Chidambaram helped controversial arms dealers Ravi Rishi & Sanjay Bhandari despite the warnings of Intelligence Bureau

Another scam involving Chidambaram and how as HM he overruled the Intelligence Agencies to continue to award contracts to Vectra

Another scam involving Chidambaram and how as HM he overruled the Intelligence Agencies to continue to award contracts to Vectra
Another scam involving Chidambaram and how as HM he overruled the Intelligence Agencies to continue to award contracts to Vectra

Controversial arms dealers late Ravi Rishi and fugitive Sanjay Bhandari-promoted Vectra Group were actively helped by tainted former Home and Finance Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram. From 2005 onwards, because of Intelligence Bureau’s adverse reports, both Rishi and Bhandari were not given security clearance, but shockingly the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Government and the Home Ministry entertained their firm, the Vectra Group. The firm was blacklisted only in 2012 when it was caught in the Tatra Trucks bribery case.

PGurus earlier wrote a detailed report on how this blacklisted Vectra Group still had defence contracts and other helicopter contracts in the name of shell firms[1].

Our London based researchers found that there were a series of communications between Ravinder Kumar Rishi (Ravi Rishi) and Sanjay Bhandari with several tainted Home Ministry officials when Chidambaram was the Home Minister. The emails also show that the Intelligence Bureau was resisting giving security clearance to both Rishi and Bhandari. The reason was that Ravi Rishi was reported to be part of a Russian espionage case and Sanjay Bhandari was involved in some criminal cases and it was reported to the Home Ministry by the Intelligence agencies on 2005. When Chidambaram landed in the Home Ministry, with his knowledge, certain pliable officials in the Home Ministry’s Internal Security Division did a trick to give the Vectra Group to lease their helicopters for anti-Naxal operations.

The trick was to change the directors of Vectra Group, though it was promoted by Ravi Rishi and Sanjay Bhandari. Some notes of Home Ministry show the objections of officials on Ravi Rishi’s daughters Suruchi Rishi, Swati Rishi, Rati Rishi and son Hemang Rishi and wife Dipti Rishi being inducted as Directors of these firms. But these objections were overruled by senior IAS officers in the Internal Security Division which was supported by Chidambaram.

Till the Tatra Trucks scam blew up in 2012, the Home Ministry knowingly was entertaining Ravi Rishi and Sanjay Bhandari who were blessed by Chidambaram. Meanwhile, many officials and journalists were enjoying these two black listed persons’ hospitality in London. We have already reported how this controversial Vectra Group is still operating in Defence and many other sectors, though the Courts have not closed cases against them[2].


[1] Blacklisted Vectra Group, promoted by Rishi & Bhandari operates through Shell firms to bag Defence contractsOct 3, 2019,

[2] Shoddy Defence Deals – London lobby of Tatra Truck scamsters milking Indian Navy’s Rs.1800 crores Submarine Rescue supply alsoAug 28, 2019,

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  1. There is always crying for interference among the pillars of democracy. But, it is all because of politicians. In all contracts, from road laying to defence purchase, there is corruption. Though it is a known malpractice, the success in dealing is, how to manipulate and come out of this menace using power and influence. In all dealings, if the executives / bureaucrats are straight forward or not yielding to pressure from politicians, at least for a term, such scams can be controlled! If the matter goes to judicious review, the culprits, who ever may be should be rigorously punished at the earliest, even if they are in power. Judiciary also wavering and under going to public comments, nowadays. In the case of P.C., (he should not be referred as a criminal tamilian but one of the intellectuals of this time), why the bureaucrats are not coming to the picture as he rightly wanted? P.C., a man respecting law, accounted everything and must have reasons for his decisions. Merely keeping him in custody, refusing the provision of bail, may not be a solution. It also depicted the inebt handling of the case and seems political vendetta with the intention to ruin the Congress party. People expect Justice!

  2. It is also essential for PGguru to bring out the names of tainted journalists who publish articles to muster opinion for these companies. Enlustvthe details of journos, their date of stay, hotel names, luxuries enjoyed and how they pimped mother India.

  3. With reference to the comments of Vinay Gautam, I would suggest that the list of all civil servants posted in the Home Ministry during the tenure of the accused and operating as the support base for the traitor minister, must be published by the govt as the taxpayers have the right to all information about the native traitors occupying highest posts in the bureaucracy and thus privy to the most sensitive and secret information and documents relating to the country’s sovereignty and security. There are also rumours of an ex-Admiral and chief of the Indian Navy, while heading an anti-graft NGO, was an active player as the country representative of arms dealers. Only this govt can expose these people, dead or alive, despite their contuiing tremendous clout with the ruling elite and with the Family.

  4. How is that controversial judge O.P.Saini and tainted CBI directors go Scot free? It’s high sedition that they have committed!

  5. There is strong case against P. Chidamabaram only if someone from the board of Vectra Group or a senior official from the HM would testify and place evidence against P. Chid role.

  6. Chidambaram undermined the National security as Home Minister letting Criminal arms dealers, over ruling IB concerns and written recommendations not to use them. PC wilfully violated his OATH of Office as a Cabinet Minister under PM MMS who also likely colluded in the scam.

    Both PC and his Karti was given bail by a Corrupt Judge ignoring the evidence. The ED must arrest this Criminal Tamilian and his Son for money laundering and other cases and prosecute them without delay.


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