So we had Vikas of black money holders!

    V P Dhananjayan’s intentions are good but half of the Padma (other too) awardees were some “ji huzoors” during dynasty rule and Nehru declared himself as a Bharat Ratna!!!

    In my humble opinion why not give pensions to carnatic vocal/instrumental singers/musicians….not suggesting filthily rich converted AR Rahman……..a copy cat music director. Why people forget Illayaraja?

    I feel that only PARAM VEER CHAKRA should be retained and the rest abolished.

  2. You cannot distinguish one Padma awardee from other. No doubt lot of politics; desrving/undeserving rich/poor will be there. Award is the recognition of achievement in the mentioned fields. For those awardees who are not able to meet both ends; one time grant on their applications (after verification) to their Banks with interest being paid every month would do well instead of granting monthly pension. You cannot classify one awardee from other for grant of pension?

  3. Art is a part of CULTURE. People who excel in Arts have promoted CULTURE, which is enjoyable for years and for posterity. Government recognizing Artists by awarding PADMA Awards is a token of appreciation. It happens at National level. What is more correct is recognition from Dharmic Institutions. Dharmic Institutions run by Temple Trusts, Promoted by Rich persons and finally by endowments created by reputed people. Primarily financial aid to artistes and cultural activists should be taken care by Temple Trusts. Public donate money to temples for promotion of Art and Culture. It keeps the civilization vibrant. In earlier times, Kingdoms constructed massive Temples for promotion of Art and Culture. This to happen HINDUS must free TEMPLES from Government. Support movement to free temples from SECULAR Governmnets.

  4. sir ,
    I am follower of PGuru portal in the internet for 3 years,
    I also Appreciate and support Sri.V.P.Dhananjayan ji s article Request to Honorable PM and FM ,to consider Economic package for artisans,cultural padma awardees in this Crisis

    Your page in the internet and Facebook posts by Experts in the fields reveals to the followers, so many unknown facts Truths on various subject.
    Dr.Subramaniam swamy was insisting for so many years to Abolish multiple Tax system levied on our Citizens for so many Years ,Atleast in this pandemic Will your Experts put forward to the Government to Reduce the Income Tax Slab from 20% to 25% taxable income can be reduced to 15% , For a period of 6 months ,Hope it will not hurt our economy .And also the Tax payers can be persuaded to contribute to Carona Bonds(20000 minimum) or any other Bonds to raise fund ,As earlier Government was doing in NSS and NSC with double return after 5 years (without tax) what ever the amount they invest.(Also to the other citizens).

  5. There are some like Anurag Kashyap who has never stopped abusing Modi/ Yogi after his pension was stopped. Next you will demand 1 cr pension to the likes of Rajdeep, Sagarika, Abhisar, Ravish. Naturally politicians like Laloo, Pawar, Soniya come next. Then the anti-nationals & Tabligis like Zakir Naiik, Javed are in the queue. Mallya, Nirav Modi, Sandesara should be the next batch.


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