French President Macron quotes PM Modi at UNGA; he was right when he said the time is not for war

Macron called for cooperation between developed countries of the North and developing nations of the South

Macron called for cooperation between developed countries of the North and developing nations of the South
Macron called for cooperation between developed countries of the North and developing nations of the South

French Prez Macron quotes Modi to urge cooperation between developed, developing nations

Speaking at a high-level meeting of the UN General Assembly session French President Emmanuel Macron told world leaders that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was right when he told Russian President Vladimir Putin that this is not the time for war. Quoting PM Modi, Macron has called for healing the North-South rift and building a global coalition to act on problems facing the world.

Macron said, “Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, was right when he said the time is not for war, it is not for revenge against the West or for opposing the West against the East. It is the time, for a collective time, for our sovereign equal states to come together with challenges we face.”

“This is why there’s an urgent need to develop a new contract between the North and the South, (an) effective contract, which is respectful of the (global needs) for food, for biodiversity, for education,” Macron said calling for cooperation between the developed countries of the North and the developing nations of the South.

“It’s no longer time”, he said, “for block thinking but to build a coalition of specific action to reconcile legitimate interests and common goods.”

Much of the problems of the world, whether it is the threat of famine, poverty, terrorism, nuclear proliferation, or the conflicts around the world “are caused by divisions between us therefore it is our shared responsibility to help the most fragile to help the most vulnerable to cope with these challenges”, he said.

But often becoming emotional and raising his voice, Macron lashed out against countries staying “neutral” over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, accusing them of being “complicit with a cause of a new imperialism”.

He said that “many cherish a feeling of injustice because of the problems of the economy, energy, and other consequences of the war conducted by Russia”.

“I know that there are countries here that have chosen a form of neutrality vis-a-vis this war and who are saying that they’re not aligned, they are wrong, they are making a historic error,” he said.

The non-aligned movement “fought for peace, for the sovereignty of states for the territorial integrity of everybody” but “those who are keeping silent today, actually are in a way complicit with a cause of a new imperialism”, he said.

Macron also criticized countries opposed to sanctions because it may affect them economically.

“Let us not muddle up cause and effect. Who here can defend the idea that the invasion of Ukraine justifies no sanction,” he asked.

He warned, “Consider that the day when something similar with a more powerful neighbour happens to you there’ll be silence from the region from the world (and) who can say that’s the best solution.”

[With Inputs from IANS]

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  1. The reality is that the Americans cannot afford good and friendly relations between Russia and the western Europe, because that block will reduce the American hold on the Nato allies. This war is unlikely to continue past the winter, both the French and Germans have experience of fighting General December and General January. The Russians were expected to be hit hard with the financial sanctions, which does not seem to happen. Weaponized finance will have to face the weaponized energy during the winter. Living under +45 is possible by keeping doors open and sitting under the shade of a tree, but living under -45 requires heating. All Russian cities are centrally heated by the hot water required to keep the water lines from freezing which is not the case in the West, with the lavish individual heating gadgets needing energy.


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