Swamy accuses Hasmukh Adhia-led Gang of Four of trying to save Chidambaram by intimidating ED officer Rajeshwar Singh

Swamy takes aim at Fin Sec Hasmukh Adhia and accuses him of trying to save Chidambaram

Swamy takes aim at Fin Sec Hasmukh Adhia and accuses him of trying to save Chidambaram
Swamy takes aim at Fin Sec Hasmukh Adhia and accuses him of trying to save Chidambaram

Senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy on Wednesday accused the Finance Secretary Hasmukh Adhia-led Gang of Four officers for trying to terminate the services of the Enforcement Directorate (ED)’s Joint Director Rajeshwar Singh to save tainted former Finance Minister P Chidambaram from the Aircel-Maxis scam. Swamy was addressing the media after Finance Ministry produced a manufactured Research and Analytical Wing (RAW) input trying to give an impression that Rajeshwar Singh was in touch with an Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agent in Dubai. After Swamy’s press conference, the ED issued a statement giving a clean chit to Rajeshwar Singh, rebutting the manufactured RAW input of 2016 dubiously produced by the Finance Ministry.

“Finance Secretary Hasmukh Adhia-led Gang of Four is playing all frauds against honest ED officer Rajeshwar Singh and intimidating him for charge sheeting Chidambaram. This Gang of Four is trying to destabilize our Government’s fight against corruption and destabilize Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”

Swamy said that the ED Director Karnal Singh had already written to the RAW Chief that this input was fake and despite knowing this, Hasmukh Adhia hushed it up. He also blasted the Additional Solicitor General (ASG) Vikramjit Banerjee for arguing against Rajeshwar Singh. Swamy pointed out that Banerjee was assisted by a United Progressive Alliance (UPA) appointed Standing Counsel Adv. R. Bala[1], who is a known associate of Chidambaram.

“Hasmukh Adhia, who was caught for accepting gold biscuits from fugitive Nirav Modi is trying to settle scores against the Enforcement Directorate[2]. Adhia was hushing-up the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) and Income Tax report against Nirav Modi for more than year”, accused Swamy urging Prime Minister to take action against the Gang of Four officers engaged in sabotaging the corruption cases.

He also accused Adhia for entertaining fixers like Upendra Rai who is in regular touch with another member of Gang of Four. “I will expose the other three members in the Gang of Four. I will expose them and their complicity with corrupt Congress leaders like Chidambaram and Ahmed Patel in my July 8th function in Mumbai”, said Swamy.

Swamy earlier in the day in Court during arguments blasted the ASG Banerjee for playing along with frivolous petitioners to save Chidambaram. Welcoming the Supreme Court Order by the Justices Arun Mishra and Sanjay Kishan Kaul, Swamy said that the attempts to derail the Aircel-Maxis case by intimidating Rajeshwar Singh by the corrupt lobbies have been plugged. “The Court has said Government may probe what they filed in sealed cover, without giving any direction. The Court also ordered that the Aircel-Maxis probe should be finished in the earlier specified time limit of six months. I will meet the Prime Minister for taking action against Hasmukh Adhia for trying to play fraud in this case by filing manufactured RAW input which was already rebutted by ED Chief,” he said urging ED Chief Karnal Singh to clarify the position.  Within an hour of Swamy’s press conference, ED issued a statement giving a clean chit to Rajeshwar Singh said that all the contacts he established with the person mentioned in the RAW input was with the knowledge of the ED.

Earlier, when ASG Vikramjit Banerjee produced the RAW input in sealed cover to Judges, Rajeshwar Singh who was present in the court room moved to front and gave two confidential reports to the Judges. One was ED Chief’s letter to RAW Chief rebutting the RAW input saying that the alleged ISI agent who is an Indian citizen living in Dubai described by RAW in 2016 once made an incoming call to Rajeshwar Singh and he had promptly informed the Directorate on this and there was a valuable information to the ED. The alleged ISI agent has already visited India 10 times after the manufactured RAW input.  This controversial RAW input was tweeted by Upendra Rai’s relatives, two months ago. The second letter submitted by Rajeshwar Singh was his communication with Hasmukh Adhia protesting his hostility towards Singh and blocking his promotion and entertaining complaints from the ilk of fixers like Upendra Rai[3].

The Enforcement Director’s press release is published below:

ED Press Release on Rajeshwar Singh
Fig 1. ED Press Release on Rajeshwar Singh


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  1. […] Subramanian Swamy accused the Finance Secretary Hasmukh Adhia-led Gang of Four officers for attempting to end the services of Rajeshwar Singh to save the former Finance Minister from Aircel-Maxis Scam. Swamy also stated that the charges against Rajeswar Singh being an ISI agent are manufactured and bogus. Later, the ED also issued a statement giving a clean chit to Rajeshwar Singh, rebutting the manufactured RAW input of 2016, dubiously produced by the Finance Ministry. […]

