Crooked Chidambaram back in Tihar jail from ED’s custody. Agencies to counter his fake medical claims

Trial court sends Chidambaram back to Tihar jail till the 14th of November

Trial court sends Chidambaram back to Tihar jail till the 14th of November
Trial court sends Chidambaram back to Tihar jail till the 14th of November

Crooked former Finance and Home Minister P Chidambaram is back again in Tihar prison, after failing in his tricks to make false claims on his medical status. The fast track court on Wednesday sent Chidambaram back to judicial custody in Tihar jail till November 13 in the INX Media money laundering case, after the two-week-long interrogation by the Enforcement Directorate (ED). The court directed Tihar authorities to provide Chidambaram with medicines, western toilet, security and a separate cell. Special Judge Ajay Kumar Kuhar rejected the ED’s demand for additional day custody and also ordered that the former Minister be allowed to have home-cooked food considering his medical condition.

Meanwhile, Chidambaram in the morning approached the Delhi High Court with interim bail application citing his medical ailments. The High Court had already fixed November 4 for hearing his regular bail from the ED’s money laundering case. The interim application was mentioned before a bench of Chief Justice D N Patel and Justice C Hari Shankar by senior advocate Kapil Sibal, who sought an urgent listing of the matter.  The bench listed the matter before the appropriate court on Thursday.

ED has taken custody of Chidambaram on October 16. He was arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on August 21.

The agency is expected to counter Chidambaram’s “frivolous” claim on his bad health, citing the exact medical records from AIIMS.

The fast track court directed the Tihar Jail authority to provide adequate security to the senior Congress leader, considering that he is a protected person. “He may be allowed to carry his prescribed medicines. It shall be ensured that the accused is medically examined for his illness at the jail hospital and if required, in any multidisciplinary hospital such as  RML Hospital, Safdarjung or AIIMS Hospital.,” said the order rejecting Chidambaram’s request to get admitted in a Hyderabad-based hospital for his stomach related issues.

“The Superintendent, Central Jail, Tihar, Delhi shall provide the facility of a western toilet to the accused (Chidambaram), especially home food considering his medical record and ailments. However, the home food shall be delivered in the office of Superintendent who shall provide the same to the accused after necessary security checks,” it said in its order.

ED has taken custody of Chidambaram on October 16. He was arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on August 21. The CBI has already filed a Review Petition before the Supreme Court bench headed by Justice R Banumathi for granting bail in the CBI case. In the petition, CBI cited many errors in the judgment of Banumathi headed Bench in granting bail[1].


[1] Pointing out errors, CBI files Review of Justice Banumathi-headed Bench’s verdict granting bail to ChidambaramOct 26, 2019,

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  1. Only Subramanian Swamy should be made prime minister….only he has put a lot of cases , corruption cases against all…
    Bjp government heads are only talking while all the corrupts are roaming free…
    (National herald, dual citizenship , 2g etc)
    These are talked only during elections…

    Both congress n current BJP heads are hand in hand protecting each other and working for missionaries…

    When there was a talk on scams, Sun tv group gave World vision (missionary) have 6 crores… because they might have known that if money is given to missionaries then they might escape from action..
    Income tax raids only Hindu godmen but missionaries are left free…

    What action has the government taken on corruption cases?

    I guess all strong BJP heads who were in power for two to three times were let down by center. – Madhya Pradesh (kamalnath is a frequent visitor in PMO), rajasthan (to help vadra) n chattisgarh (to stop raman singh — he has a good name in party too i believe…)

    All senior leaders who were equally important as Gujarat leader — who could have posed a threat — were let down purposely??

    Why weren’t they made bjp leaders n only friends of PM are chosen ?

    Bjp is a party oriented organization n not person centric…
    Hindu leaders should be given justice who had fought to help BJP get into power in all states.

  2. From his appearance it seems, Chidu is genuinely suffering a ‘serious ailment’ – or it is just loss of weight!!!

    Now he should recollect the ‘deliberately inflicted torture’ on Sadhviji & Purohitji, repent his heartless brutal actions.

    He should now confess to all his crimes, misdemeanor – return all the ‘stashed away wealth’ to the nation.

    This is his retribution for all his misdeeds

  3. The utter lies would get exposed at the doors of judiciary.
    False health report would fail when really health fails
    Activation of sleeper cells in ministry would with time sail
    Singhvis and Sibals would stand exposed of their limited knowledge of Universal law
    The wheel of justice , when it moves, no one can stop the inevitable.

  4. One feels constrained to remind the author and his fans that the subject accused is several times more that what this portal and other detractors of this exceptionally brilliant lawyer are making him to be, especially with reference to his as yet untouched role as the chief financial advisor-cum-manager to the Family since long and his suspected role also of being a front for the latter. In this view of the matter, one also feels constrained to suffer from a nagging fear of the accused finally being acquitted of all charges. Let us this keep our fingers crossed.

  5. Chidambram gave many opinions to others . Time to take mine today. As he is born hindu , lived like hindu , want a better life after death . Spill out the truth now and get liberated .

  6. Cat and mouse OR cobra-mangoose game that may go on for years with no end. Leave alone PC, even Karti, the prodigal son, will turn old and Ignored as irrelevant as the case files will go into oblivion dumped in the garbage as CBI and ED fail to connect the dots as they are well known for floundering.


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