A chat with M R Venkatesh, author, accountant and commentator

India starting to clamp down on Money Laundering, Black money and illegal assets

This is a brief introduction to our chats with M R Venkatesh (MRV), noted TV commentator, accountant and author. MRV as he is fondly called, touches on various topics in these series of chats and this is the teaser. Stay tuned as we provide exclusive factual data on various investigations that the resource strapped Enforcement Directorate team is conducting.

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  1. Shiv, as mentioned in the text above, this is a teaser and we are cleaning up the audio quality and will be presenting a series of short video clips. Thanks for the comment and stay tuned.

  2. Poor audio quality, Suggestion to MRV.Please talk slowly, clearly what you want to convey so that the viewers have clarity in what you are saying.Purpose of this webcast after all, is to inform public what is going on


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