Choose wisely, Mr. Modi

At a critical time, when the national elections are less than six months away, it is important that Modi choose the right person to head the RBI

At a critical time, when the national elections are less than six months away, it is critical that Modi choose the right person to head the RBI
At a critical time, when the national elections are less than six months away, it is important that Modi choose the right person to head the RBI

RBI – What is next?

It had to happen – from the times of Y V Reddy to now, whenever there is a showdown between the Reserve Bank of India and the Government, the Government wins. Similar to anyone who goes to a Casino – the House always wins. Urjit Patel got sucked into the whirlpool of the cabal from which he could not pull himself out. It is likely that more resignations will occur but one hopes there are no Out-of-Left-field-surprises[1].

Old wine in the new Bottle

If rumors coming from the South Block are to be believed, the Cabal that has been running the finances of the country is pitching for two known bad apples – Hasmukh Adhia and Shaktikanta Das (SKD). If Prime Minister Modi is looking for a list of clean/ honest/ sincere candidates for the RBI Governor, these two would be not be on it. Gang of Four member P K Mishra is rumored to be pitching the cause of SKD, while some party leaders, who have no clue of Banking or Finance except to count notes are extolling the virtues of Adhia.

Readers of PGurus will know how Das kept getting one promotion after another despite his diabolical attempts to scuttle the Aircel Maxis investigation[2]. On March 26th 2015, CBI sought details of files and information regarding the FIPB clearance given by Chidambaram. The letter clearly states that the agency had sent several reminders. CBI normally writes this kind of official reminder letters when the investigators feel that the response is not timely. In the letter, the CBI Director says that the matter is very urgent as the Supreme Court has given directions to them in the case filed by BJP leader Subramanian Swamy. CBI, even in the details given to the Supreme Court (in a sealed cover) said that they are waiting for information from the Department of Economic Affairs.

As for Adhia, his role in the functioning of Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) has been appalling. Not only that, his role as the leader of G4 to save Chidambaram has been documented in great detail by Dr. Subramanian Swamy in his letters to the Prime Minister[3]. Adhia’s utter contempt for fellow officers is well known. Plus there is the little matter of explaining how he came to be in possession of Gold bars donated by Nirav Modi.

Choose wisely, Mr. Modi

The last few days have been a boost to the anti-corruption drive of the Modi government. I hope PM Modi chooses a wise candidate for Governor. He could start by appointing a panel of Economic Giants to suggest to him a list of suitable candidates to choose from. I am confident Mr. Modi will do the right thing.


[1] Out of Left Field –

[2] Did Shaktikanta Das go slow in CBI’s probe against Chidambaram in Aircel Maxis case? Jul 7, 2017,

[3] Swamy accuses Hasmukh Adhia-led Gang of Four of trying to save Chidambaram by intimidating ED Officer Rajeshwar SinghJun 28, 2018,

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  1. What a shame! We dont know any of them. But when we get to know that such highly educated people, who start their career essentially by virtue of the education they got, become so much corrupt by the time they reach high posts! What education did they get?
    Is that education?
    And you insist on education, for peoples representatives?
    Or is it that they became corrupt in spite of beingeducated?
    Is it that education doesnt impart values?
    Then what is this hype about education?

  2. It is better, PGURUS stops this Modi phyllic mode . Hindus have to fight more vigorously this commie BJP gang and take on externall.. With SKD as RBI, last nail in coffin for pursuing corrupt Papa chor is also done!!!

  3. Sir, SKD is new RBI Gov, your advise fallen on deaf years. Based on todays results it is worrying if Mr Modi will get second term? So all corrupt will escape. The efforts by you and SS will go waste ?? Country will be ruled by corrupt once again? jai Hind

  4. SKD appointed as RBI Gov. Let us have armegadden as none of these parties support corrupt free india. Black day for india and well deserved loss for BJP.
    I now wish for death of Gandhis as only that can stop them from remote controlling our country. This Govt cannot make anything happen.
    Nothing can save my India.

    • My thoughts too …
      Modi ji acts like a crypto Christian….
      Helping congress and Vatican ..
      BJP might consider a true Hindu leader to the core.
      Feel really sorry to say this about Modi ji….
      Because I had so much respect but now when Cong family escapes unhurt and missionaries could establish their hold in tribal Chattisgarh is really disturbing…
      Both Madurai n Trichy commissioners are christians…. (Admk is not that powerful I guess )
      most of the appointments of modi ji now seem to raise my brows.

  5. Article advice not heeded. Hope the elections help Mr.Modi realize the enemies within his own camp who are not helping his efforts and cause. There is no second chance.

