Dr. Swamy writes to PM, suggests rebuilding ancient Dwarka based on underwater ruins

ASI had asked UPA government to fund Rs.14 crores for more research but the UPA government did not show any interest

Dr. Swamy writes to PM, suggests rebuilding ancient Dwarka based on underwater ruins
Dr. Swamy writes to PM, suggests rebuilding ancient Dwarka based on underwater ruins

Dwarka is believed to have been the first capital of Gujarat. The city’s name means the “gateway to heaven” in Sanskrit, as Dwar means “gate” and ka references “Brahma”. It has also been referred to throughout its history as “Mokshapuri”, “Dwarkamati”, and “Dwarkavati” [1].

Few scholars were of the view that the Hindu Epic Mahabharata is only a myth and that it would be futile to search for the remains of the ancient city and that too in the sea, before the discovery of the ancient city of Dwaraka

Archaeological investigations at Dwarka have been performed by the Archaeological Survey of India. The first excavations carried out in 1963 team of the Deccan College Pune under the guidance of H.D. Sankalia. Between 1983 and 1990, the submerged city was discovered by the Marine Archaeological Unit (MAU) of The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), under the supervision of Dr S. R. Rao [2].

In the year 2001,  a Pollution research team led by Dr. S R Rao found an organized rock formation structure of 9sq.km in the area and 20km away from the seashore of Gujarat at a 40 Meters depth and the scanned images of the construction were found underneath the sea water. See the image 1 the submerged Dwarka city. However, the research could not be continued due to the non-availability of funds.

There is a proof of a submerged ancient city off the coast of the present Dwarka, which needs to be further researched. Dr. Swamy has taken up the initiative to write to Prime Minister to restart the research and rebuild the Dwarka City.

Image 1

Below letter is from Dr Subramanian Swamy to PM Modi requesting him to resume the research in Dwarka.

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[2] Dwarka, one of the most investigated Ancient City proves Mahabharata is not a Fancy Tale , Newsgram

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  1. Why should it take Dr Swamy to raise the issue always ?? Does the BJP govt does not have its spine being a Hindu party to do anything on its own without being pushed to the corner shameless party & partymen. Building a replica above ground, can attract tourism & awareness on the subject Foreign countries have been undersea / underwater musuems & does India to learn or to be taught how it has to be done ??

  2. Dr Subramanian Swamy would be worshiped as GOD for Hindustaan in later years because of his National interest, devotion and commitment. hat’s off to you sir.

  3. With respect to Subramanium Swamy requests, I guess this support should be given unanimously by all Indians.
    We have to wait. We have to build up self esteem in every indian and in every hindu and make them proud about their traditions and culture.
    Let the younger generation take up this task …
    We just have to make them realise how valuable our culture is… That will automatically lead to such rebuilding things.

  4. I wish you would not allow such wrong English in your articles :
    “Few scholars were of the view that the Hindu Epic Mahabharata is only a myth”

    This ought to have been “A few scholars….”

    The meanings of the above two are exactly opposite and I am sure you know this. So please spare us such irritants in your excellent writings. Thanks.

    • Respected sir,
      I guess you understood the meaning reading their article and yet want to clarify it.
      To me language is to make people understand what you feel.
      When you are able to understand it why worry about grammar and nonsense.
      English is not our mother tongue … It’s just a common language. Nobody is going to slay you for your grammar nor will anyone crown you.
      Our presence in this world is limited to 80 or so years. Let’s not find fault with silly things as this and waste our time in showing our knowledge.
      Content is important and if you are able to understand and if the writer is able to make you understand fine.

      • Wrong usag eof language conveys wrong mesage, not the meaning the writer wants conveyed. Just because, in this specific case, we have prior /other means of knowing the fact stated, does not absolve the writer of imprecision or wrong language use, Especially, when FEw = NONE, and a few = Not all, but some. Imprecison / error in language and expression, esp. when the omission of an article (a) can totally cahnge the meaning is not to be encouraged na d definitely not tolerated. Imagine in a LAw or contract, such an error occurs. The winning side in a case , will instead lose millions even. That we are imprecise in spoken conversation, and others are polite in not pointing out, is not a courtesy to be extended to formal articles, and journalistic content. Quality writing and speaking should be encouarged and not frowned upon , if a well wisher prods one to correct the mistaken use.

  5. Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation should be introduced in School and College curriculum

    Cow basket Organic Farming without chemicals should be taught at school levels

    A stringent ban on Alcohol & Tobacco should be implemented at National level


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