General V K Singh is targeted by corrupt forces. Govt should protect him: Subramanian Swamy

V K Singh is the target of corrupt forces, claims Subramanian Swamy

Swamy alleges that V K Singh is a target of corrupt forces
Swamy alleges that V K Singh is a target of corrupt forces

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]S[/dropcap]enior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Saturday said Union Minister General V K Singh is continuously targeted by corrupt forces that are unhappy for his stern actions taken during tenure as Army Chief. In a statement, Swamy said the government should take steps to protect Singh from this paid slander campaign since being a Minister he cannot defend himself in a slugfest with the present Army Chief General Suhag

Swamy said several corrupt elements were unhappy with Singh for his tough actions on preventing kickbacks in weapon purchases, vigilance inquiries against high-ranking army officials, fixing corrupt army officials in the Adarsh Housing scam, Sukhna Land scam. Certain Generals including the current Army Chief was put on Departmental Vigilance Ban (DV Ban) after probes during Singh’s tenure as Army Chief, said Swamy.

“Former Army Chief, General V K Singh and presently the Minister of State of External Affairs is continuously being targeted by certain corrupt forces who are unhappy that as Army Chief, General Singh prevented illegal “kickbacks” in weapons purchase, and exposed certain officials to vigilance inquiries. For example, culprits in Adarsh Housing Society, the Sukhna Land Scam for example were exposed during Gen V K Singh’s tenure as Army Chief,” said the BJP leader.

“The (Discipline and Vigilance) DV Ban on appointment of certain Generals was issued after due process. No Army Chief can issue a DV Ban on a whim. The matter is examined by not just the Vigilance Branch but also by the Ministry of Defence at the highest levels. Only after these three bodies recommend the DV Ban, can the process be initiated. The most recent attempt to slander Gen Singh for the vigilance inquiry was so ordered against Lt Gen DS Suhag in May 2012 and not by General V K Singh as a part of the alleged personal animosity between them.

“General Suhag did however become Army Chief after BJP came to power, as his predecessor General Bikram Singh immediately reversed the DV Ban on taking over as the Army Chief. The Government should therefore take steps to protect Gen V K Singh from this paid slander campaign since being Minister he cannot defend himself in a slugfest with the present Army Chief,” said Swamy.

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  1. VK Singh needs all the support from the Govt unlike in 2014 when ModiGov AG rebuked Singh’s view in courts. Such backstabbing shall be nullified by Modi this time. Henceforth Modi cant remain mute spectator to this comspiracy against VK.

    • This myth of your will be easily shattered if you bother to dig into the facts… very sadly this time Dr Swamy ‘s facts are all wrong…..he is ill informed and I feel he has started banking on too much hear say.
      For one….let him state the facts about SukumarSahaF9OutDrs land issue which is being so wrongly termed as a scam…let him come out with facts of what was the scam in that… it is a pute distortion ando very clever manipulation of facts.
      Jai HIND. .


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