National Herald case: Swamy applies for documents for Congress-AJL money trail

Swamy places Congress between a rock and a hard place in the NH case

Swamy places Congress between a rock and a hard place in the NH case
Produce AJL funding docs: Swamy

Seeks documents of AJL funding

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on July 1, applied for documents from Congress party and erstwhile National Herald newspaper publishing company Associated Journals Limited (AJL) regarding the illegal Rs.90 crores money trail. Swamy also filed the application under Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) 294 to produce some crucial documents to cross verify with the accused persons. Metropolitan Magistrate Lovleen issued a notice to Congress leaders in this regard and the next hearing is posted on July 22. Congress leaders are expected to object to Swamy’s demands for documents and production and verification of such documents.

The majority of the documents Swamy demanded were from AJL and Congress party regarding the illegal transaction of Rs.90 crores. For the past one year, Congress leaders have been vehemently objecting to this demand as it is a known secret that there are no such documents for this illegal or under-the-table deal of Rs.90 crores. Even though Congress leaders claim that they have financed the AJL in the interest of protecting “Secularism and Nehruvian thoughts”, the law bans a political party to give loans for commercial operations to a company like AJL.

When the case started in the afternoon, Congress lawyers tried to put Swamy on the dock by pointing out that the BJP leader was not serving notices properly. They pointed out that in the previous hearing on May 15, the Court had directed Swamy to provide applications in 15 days and Swamy had served notices only today. In his usual style, Swamy shot back that he was trying to serve the applications to Congress side for many days and not found any of them as most of them were abroad. Sensing that Swamy was trying to poke the main accused Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, Congress leaders did not go further.

The application under CrPC 294 is a headache for Congress leaders. This application allows Swamy to produce documents and cross verify with the accused. This is expected to be Swamy’s move to cut down the time consumption during the trial and agreeing for the cross verification of documents by Swamy would lead to the early admission of guilt in the case. So it is expected that in the next hearing on July 22, Congress lawyers will oppose this applications tooth and nail.

Legal experts point out that Congress wanted to start the trial by cross-examining Swamy and delaying for a long time and Swamy’s idea is to bring documents on record first and cut short the crossing by the accused. As documents are verified first, much of the evidence is placed on record, leading to reduced trial time. They point out that when the documents are placed, half of the case is over and Swamy’s intention is to bring documents on records first to prove the major crux of the politically sensitive case.

Congress is now in a “damned if they do and damned if they don’t” situation.

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  1. I just think if fraudsters put so much
    Brain for development of country
    That would have made more sense!
    But alas they only care for self benefit
    Not countries benefits.

  2. Now Maa, Beta will approach HC to stall this move. This case, a open & shut one, as per Dr. Swamy is dragging on technical issues and god only knows when wll come to logical end

  3. Congress Sonia & Rahul are caught in a vicious circle.The case has taken an interesting turn & in all probabilities they are staring a certain doom with the prospects of a jail term being very bright

  4. The case is heating up now. But thinking about this development, it would betray utter ignorance on the part of Congress/AJL lawyers if they were really caught unawares by this move. Which then makes one wonder, what is it that is giving them the confidence to keep fighting/postponing…do they have some back door out of this that the prosecution is blissfully unaware of too?

  5. Subramanian Swamy is the only known politician cum professor who lived talking boldly & truthfully with all sincerity has done immense good the nation than all politicans bundled together. The nation owes a bigger memorial than ChiChi Nehru & Indira Gandhi i.e. when Swamy dies, he should buried should be adjacent to Nehru family so that he haunts them even in the Hell !!! by petitioning Lord Yamraj !!!!!

  6. Dr Swamy is a deft and brilliant strategist ,and he will win and destroy all the thieves of our mother India,

  7. Brilliant write up to give us spectators clarity what this game is all about.Thank you pGurus.Hope DrSwamy is able to inspire many in VHS and atleast 5 or 6 develop his acumen to fight corruption through courts.

  8. We want the case to be expedited speedily and all the culprits should sing songs in thehar jail. We request Swamy to fulfill the wish of majòrity of Indians and India should be freed from the looting corrupt fake antinationals at an early date.


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