  6. Sir Modi has betrayed our hopes! SKD is now the new RBI chief! Modi is not a good leader and very thick skinned to his admirers/well wishers and very receptive to haters and nation’s internal enemies!

  7. SKD appointed as RBI governor. Sir, next time what u shd do is, pl suggest the names of corrupt people. 100% sure Modiji wud pick a honest person for top posts. U, Dr.Swamy and many more r suggesting gud things to this BJP govt. But all going waste in the deaf ears of Modiji, Amitji. Both hv tremoundus confidence on them only. The ground reality is something dif. MPs & MLAs of BJP r not hard workg, not keen to reach out common man. Hence today’s result in 5 states election. Sad.

  8. Modi has acted MISERABLY, not WISELY

    Miserable ‘Electoral performance’ coupled with a deplorable ‘bureaucrat handling’

    I am afraid not only the ‘big rats’ who indulged in ‘mega scams’ will escape but also make a ‘come back’ – a la 2004

  9. Dear Shri Sree Iyer, How about elevating Shri S Gurumurthy from Director in RBI Board of Directors to Governor of RBI. In case, if he refuses to accept the post, as it is a political appointment, then how about appointing Prof R Vaidyanathan as Governor of RBI ? What is your / Dr Subramanian Swamy’s view on the suitability of either of the two candidates for RBI Governor post, suggested by me above ?

    • जेशंकरजी, आपने मेरी मूंह की बात छीन लिया ।

      In fact, I was expecting Mr. Gurumurthy or some intellectual from pGurus to fill up that position

      What Modi choose a shady character with doubtful integrity – I am not just puzzled but extremely appalled

      Next rehabilitation of the G4 head Adhia will follow

  10. MODI, your party has lost 3 states in the current election. In 2 other states, your party was never in contention. only way to regain the faith of people is to act very hard against corrupt and uphold hindutva agenda. Appointing Gurumurthy will be a good choice as well. No more idiot Adhia’s, the traitor.

    • Yes …. Read in – in politics you slay else you get slayed… Modi was totally soft in acting against corrupted politicians… Congress family n DMK… All these 4 years … They were raiding admk which after JJ might have died its own death… They should have targeted DMK and its most known corrupt leaders. Congress n family had a very nice time all these 4 years.. without any punishment for their corruption….
      Congress was ruthless… In politics… even when they were having alliance with DMK they had the will to put Kanimozhi in jail…
      BJP is paying now for its gentlemanly approach…
      Now all judges will also be scared to pronounce any verdicts against the congress family.. but they were boldly doing it against BJP because BJP was too soft on all people… They are to be appreciated as humans…(most of them are gentle men and kind hearted) but they can’t run a nation filled with commies n congis who are goons.
      Hope BJP wakes up.

  11. BJP has a death wish !! When country needs Technocrats & Professionals, BJP govt (Mr Modi) is running after the generalists who failed the country till date. Mr. Modi has been promising impossible things, when he could have achieved small things & make big changes. He failed.
    1) Just improving the municipal schools with adequate infrastructure so that the students feel pride in going to school than going to garbage filled slum warehouses
    2) Improve the garbage collection & disposal & even power from garbage (if possible)
    3) Reassess the municipality economic model, to check if it really has any funds or how the funds are getting drained. Why not allow private players to take over the govt services

  12. It appears like BJP is hurtling towards a loss in 2019 election. Had it learned it lessons from Demo and GST, it would be treading carefully not to put itself in a situation to fire-fight. Unless, the BJP thinks that it needs monetary easing to win the 2019 election, this appears to be an unnecessary controversy. Due to lack of media briefing and transparency/explanation, BJP is bound to irk the swing voters that helped it capture the power in 2014. In addition to vote-getting politicians, BJP needs academicians and opinion makers to bat on their behalf. This requires them to be transparent. It would be a shame if BJP wastes the golden opportunity given to them and not capture power again in 2019. They should think beyond their ideals. It would be a disaster for the country if another UPA regime (cobbled up by disparate groups) comes to power in 2019. LET US HOPE THAT BJP LISTENS.

  13. The mystery is still unsolved. Why did he resign ? It was told that the meeting between RBI and government was fruitful then why was the need to resign? Why did Arun Jaitley publicly derided RBI governor?

  14. Learned people and intelligent people like you know what’s happening…
    You say it’s a brilliant anti corruption drive…
    Even JJ used to shuffle ministers and officers not worthy of trust…or linked to opposition.
    But Modi ji good efforts should be taken to the people…
    Otherwise the opposition will project as if the officers were right and the government is wrong.
    How do you accomplish this?
    How do you make the common man understand this is for the good of the country.


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