The Bihar “sex scandal” involving the brother of a top NDTV journalist

A sex scandal in Bihar involving the brother of Ravish Kumar
A sex scandal in Bihar involving the brother of Ravish Kumar

The Indian media who is hell bent upon exposing the involvement of any political leader in a sex scandal has chosen to remain mum regarding this incident. A few months ago, a woman from Bihar had filed a police complaint accusing several top Congress leaders, journalists and others of severe crimes.

The alleged crimes included running a high end sex racket, rape and sexual harassment. From what we learned, the complainant is the daughter of a local Congress leader who hails form the Dalit community. The girl claimed that she was underage at the time and several influential people had taken undue advantage of her.

She named two people in the complaint. The first accused is Brajesh Kumar Pandey, and the brother of top NDTV journalist Ravish Kumar. The second accused is one Nikhil Priyadarshi, a top Bihar businessman and industrialist. The complaint said that Nikhil was the main man behind the sex racket and Brijesh Kumar was an accomplice of Nikhil.

The victim said that the two had sexually exploited her and they also ran a sex racket for several highly influential people. After the complaint was lodged, both the accused absconded. Nikhil was arrested by the Bihar police in March this year while Brijesh is still absconding.

However, a recent development suggests that there are on going efforts to ensure the case is buried and no further investigation is carried on. If such a “highly influential” circle sex racket does exist, an investigation would have brought out several other top names into the open. Nikhil Priyadarshi also claimed that he had several MMS clippings of very influential people in a CID investigation.

As per sources, the case is now all set to be withdrawn after severe pressure from the sides of the accused. The victim was not ready to marry the accused and settle the case amicably, rather than dragging the case to court. The victim has now said that she is ready to marry Nikhil Priyadarshi who is lodged in the Patna prison.


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