  2. People tend to make sweeping assumptions & by repeating them, start to believe them as hard facts. I fail to understand the paradox. Both Fin Min & ED are under FM. While we agree ED including its chief can be honest, we have suspicion on FinSec & his team to be sabotaging. If FM is fraud, how would he have allowed good people to carry on in ED for so long? May be there are internal rivalries & politics but blowing it up as deep sabotage – will it be fair? Aircel Maxis case has been fully documented. Even if current investigator is replaced, someone else will take it up & proceed. A case isn’t & shouldn’t be dependent on one individual for success. For that matter, have we seen success in all previous cases despite being ‘well handled”? Suspicion is a bad decease, today you will suspect FM, tomorrow PM & day after the entire party… it will go on as you pick ‘circumstantial’ evidence to feed your thoughts. It is one thing to feel outraged by all these loots but entirely another thing to be able to document them & prove in courts of law. These are generally & inexplicably slow to the extent we often feel frustrated & start doubting Govt’s intentions. Good lawyer can break almost all cases and they are private & available to people with black money. Govt doesn’t have the luxury. We have seen in the past how major cases like 2G was crumbled either due to bad presentation or giving room for judge to take a lenient call. Modi sitting at the apex position has a lot of things to balance & take the country forward. He can’t be expected to have a single focus on rehabilitating Rajeshwar Singh. He needs to see the political fall out of jailing a senior minister however corrupt he is. We saw how public responses can be twisted in the case of arrests of Indira Gandhi & Rajiv Gandhi. He can’t afford to take drastic action that can be colored as ‘vindictive’ in an election year. This is the time he needs to be working tenaciously on improving people reach with least negative consequences & damages – particularly when the general perception is one of waning influence over masses and allies sensing the same & trying to distance themselves. He has a very tough battle where nobody except himself can help him & the party to come back. And mind you, he CAN! After all, he has been a politician – a successful at that for more than 16 years now – you can expect him to have drawn up his strategies and use his appeal to the people in the most effective way. Trust him for doing that because we have no option. Others including Subramaniam Swamy can’t get beyond 100 votes despite the fact that they are good and may be working steadfast towards good purposes.

    • To take on Powerful frauds like Chidamaram and nehru Gandhi Congress, it requires a brave and honest officer.

      Rajeshwar Singh is one such.

      His life has been made hell.

      No one else will come forwrad to take his place.

  3. Very sadly I have to agree with this Comment.What is the use of 56″ chest if he can not even move his Corrupt FM and Babu’s in Finance Ministry.

  4. Getting PC arrested before General elections may not be possible. But in the next term of Modi, these looters will be certainly seen to eat Idly in Tihar by Swamyji for sure.

  5. Thanks to Dr.Swamy for being alert and guiding the Govt for right and quick actions.The people will be grateful to you for the selfless services rendered by you on several occasions.

  6. Summarising, the situation is very pathetic & worrisome.

    Almost at the end of his term, the man who made the rhetoric ‘ NAA KHAOONGA NA KHAANE DOONGA’ has just under his nose:
    1. An entire Ministry whose Babus are dancing to the tune of Chidambaram, the architect of all the MEGA LOOTS
    2. Almost all investigation Agencies mined with SHARP SHOOTERS of the Italian Mafia
    3. A corrupt Judiciary where 60% of the JOs are in the PAYROLL of the same Mafia whom the people wanted to get rid of

    Modi should declare emergency & arrest all the UPA & Secular r-ascals right from Manmohan to Raja to purge the nation of dirty elements

    Facing an Election at this stage – that too an advanced Election – on the false hope of an imaginary Modi wave is associated with the risk of big drubbing like the Atal’s

  7. There is a saying – Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. PM Modi is obviously not stupid. This is a chess game against a top notch Mob/Mafia. You can’t just wave a magic wand and cleanse the system. These things take time and thank god for our grand master Dr. Swamy. There are still some good, honest dedicated people around. Let’s support them instead of passing baseless judgements.

    • Dear Mr. Raja, I agree you can’t just wave a magic wand and cleanse the system

      But how do you explain the continuous loss of prosecution cases in Aircel-Maxis-1 & 2G-1?

      ULTA CHOR KOTWAL KO DAANTE has become absolutely true & applicable in all Chidu related cases.

      Instead of the court & the prosecution discussing the prosecution case, it seems the the accused is Rajeshwar Singh & entire court proceedings revolve around fabricated stories of the disproportionate assets of Rajeshwar.

      Unless all the Babus of Finance Ministry as well as the Law Ministry apart from the Judicial Officers are in collusion with the thief Chidambaram, such open daylight murder of justice is unlikely to happen

      The situation is really scary & gives an impression Chidambaram is still running these Ministries in addition to controlling the Judiciary through regular pay-offs

  8. I have been literally shouting on this site that Modi & Shah duo are making it easy for Congress to come back to power by alienating middle class comprising of salaried, sme businesses etc. Demon, bad GST implementation, not appointing Lokpal etc. are the major blunders made by Modi, who is ably assisted by Adhia and Asthana. I want to read what Sree Iyer has to say on this.

  9. Can’t understand why this Government is not taking any action against those who vouch corruption. Hasmukh Ashima should have been sacked at least a year ago but why no action was taken against him raises doubts on this Government’s crusade against corruption.

  10. Each episode of this kind only weakens the.modi govt. How can the PM ever deliver anything when he has such terrible men as officers. Let him get rid of hasmukh adhia who appears so corrupt. Credibility of this govt is so low!!!

  11. Who should have known if not for Swami ji and Pgurus. The quicker these ediots are put behind bars the better it is and Swami ji can look into Vaishno Devi temple issue etc.

    How come we have moles in the very own BJP govt. Very very disappointed. The one trusted saviour is unable to perform up to the mark because traitors in the same team.

  12. Shocking that people are asking for kicking them out – they should be tried for treason and hanged if guilty – Only quick decision and execution for anyone holding public position will bring any chance for corrupt mentality to change. Had enough!

  13. This Hasmukh Adhia and CBI Spl. Director Rakesh Asthana are total crooks. Adhia is an evil pretending soft face. Modi should kick out these two. They are traitors


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