Does S Jaishankar’s recent talk signify a muscular approach by India? Rajeev Srinivasan explores…

From a meek reactor, India has not hesitated to flex its muscles vis-a-vis Turkey or Malaysia for their stand on Kashmir. Rajeev Srinivasan dissects the MEA's speech and has some keen observations about the future of India's Foreign Policy.


  1. A very good talk, going beyond Dr Jaishankar’s vision of India’s evolving foreign policy into an analysis of our global potential.
    My congrats to PGurus & Sree Iyer.

  2. There is some noise keep coming from SHRI RAJEEV SRINIVASAN’ end,some audio problem.Very good analysis of JAYASHANKAR’ speech by RAJEEV and no more weak FOREIGN POLICIES and only MUSCULAR POLICIES with lot of confidence.


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